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Kevin Garnett or Grant Hill?

I'm goin for garnett. Damn I h8 Grant Hill!!!!Stupid Mr. Nice guy daw sheeeesh!!!! Maybe fans aren't willing to accept it coz hill is too pa-humble!!!!The way he gave his comment (about not being able o play with a player like Iverson coz he thinks he's too selfish).......makes me sick...Iverson's the go to guy and Brown designed the play for him what else can he do? every fan of hill probably thinks that grant hill doesn't think that he's better than the other players in the nba......truth is he does!!!! He may be a member of the olympic team or whatever the hell it is but personally I think he's really trying to suck up to the fans!!!!! And besides KG brings much more excitement to the game


  • The Rock picks Kevin Garnett on this one. :cool: He's more all-around as a player than Hill. Garnett rebounds, scores inside and outside, blcoks shots, passes, and passes pretty decent for a big man. Plus Garnett plays with his emotions, something which hill obviously can't do. Garnett is also more flexible on the court, easily adjusting to what the offense or defense requires. Hill doesn't even know what defense is.

    If you smell what The Rock is cookin! :cool:
  • I'm picking KG!
    He's my main man today! But attitude wise, I still give it to Grant Hill! He's mr. nice guy alright and Tar-heelz, I really don't know why you hate this guy! Grant Hill is a very good all around player and is humble in and out of the court! KG shouts and taunts at his opponents whether he dunks on someone or he blocks someone!

    Peace :)
  • humble in and out of the court! <;
    hell no!!! U know what he thinks of other players.... like I said...of course he thinks that he's better than the other players coz if he doesn't....he'll never be better than these players....he has to be confident (over confident sometimes) to survive......and these are not my words....they are Marbury's....Problem is Hill is just trying to show how humble he is so everyone will like him..... I actually read an interview.... where Hill said that there are fans , who apologize for bothering him (coz they're asking for his signature or whatever the hell it is) and he said something to himself like" so why are u bothering me? " Forgot where I read it but it really pissed me off!!! What the hell is he complaining about anyway...he has a big salary..... it's part of his life!!!!! KG may snarl at his opponents but at least he's staying true to himself and besides that's part of the fun he brings to the game....and by the way he's not just another player who's sucking up just to please somebody
  • Here's a good match up because they play the same positions. Hmmm... Grant is a better scorer, and passer. While Kevin is a better rebounder and defender. They are both good all around players. So, who's your pick?
  • Grant Hill is great team player. He compliments the people around him, passes the ball well, has good court vision and great outside shooting. But KG is not only younger, stronger and taller, but he also defends better, is tougher inside and is a more vocal team leader. In the bottom line, KG singlehandedly makes his team so much better than Hill did the Pistons (or the Magic for that matter). When the clock is running down, who would you rather give the ball? The Twolves already know from experience that you hand the rock to Da Kid.
  • yeah ... 2 of the most reliable players in the nba ...

  • I like them both but I have to give the credit to KG! He defends allot better than Grant Hill! Attitude wise I give it to Grant Hill! no doubt! during crunch time, KG hits those game clinching shots! It's very rare I see Grant Hill hit one of those shots!
  • bastebaste PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    .... they are both great players... both versatile.... and both can do it all... although KG does defend better coz of his height.....and i guess in the end it depends on how much support they'l have from their teammates... but personally i like hill more coz his a much smoother operator, driving to the basket, laying up, leading the break.. etc.. although they are both good at it i just like watching hill more.. mas exciting kasi.
  • kevin garnet and grant hill ang hirap naman preho ko kse silang gusto :)
  • actually I'm on KG's side...... for some reason I don't like Hill.....ever since that interview where he was whining coz some fan bothered him when he was asked to sign something. He's human alright but what the hell is he whining about? He's an all-star. It's part of his job. If I were in his situation , I wouldn't like it either..... but he should have chosen another job if he hates the responsibility. KG may not be as good as Hill in terms of stats but he has a lot of upside.
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