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.............Soiree SOIREE Soiree.........

Ano ba gnagawa sa soiree??? : -q


  • the usual pagpapacute ng mga boys and girls.
  • actually depende yan sa mga organizers! masaya kung lahat nagco-cooperate sa mga activities... mas masaya kung wala kayong kasama na girl na maarte (yung as in papansin sa mga boys)... mas masaya rin kung walang pa-cool sa mga boys...
  • Veteran of soirees galore when I was in HS. Yup, kung magaling ang nagorganize at very cooperative ang mga tao, masaya yan. Kaso lang, things can happen like konti ang dadating, torpe ang lahat ng tao.

    Yet, the main reason is to have fun. Don't expect to find your future gf or bf. Nandyan lang kayo para magsaya!

  • i dont really recommend students from 1st to 2nd yr hs na mag soiree... sa age kasi nila ang dami pa sa kanila yung nahihiya sa opposite sex.

    pero come to think of it... mas marami na atang mas liberated na bata ngayon kesa prim and proper kiddos! :rolleyes:
  • tRiStAntRiStAn PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I think soirees are better suited for all exclusive schools. I come from an exclusive for boys high school, and we used to have soirees with girls from a sister school, so the experience was a lot more exciting. I don't really think it'll be as exciting in a coed school, though it's still an good experience.
  • It's not necessary in coed schools because boys and girls mingle with each other all day long. It's sort of natural already.

    Soirees are for those all-boys or all-girls schools who may never have a good chance to interact with people from the opposite sex.
  • tRiStAn: as a matter of fact i havent heard any coed school doing a soiree...
  • coed schools going to soiree's?! That's funny really!


    Yup, its an exclusive school same sex tradition really.
  • gg PExer
    the purpose of a soiree is to for exclusive school peeps to get more acquainted with the opposite sex. Organizers from both class arrange where the soiree will take place (usually someone's house, but sometimes its the rooftop of some condo to make the territore more mutual) then of course there's food--the basic pizza,donut and chips. It usually starts at 2pm till six. There's games--kiss and slap, 7th heaven, do you love me?...etc. Sometimes the organizers give out prizes for cutest couple, eager beaver(usually given to the owner of the house), most likely to end up....etc
    Oh yeah, funny as it may sound, some coed people have soirees too. In my junior year, we had a soiree with Brent.

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  • g: and your school happens to be what?
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