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MIS in ADMU...What should I expect?

Please reply. Thanks.


  • didn't you go to the orientation for mis? i didn't. hehe. they said na talagang binibenta raw yung mis nun eh. balita ko lang na it's kinda tough daw and maraming lumilipat ng course after a while.
  • roguerogue PExer
    MIS in ateneo is really a very interesting course. i was from bs psych and decided to shift to MIS without having any idea of what i am getting into. i am now an incoming senior and i never regretted getting into MIS.
    what to expect...well, the first year is not that tough. basically, you have cs subjects which starts from JAVA programming then, you get into management engineering subjects such as management and basic accounting. but i think the new curriculum has subjects that are really cut for MIS.
    the different subjects are not that hard as long as masipag ka. there are case studies, and many group projects. masaya siya. as far as i know, many of us still have active social lives...
    what i learned from MIS has found relevance in the real world. it balances ones awareness both in the IT and PEOPLE side. if you are in MIS, ty your best. masaya dito. :)
  • MIS is a really good course. You can be versatile because it's Management and Com Sci in one. Plus there's the IT.

    I'm a sophomore and the number of people that have shifted into MIS is huge. Kaya nga lang na de-block ako!

    Just be ready for JAVA and accounting!
  • sabi ng friend ko, more on system analysis & design, less on programming... or no programming subjects taken yata... not sure about this... parang bsba-comp app ng benilde... both are management and IT courses... only in csb, they have programming subjects shet and stuff (vbasic, html, foxpro, etc.)...
  • MIS is really interesting. dont be scared of Java, coz sa totoo lang, its an interesting language once u get to know it. ull start making programs for fun lang instead of just doing it for assignments and projects :) by 3rd and 4th yr, expect your programming skills to be integrated into IT and Management stuff, plus some more CS subjects. if u want more programming subjects, u can take electives ata in c/c++ which i think are being offered

    pao131: I think i know who u r :) im a soph MIS student rin... im in that newly formed MIS block also (nag shift ako from something else).
  • mark_markmark_mark PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i know someone from MIS who does not do anything who did not do anything in life in his sophomore year. wala raw silang masyadong ginagawa. unfair! kami pinapatay na ng accounting sila wala pa.
  • mis is a very good course...pero i think, it's still better to either go to the computer science or management engineering courses.


  • PauTOTPauTOT PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I graduated two years ago from MIS ADMU...yes, I believe it's a good course as well as being very interesting...very well rounded program with a little bit of everything.....piece of advice though....it's not very hard to find a job after you graduate.....although it is very hard to find a job that pays well :)...so I suggest that after you graduate....go look for a job which offers a lot of training and exposure....kahit na mababa sweldo basta madami kang natututunan, makakabuti sa iyo in the long run......trust me, I know

    pero....if you're choosing between CS and MIS......I'd suggest you pick CS na lang....most of the stuff in the MIS curriculum can be learned (and can be better appreciated) when you're working na....

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    For more detailed explanation, read my reply in the thread DLSU's CS-IT vs ADMU's MIS. Well, I'm a shiftee from BS ES and I'm a senior already. I never regretted that decision. Truly, the courses are really good and are practical. And according to my "great" teacher Mr. Ruben Yumol, the MIS curriculum is one of the best here in the country. Well, I did not believe his statement before but then when I visited New York University's site and I saw their curriculum for MS in Information Systems, I was shocked to learn that they have the same curriculum as ours--the way the subjects are structured and the philosophy behind that structure. So, if I were you, choose MIS.
  • The most populous students in Ateneo are MIS students!!!

    Baket kaya?
  • Im a batch 97 MIS M.E. track graduate and happy to say na you guys have a great future in front of you. No offense sa ibang course na masasagasaan ko, pero I know people who were pasang-awa MIS students (including me) who are now earning bigger than their ***** Laude and 3.0+ counterparts.

    So far in the real world, M.E. lang talaga ang tatalo sa atin. I think the course was "marketed" the right way by Ateneo and some of my batch mates are really making a big splash in the field of consultancy. Si Ms. Annie na rin nagsabi na MIS is the new "M.E." - matindi lang talaga ang track record, reliablilty, and reputation of M.E. which M.I.S. is still trying to prove.

    In consultancy, their are two subdivisions: Technical and Functional. Technical is more of CS, while functional is Systems Analysis and Design, Business Process Reengineering, etc. Here lies our advantage - we know both. Just make sure na wag kang magpaiwan sa technical skills.

    Buti nga kayo may Java, kami Pascal first program namin. This is a serious career advice: know everything you can about databases for it is the center of real IT consultancy. Lalo na Oracle 8i. Ang laki talaga ng demand for good Database administrators and Developers here and specially abroad. Combine this with Java and web knowledge, you'll have a strong resume.

    Always go for position and its capacity for growth instead of salary when you choose jobs. Ok lang if your starting salary is small compared to others, mabilis lumaki sa IT. Most of us started with 12,000 and now earning at least 25,000. Kahit yung 8,000 jobs na will give you good exposure get it. After two years, you can go abroad and get $60,000 anually or ask for a 20-25,000 salary when applying. Get good work experience, OJT and focus on IT.

    SOme of us went to Marketing dahil nasuka na sa kakaprogram in college. But it is safe to say na mas successful (if money, career, and profession is concerned. Not the philosophical definition of success) yung nag stay sa IT - the future is unbounded!!!

    Yun lang nga, hindi ka pwede mang-bola sa IT dahil madali malaman kung may alam ka o wala! And people with deep tech skills combined with Business Process System Design will have the edge. Forget about accounting, production, and marketing!!! Territory ng ME yan. Sa IT consultancy tayo!!

    Animo Ateneo.
    P.S. ano yung Dollhouse? May konio bench pa ba? IS big boy still in High School?
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