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BPO | Kumpanyang Pinakamahirap at Pinakamadaling Panayam at Pagpasa

:blush2: Share lang ng mga na-experienced nyo na at yun me pinakamadaling/pinakamatagal na hiring process din.Sama nyo yung me kakaibang exam o nakakatuwang pinagdaanan nyo na tingin nyo eh di naman appllicable sa trabahong inaaplayan nyo.



  • sa ambergris solutions, walang exams, just a series of interviews....

    at convergys, the exams are moderately hard....the same goes for eperformax and sitel (too long), and teleperformance is just ok.....

    at advanced contact solutions, they say that the exams are just for formality....

    other centers, i dont know.... these are the only ones ive applied for.

  • halos parepareho naman mga interview & exams nila eh. but one thing i can say, it's not that difficult
  • thanks for sharing warblade and dragonrower.

    bakit naman ang advanced contact for formality lang?
    parang anyone pwede.
    sana me magpost pa...
  • thanks for sharing warblade and dragonrower.

    bakit naman ang advanced contact for formality lang?
    parang anyone pwede.
    sana me magpost pa...
  • Pinakamahirap......C-cubed....2 days straight with no sleep pa ako dahil may emergency na inayos when I took the exams. Nakalusot ako but I find the "fixed-term" employment arrangement demeaning.
  • so far 3 pa lang natry ko e...

    sa link2support, mahirap yung exam..kasi talagang abt data management and networking..interviews nmn, ok lang...they are more after the technical knowledge than english accent

    sa peoplesupport, madali lang yung exam pati interviews..malalaman mo right away kung pasado ka...malabo lang yung exam kung mabagal ka magtype, kasi may typing exam

    sa convergys naman, mahirap yung exam lalo na pag d ka marunong sumunod ng instructions at first time mong mag-c-call center...interviews naman, they are so strict with the accent..but of course, there are considerations naman pag nakitang maaayos pa naman thru training. :)
  • pinakamadali.. peoplesupport and sykes.

    yun sa intercon, ang haba! tsaka 8 sets ata yun.

    pinaka gusto ko, sa convergys. kakaiba eh!
  • Convergy's, West, Teletech, Technion

    Pinaka madali dyan sa apat is yung sa West. Halos lahat naman ng exams madali lang, tataas nga ng scores ko e... sa interview lang talaga ko medyo nagkaka problem pag minsan, lack of confidence kc ko. na-memental block ako kahit madali lang yung question.
  • have you guys tried eperformax? you should, let's see if your comm-skills will pass their requirements...i've seen and heard call center agents who fail even in the initial interview...it's quite a challenge...subukan, ng maibigan.
  • buhayin lang natin to. ü

    etelecare - so far, ito ung pinakamatagal at pinakamahirap kong na-experience na series of exams and interviews. probably because ito ung una ko. steps: initial interview, iq test, technical exam for tsr or essay for csr, 2nd interview, role-playing, call simulation, final interview, job offer.

    peoplesupport - mas madali lang compared sa etel. ang pinaka-prob lang talaga yung sa exam. nung nag-exam kami, sa batch namin mga close to 25 kami tas 8 lang kami natira. steps: internet application (kahit nagpunta ka sa office nila, ito ung start), phone interview, exam w/ typing test (at least 30 wpm), interview, call simulation, final interview, background check (as in magtatawag talaga sila), job offer.

    convergys - mas mahirap compared sa peoplesupport pero relatively easy lang din basta may good english comm skills ka. merong mga non-bearing exams daw pero di ko pa alam kung bat pa meron nun. sa call simulation ata nagkakaron ng madami-daming mae-eliminate. steps: initial interview, tech exam, call simulation (2 parts), final interview, job offer.

    with cvg, i know it differs because there are other applicants that needs to take another set of exam to check their comm skills. tas there are even some na magte-take muna ng speech crash course before the job offer. company sponsored naman ata. don't know kung ganun pa din upto now.
  • missfiftymissfifty PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    From the feedbacks I had..

    Pinakamahirap.. RMH (ung sa ABS-CBN) 6 steps daw lahat, pero 2nd step palang,dami ng di nakakapasa.. kahit my experience ka na in other call centers..

