What do you do with a book you've read?

I keep every book I buy and re-read favorites. I don't think I could ever part with my books even the crap ones. :beam:


  • yeeeeeyeeeee Member PExer
    once in a while i give a book away. usually the crap ones hehe. :)
  • funzenfunzen Blood+ PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I keep every book I buy and re-read favorites. I don't think I could ever part with my books even the crap ones. :beam:

    me too.. my mom tells me i should get rid of some of them since it's taking up too much space in my room... but i can't part with them yet.. not yet.. ehehe..
  • helenezhelenez Maa Sim PExer
    i sell some...i keep some...
  • redwitchredwitch Ano ba?! PExer
    I have two shelves. I keep books that have sentimental value, the expensive ones, those that I am not willing to part yet in one and ones that I've read and am willing to sell in another. Some books that I've read I re-read again right after to retain the general feeling that came over me as I read the book. I re-read others whenever I am in a certain mood or if my eyes are itching to read something, but I don't have enough money to buy. I also lend books, but it depends on who's borrowing.
  • miss_dmiss_d Member PExer
    i give away the ones i don't like. i think i've even given away one or two books to some PExers. the ones i like, i keep and re-read. :)
  • maris_blaisemaris_blaise Member PExer
    ganun din, i keep the ones i like and sell or swap the ones i don't like.
  • CoolCucumberCoolCucumber HEALTH.FREAK.WANNABE. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Bookshelf-fillers :D

  • Lucca YamazakiLucca Yamazaki die boy abunda die! PExer
    that's what bookshelves are for!

    when I die, I'll probably have a helluva big collection...
  • my_identitymy_identity ATheist PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Since they've proven their worth, I don't discard them. I just stack them in bookshelves or boxes, look at them and feel proud that I've finished reading them all. :)
  • BaLdoMarOBaLdoMarO Member PExer
    I lend them to my friends then we discuss the book over a sumptuous meal. I keep all my books, sometimes Id give 1 or 2 away.
  • pink_moonpink_moon -wala lang- PExer
    i keep them. i also re-read favorites.:)
  • sHopaHoLic12sHopaHoLic12 born to SHOP PExer
    I keep every book I buy and re-read favorites. I don't think I could ever part with my books even the crap ones. :beam:
    Me too! I'm thinking of giving away some of my books (the crap ones, of course..hehe) just so I could free some space in my bookshelf.. but, I just haven't found the time to pack them or maybe...I just don't want to find the time. I guess, even though they're crappy.. they still have some space in my heart. Hahaha :grinroll:
  • mintymalonemintymalone The dynamite PExer
    I keep those that I see myself rereading in the future while I sell those that I have no desire to read ever again.
  • mastercatmastercat marsh peg PExer
    i keep my current favorite books in my room, plus i've appropriated a few shelves in the "library" for my other books.

    i'm actually thinking of weeding out all the bad books from the house and have a book sale to make room for new books.
  • mcgmcg Member PExer
    I keep it. I re-read the good ones while the crap books stay at the back of a shelf or the bottom of a box. :)
  • ayamanikaayamanika happy go lucky PExer
    if i really like the book, i try to look for a hardbound copy of it. then, i would sell my other books, to someone else...
  • saywhatsaywhat xxx PExer
    Whether a really good read or not, a give away the book once I'm done reading it. I want other people to enjoy it, too.
  • Velvet14Velvet14 LuvSidney PExer
  • hotmamanumber8hotmamanumber8 chocoholic PExer
    i keep all of my books that i've read and re-read them if i don't have money to buy a new one. =)

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