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So whats been going-on in the NBA? A lot of player movement and trade rumors still circulating. Any idea what the final line-ups would be like? Share your inside info here!


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    The Dallas Mavericks acquired veteran guards Howard Eisley and Dana Barros along with forward Bill Curley as part of a four-team trade which included Boston, Golden State and Utah. In the remainder of the trade, Boston receives John "Hot Rod" Williams, Robert Pack and cash from Dallas and a conditional first round pick from Utah. The Jazz acquire Donyell Marshall from Golden State and Bruno Sundov from Dallas. Golden State gets Danny Fortson from Boston and Adam Keefe from Utah.
  • Brian Grant is set to don the Miami Heat uniform. In a 3-team deal, The Heat will send Clarence Weatherspoon and Chris Gatling to Cleveland which will in turn deliver Shawn Kemp to Portland. In addition, the Cavs reportedly are due to recive Gary Grant after he signs a multiyear contract with the Blazers.

    So how's this for a new-look Heat starting 5:

    C - Alonzo Mourning
    PF - Brian Grant
    SF - Anthony Mason
    SG - Eddie Jones
    PG - Tim Hardaway or Anthony Carter
  • While everybody's so hot about the Miami Heat's starters, has anyone ever bothered to check the "what i think is illegal" line-up of the Portland Trailblazers. Imagine this:

    C- Sabonis
    PF - Kemp
    SF - Pippen
    SG - S.Smith
    PG - Stoudamire

    C - J. O'Neal
    PF - Wallace
    SF - Schrempf
    SG - Wells
    PG - Anthony

    Pag itong Blazers na to natalo pa rin, ewan ko na lang, they ought to resurrect Drexler and Duckworth.
  • Mulder: I think the Blazer's line up would look a little more like this (atleast against the Lakers):


    Believe it or not, the reason Portland picked up Kemp is because he's one of the few people in the league that can hang with Shaq, even if he really is a powerforward. Besides, there's no way you're going to sit All-Star Sheed on the bench, especially with the way he played in last year's playoffs. Believe me, Kemp is going to Portland to play a lot of the 5 spot, you have to remember that he's a legit 6'11".. and now that he has a bigger booty to box people out, he can definitely play center.
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    If this Miami-Portland-Cleveland deal materializes, I dont think, New York and Indiana would have a chance in hell to beat Miami the way they did the past years. And all the while I thought New York had the inside track in acquiring Brian Grant. Any news on Gary Payton? Is he coming or going? I know he's eying New York and bigtime exposure in the Big Apple.
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