    Next, C-cubed.. kasi pioneer sila ng call center eh.. ibang klase daw training dun, compared sa ibang call center companies..

    Mmm, Convergys.. so strict with the accent..
  • check out the thread about the siemens procedure

    God help anyone who applied....

    :bop: 'nuff said!! :bop:
  • sa ambergris solutions, walang exams, just a series of interviews....

    not anymore. ;)
  • iyah-kiniyah-kin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    c-cubed : the written test, series of interviews, call simulation, typing test, active - listening test are all easy .. ( kelangan lng magaling ka mgsalita.. i mean wd the tone, speed, nd clarity of ur voice (for me they give the best training for their agents..)

    etelecare : ang pinakamahabang process ng application na dinaanan ko ... ayus lng ..

    sykes : just had 2 interviews.. initial and final interview lng .. ewan ko kung bakit nde ako ngexam pero ung iba ngtake

    clientlogic : the interview is ok .. the usual interview .. wd sets of common sense issues and technical ones .. no exams

    rmh : initial interview .. after that .. ull go as a group and introduce urself in ur best way .. marami din natatanggal dito kasi they will check on how u speak and ur grammar of cors .. then they will let u read phrases and paragraphs .. series of technical exams.. listening skills exam, typing, simulation .. all computer based .. then another interview wd the hr .. after that will be the final interview .. that will be in groups of 3 yta ..

    mejo magulo yta ung explanation ko .. figure it out na lng
  • I have only tried one and thats eTelecare

    1st one is phone interview as in tatawagan ka sa cellphone mo. I think here they just wanna know if you have good English accent and if your voice is nice and clear over a phone.

    2nd is an IQ exam. Its composed of math, logic, abstract reasoning, and general information. Easy for me though.

    3rd is a Tech exam for TSR or essay for CSR. I took the tech exam AND ITS HARD if you don't know a lot about computers. (Eventually I got the finance position so thats what I really wanted)

    4th is the Face-toFace interview. This varies a lot and is highly dependent on the contents of your resume. They ask questions like how you handle pressure, if you had a job before why did you quit and stuff like that. Basically paimpress ka lang but not sounding arrogant....

    5th is the simulated phone interview. Here they will see your problem solving skills as well as your general impression over a phone. May scenario na irate yung caller, here they will test how you handle irate callers.

    6th Either another interview or job offer na.... In my case it was already a job offer.
  • otakusenshiotakusenshi PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    hay.. dami na akong naaplyan na call center.... e-pldt, sykes, peoplesupport, gtSolutions, west, feathers-koppel, enfraUSA, CVG at hindi ko na ata alam kung iba... huling huli is SIEMENS...

    Siemens ang sumubok ng aking pasensya sa pagantay... almost 2mos. in the making ang application... they don't settle for good agents, they need better employees if not the best
  • RMH!! 20 kami inital exam 2 lang kami natira.. aywan bat ganun un
  • TiNyCuTiETiNyCuTiE PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    surf2dmax wrote:
    thanks for sharing warblade and dragonrower.

    bakit naman ang advanced contact for formality lang?
    parang anyone pwede.
    sana me magpost pa...

    kaya formality lang kasi the exams will happen after lots of interviews(excpet the operations/final interview). pero nung nag-apply ako nauna pa ang exams after the 1st interview
  • sykes una kong inapplyan.......... 4 interviews at exam... ayos nman. natanggap ako eh.. wlang call simulation... sa training na yung mga mock calls chuvanezz.. heheeee
  • Nico_ wrote:
    RMH!! 20 kami inital exam 2 lang kami natira.. aywan bat ganun un

    usually naman, mababa lang talaga yung percentage ng pumapasa. pero sobrang nawi-wierduhan ako sa process ng RMH. masyado cyang matagal/mabagal tas picky pa cla. ung 1st part palang na u have to introduce yourself in a group of 10, madami nang natatanggal. with the exam naman, reading comprehension ung main part. 4 passages tas 20 minutes ata ung time limit. for me, nahihirapan akong sumagot ng reading comprehension dahil pwedeng iba ung interpretation ko kesa dun sa answer key. plus, pwede kang pumasa sa exam but you still have to pass the required percentage para sa position mo. ewan ko din kung bat ganun...
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