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gwapings of csb blazers naman:)

enough of sina ronald cuan, mon jose and bj manalo...they say grass is greener on the other side of the fence :)


  • I think the cutest would be Jon-Dan Salvador. Kasi last Feb, during Valentine's week, napagod ako kakahanap sa taong iyan para lang kuhanan siya ng picture... ang dami kasing may gusto ng picture niya. (Fundraising ng SC kasi is to have the picture of your crush taken for a certain fee). Yung iba pang BB players na may nagrequest ng pictures nila would be Dino Perlas, Caloy Garcia, Mark Magsumbol and Eric Cruz.
  • Ice Queen>; pwede pa bang humabol para sa picture ni Eric Cruz!?Please?!
    and i agree with chili...it is indeed greener...ehehehehe
    animo benilde :)

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  • Blazer21>; sa totoo lang ha...naiintriga na ko kung sino ka :)hhhhmmmmm....matangkad ka ba? ahehehehehehe :)

    animo benilde :)

    hey nice game with letran! :)
  • Huli ka sofia!!! NARCOM ito! Hehehehehehehehehehehe!!! Sumbong kita sa isang Bosconian diyan ha?! Paker! Pak u!!! smokin.gif

  • i agree that eric cruz is definitely hot
    dino and mark also pero these guys have gf's already.
    btw, just to clarify things, are those girls i often see with mark and dino their gfs or not? someone please confirm?
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