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UP Diliman Q&A

As long as you're an outsider, whether if you're a moronic basher or an incoming freshman, your questions regarding UP are so ridiculous few Iskos even bother to answer them. So let's have a thread devoted to the ignorant 99.918% (est.) of the country's population.

Q: Is it true that public school graduates have a better chance of passing the UPCAT? (ADMU)
A: Yes. Studies show that public school students understand Tagalog better than private school graduates. They are more relaxed during tests since they take the test while sittng on the floor.

Q: My friend tells me there is no servicable CR in the entire campus. Is this true? (DLSU)
A: Partly true. Only those with sufficent IQs (enough to pass the UPCAT) know how to operate the campus toilets. If anyone claims to have passed the UPCAT but instead went to the Ateneo, invite him to the nearest UP comfort room and test him.

Q: Frat rumbles and random acts of violence scare people (my self incuded) away from UP. What are you doing about it? (UST)
A: Studies further show that public school graduates are much braver and tougher than those from private schools. You're a case-in-point.

Q: 99% of UP students are activists. Is this true?
A: Not true. All incoming freshmen are asked whether or not they're activists. All answer "No". I mean, cmon! Does setting foot in Forbes Park make you a millionaire? Hold it, you didn't pass the UPCAT, did you?

Q: Do the best and the brightest really choose BAA?
A: No. The dumbest do. Proof to this is the fact that >18,000 apply and only 100 are smart enough to be admitted. Of the one hundred, less than 25 are smart enough to graduate and take the CPA board.

Q: UP medicine is my first choice but they say Ateneo will be coming up with their own med school in a few years. Which school should I choose?
A: This thread is for UP, you meathead!

Q: Is it true that UP Law is now just #3 in the country?
A: Yes. Why it's still the number one choice among law students tell you how smart future lawyers are.


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