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telltale signs that a girl is hitting on you

out of curiousity..

guys: how do you know when a girl's hitting on you?

ladies (if you care to answer): just how do you hit on guys?


  • Velvet14
    Velvet14 LuvSidney
    I dont hit him I push his shoulder. like I want him to fall on his chair
  • mckoolit
    mckoolit trying to behave
    ano ba ang hit na tinutukoy dito:?:
  • Ne0
    Ne0 10 Yrs and counting in PEX
    you would now, some girls are the one initiating to talk to you, asking you a lot of questions, and most of all she always touch you yung patapik tapik and kurot na d masakit..
  • Velvet14 wrote:
    I dont hit him I push his shoulder. like I want him to fall on his chair
    mckoolit wrote:
    ano ba ang hit na tinutukoy dito:?:

    damn, i knew i should have used the word flirting instead.
  • damn, i knew i should have used the word flirting instead.

  • malalaman mo yan sa tono ng boses nila... kung parang malandi ang dating :stolenkiss:
  • baby_07
    baby_07 Take me to Paris.
    ^of course, not all girls are that obvious. :D
  • of course, not all girls are that obvious.

    but there will definitely come a time when... matitigilan ka n start to think... "hey... this girl is hitting on me!?!"
  • kreuk
    kreuk amishuuu
    baby_07 wrote:
    ^of course, not all girls are that obvious. :D

    ya like me.:naughty: im as talkative and as friendly. nakakasira nga minsan ng friendship kasi even if im not hitting on a guy... some of my friends think i am.

    u can still get hints from discreet girls - they wont be able to hide it in the way they look at u.
  • eteru
    eteru haba ng hair!
    ^ kreuk
    oo nga, this happened to me several times already. kainis!
  • queenkatie
    queenkatie world's best ex-gf
    i'm basically touchy so i don't think there's no way you could really define if the girl is hitting on you or not. i think compared with guys, it's harder to determine if a girl is hitting on you, most of us seem to be kinda unpredicatable at that so it really depends.

    the thing is a girl won't encourage you, initiate some meetings and conversations with you, exert so much effort to help you, and flirt back sa'yo if she's not interested.

    you just have to open your eyes and be no dense:)
  • sHopaHoLic12
    sHopaHoLic12 born to SHOP
    ^amen to that! :)
  • SoliduS_AlphA
    SoliduS_AlphA Abusayafsucks!
    How to tell? Well some ladies might be just touchy, yung tipong patapik tapik but they might just be trying to be friendly and tryin to get to know you better but not the other way around, mahirap kasi yun, very deceiving yung ganong gesture in some ways. Maybe sa middle east yun agad ang iisipin ng mga arabo or ng pana but dito sa Pinas kasi alam naman natin na westernized ang culture so minsan hindi dapat bnibigyan yun ng kahulugan. Siguro not unless na medyo iba na yung dating ng kurot nya at medyo natutunugan mo. But all in all we cannot simply judge it easily. Tama yung term na unpredictable. At hindi lahat obvious not unless nagbigayan kayo ng numbers and meet somewhere else. :D
  • pinoy2781
    pinoy2781 ♥ Jowns ♥
    pa-simple lang... :blush2:

    smile ako...tipong parang last chance ko na to smile...
    sa umpisa, ask him questions. like kung may gf sya. how old he is. kung okay lang ba sya.
    pag araw-araw ko nakikita, take time to talk to him kahit mga 2 minutes lang. tapos smile ulit.

    i try to be discreet. parang "no malice" pero sa loob-loob, gusto mo na halikan... :naughty:
  • iba iba ang style ng girls eh. eto though, one of our discreet methods:

    we befriend you and your friends. we ask generic questions, makukulit na questions, any question, basta enough to get a good conversation going-- a conversation that we can get subtle hints of what you're like or what you and your friends like doing. :) we also let you know discreetly, what stuff we like doing, what we don't like--just to give you an idea if ever you're interested in us as well. secondly, this tactic makes us seem more approachable. so usually, we wait for your next move. if you don't, eh di bahala ka (this is for those girls who have a shallow crush on you lang). pero for those who are really, really into you, we have other ways of showing you we like you.

    usually dyan na pumapasok yung gumagawa ng favors for you, giving you surprises, being sweet, teasing you, finding reasons to pinch you or punch you lightly on the shoulder, hugging you, etc. now beware, a girl might be doing this to you, pero sometimes it's not her intention to flirt with you. her intention might be to flirt with someone who's near to you/someone who's your close friend who's within the 'seeing' distance. nakakahiya k'se naman kung siya lang ang ihuhug mo, o kukurutin mo. kelangan ihug mo lahat, or at least not single them out, k'se nakakahiya pag ganon. sooo. think about it before jumping to conclusions.

    then again, there are girls who are just born sweet, so... hehehe. ewan ko lang. i think the best way to know if a girl is hitting on you is to hit on them back (if you're interested). if they hit on you back, hurray. if they freeze/blush/change the subject, chances are, they like you too, they just don't know how to react (meaning, you hit them too hard. baka conservative types 'tong mga to). if they laugh and start telling you about another guy they like... that means 'dude, i was just kidding, i dont like you that way. now about that guy...'. just my 2 cents. hehe.

    can we have a thread about how a girl will know if a torpe guy is interested in her?!
  • how will you know? i agree with some of the responses here. you'll know a girl is hitting on you when she constantly asks you questions na pasimple. one way or the other, these questions would give answers on who you are. on the other hand, other girls ( being modern and fearless), would bluntly say that she likes you. some would befriend your friend (s) and would ask questions about you. some would want to be with you all the time, tipong stalker effect na kung nasan ka, nandun siya...but lets just say that this is a very resourceful girl, she'll move mountains just to be with you. others would like to fit in as "being one of the guys"...para maging near sa guys, haha! anyway, that's all. hope i helped!
  • joe_higashi
    joe_higashi C-fundaMetalist
    hmm mga bading lang nahahalata ko eh.. most of the girls im with kasi sweet lang talaga and mababait sakin ang kulet pa ng iba.

    hirap naman maging concieted hehehe.
  • I make a strong eye contact. A guy would know that already.
  • a girl come up to you and WHAM !... knock you out cold... now that's hitting
    she squeeses you all over
  • bludwid
    bludwid U Want Somma Dis?
    One time a girl just came up to me at a club and snogged me senseless...

    I think that wuz a sure-as-hell sign she liked me...
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