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Correct Versus Set-ups?

Just recently, I came across a new NBA card insert which deals with match-ups in the league, it's an insert set aptly titled RIVALRIES. Which of the following do you were right on the money?

1. Iverson vs. Marbury
2. Kidd vs. Payton
3. Bibby vs. J.Williams
4. Ewing vs. Mourning
5. Duncan vs. Garnett
6. A.Hardaway vs. Bryant
7. Barkley vs. Malone
8. McDyess vs. Abdur-Rahim
9. Carter vs. G.Hill
10. A.Walker vs. Van Horn
11. Kemp vs. Brand
12. S O'Neal vs. D.Robinson
13. Lafrentz vs. Nowitzki
14. Francis vs. Stockton
15. Odom vs. Pippen

From my standpoint, dapat nag-interchange sa Nos. 4 & 12, tapos dapat Odom vs. Garnett, Pippen vs. Hill, Carter vs. Bryant or Carter vs. McGrady and Bryant vs. E.Jones

And No.14 is way wrong. Kahit Stockton fan ako I dont think Steve Franchise and Stock are a right match-up.


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