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oops wait lang!!! ? WHAT DO U GUYS THINK ABT GIRLS FRM exclusive sch??

btw sorry 2 d moderators if ive posted dis a uaap corner (big mistake!). Anyways what can u say or rather what dou thinkabt girls frm exclusive schls like st scho miriam etc? take care y'all ciao


  • well...i would say that some girls from exclusive skewls felt liked they got out from prison when they go to college. Usually maypagka bakala yung language nila (some lang...taglish). I guess they're more crazy abt boys kasi they are deprive of the pleasure of having a boy as seatmate.

    the truth i think wala naman talgang effect yung ng type school mo, ppl are shaped by other influences like home, barkada, TV, and now internet. so i think there is no distinct characteristic that we can find in girls from exclusive schools when compared sa co-ed

    p.s. maybe mas marami lang tomboy doon (LOL)
  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    I don't view girls any differently if they come from exclusive schools. I myself came from an exclusive boys school so it's not such a big deal. I just feel that it's so unnatural to separate girls and boys when society wise, we all really interact together.

  • From my experience, there's a mix of all your answers in the girls I have met who've graduated from exclusive schools.

    However, as nix says, it doesn't matter what school you're from. What DOES matter, however, is the company you keep, the lifestyles you're exposed to, your atmosphere at home.

    It's really up to you if you want to grow up spoiled and protected. However, growing up in an exclusive school lends itself to more opportunities of being sheltered and spoon-fed.

    Rest easy, though. In general, girls from exclusive schools (whom I've met) are really pretty nice, and are fun to be with.
  • Girls from exclusive schools are usually really pretty (*naks!), smart (*double naks!) and fun to be with (*blush)

    But I usually tend to wonder why schools continue to seperate boys from girls. I mean, arent we all equal? Some boy schools have been taking in girls for a long time now. Take for instance DLSZ. It's even more true for colleges and universities(ateneo, lasalle, even philippine women's u). Isnt it time that all students, regardless of sex, should be able to study under one roof...together?
  • Hellowee! :) I myself graduated from an exclusive school. I guess Aragorn is right in saying that most of the girls are sheltered ... especially having nuns for principals. I miss them though [minsan ;)]. Since we got used to having regular masses and other vigils. And talk about culture shock! Syempre after studying in an exclusive school for how many years then entering a coed university. Nyiii! Medyo tagilid at first. Given a day or two, okay na. Sadly, Jack's comment regarding producing tomboys is evident. Syempre nga medyo walang boys kaya ayun, tendency eh mag-act na as boys. Oh well, nagbabago din naman 'yung iba after they go to college. :)

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  • Genevieve...
    I agree with Shine. Except for the missing the nuns part.
    Gen, have a great time in Hong Kong! Paano yan wala akong cheatmate sa Tuesday? I'll just fasten myself to the plane. Libre pa. Ay wait! I'll miss the Ateneo game on Saturday! Pasalubong na lang. Include Cy, P.T., L.M., and Tita Connie in your list. Hahaha!!! See you next week!
  • I came from an exclusive girls' school run by nuns and I would have to agree with jack when he said that most girls feel like they just came from a prison <;lol>; :). From my experience, onve we graduated, most of my batchmates and I did the things that were not allowed in my school such as dyeing our hair, painting our nails, etc. Would you believe in my school, there's a sign outside that along with NO SMOKING and NO BRINGING IN OF GUNS is NO WEARING OF SHORT SHORTS?!?! I didn't know that wearing of short shorts had the same gravity as bringing in of guns ans smoking. Hahahahahahaha... :)
  • chiqui: may na-suspend or expel na ba by showing of their pretty legs in ur school?
  • GLASS HOUSE heheheh "tita connie ha." I'm sure I'm gonna enjoy hk.
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    Bumping to the top. :)
  • CAUTION!!!!!!para sa mga sensitive masyado at madaling ma-offend sorry na lang kung ano man ang mababasa nyo . again i'm sorry pero ito talaga ang tingin ko sa mga girls from exclusib iskul ( pero syempre di ko naman nilalahat ng girls ok).

    bakit porke ba't mga taga state u's kami kailangan nyo na kaming ganyanin crying.gif. tao rin naman kame a
  • maarte.. sobra
    mapapel.. feeling sobrang galing

    well not true for all pro yung mga nakikilala ko ganyan sila eh...

    oist sis ko pala galing ng exclusive school for girls ok

  • 1.)maaarte- well, hinde naman lahat... some are actually very normal
    2.)masusungit- like other people don't
    3.)mapride- of course!
    4.)mataray- ay naku, sinabi mo na.
    5.)isnabera- my ex from an exclusive school never snubs me when we run into each other...
    6.)etcetera- well, cute... ;)
  • I don't think there's any significant difference between girls from exclusive schools and those from coed schools.
  • delicious yummy.gif
    juicy yummy.gif
    sweet on the outside, hot on the inside


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  • i notice that when ur studying in an exclusive school (im only talking about all girls, not all boys)....they are more prone from...
    >; becoming a conio
    >; boy hunting
    >; having a relationship with the same sex

    im only pertaining to the words "prone to", that means not all girls are like that :)
  • Well ang first impression ko sa girls from an exclusive school ay very liberated. Dati, I see most of them as mataray, mayabang, ma-pride at feeling superstar. Kaya nga nagtataka ko nun kung ganun ba ang turo ng mga madre.
    Pero one thing's for sure, most of the are pretty.
    They really are prone to change their images specially upon entering college and thats for sure.
    Syempre, most of them, atat na mai-express ang kani-kanilang individuality na na-deprive sa kanila before.
    Pero you know what, i knew this girl from an exclusive school that really changed my life.
    She taught me how to pray deeply, be humble, be polite, be strong, focus, take off pride, and most of all she just taught me how to appreciate little things in life. To sum these all, she taught me how to be happy.
    And that changed my point of view. Nasa tao na rin pala talaga 'yun. May mga nagwawala after high school, meron ding well-preserved and some used the wisdom they learned well. Hello baby! Love you.
  • i attended an exclusive girl school - and a lot of stuffs u humans said r applicable ("tibo" relationships, kaartihan, etc.) however, the number of people who r like that is pretty small. Most people i know(including moi), r pretty normal.

    but the thing about it feeling like prison is absolutely true!!!
  • galing ako sa exclusive girls skul
    and eto ang na notice ko:

    * yung iba sa amin... cant live without their brushes and parang mamamatay if they cant check themselves out sa washroom every breaktime...

    * ginagawang drive-thru area yung skul namin... as in guys from other skuls go inside da campus.. tapos hahaba ang neck nila sa kakatingin sa mga girls...

    * maarte- meron talaga nun, hindi yun mawawala

    * mataray- only pag kontrahin mo

    * isnabera- i dont think so...

    * at... walang tomboy sa amin... sa batch lang namin,i think... ewan ko lang sa ibang batches...

    * parang preso ang skul namin... literally... as in may mga bars... mukha ngang zoo yung skul namin e... as if naman may mag kidnap sa mga tao dun (pero meron na eh.. baka the admi is just playin it safe...)

    * and one thing i'm proud of sa batch namin : walang nabuntis sa amin.. yung ibang batches merong nabuntis pero kami SO FAR wala pang nabuntis
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