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Miyazaki and a new movie...

I just wanted to inform everyone of this...

After Hayao Miyazaki said he would retire after making Spirited Away, here comes his new movie based on a popular book......


It was already out in Japan and Korea last year...Hope it will reach Philippine shores....


  • DKLDKL PExer
    I doubt we'll be getting Howl here in the PHILIPPINES...

    it's pretty lame considering how singapore and just about evryone else is

    whatever, I'll see it this June in the states or something *yay*

    I find it really hard to top Spirited Away though
  • smeagolsmeagol PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Spirited Away gets topped by other Miyazaki classics. people claim like if they had the chance, films like Nausicaa and Mononoke would deserve the trophy Oscar more in comparison to SA.

    and you say you doubt Howl? ;)

    it has topped two non-Japanese other than Japan's itself box office, France and Korea to be precise. isn't that something? and Disney is considering to open it in 700 something theaters, several notches higher than SA's in its post-Oscar run. moreover, Miyazaki got a 6-min standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival for it, i think. heck, i'm sure Pixar shuddered if ever this movie made it to this year's Oscars to beat out The Incredibles.
  • DKLDKL PExer
    Actually, John Lassater *sp?* is a pretty big fan of MIYAZAKI, so I wouldn't be surprised if they were OKAY with losing to Howl

    anyway, I've seen Mononoke, and I still think Spirited Away is better

    I haven't seen Nausicaa though, but plan on doing so when I go to the states *tomorrow... assuming I have the money, but there's a ton of stuff that I wanna get so I have to choose wisely*

    I'll pick up Porco Rosso while I'm at it *which seems a lot cooler than Nausicaa*

    I'm not even judging spirited away on it's OSCAR merits, since we all know that the oscars are pretty much some kind of fan service so that people can say that their favorite movies have won mentioned award

    Howl will probably be good, but I don't think it will surpass spirited away *it's best that I see it with this logic so I can be pleasantly surprised should I like it better*
  • Hello...me again.....

    I think Howl's Moving Castle might make it here actually. Considering that I have already seen a Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away DVD here, I think Howl's Castle has a high propability to come here.

    Anyways, here is some more info I found...it all came from the site Nausicaa.net... :)

    -English Cast for the movie:
    Howl: Christian Bale
    Old Sophie: Jean Simmons
    Young Sophie: Emily Mortimer
    Witch of the Waste: Lauren Bacall
    Calcifer: Billy Crystal
    Madam Suliman: Blythe Danner

    -The story is based on a hit book by Diana Wynne Jones

    -Opened in Japan on November 20, 2004

    There... :)
  • DKLDKL PExer
    woah, woah, woah, hold on a minute here... SPIRITED AWAY was localized???

    ... well, PERFECT BLUE was also localized *my friend has an original VCD that he bought here*, so this could very well be true

    actuall... I have no idea
  • smeagolsmeagol PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is (almost) inarguably the best Miyazaki film, especially if you take into account the circumstances in which it was made.

    DKL wrote:
    the oscars are pretty much some kind of fan service so that people can say that their favorite movies have won mentioned award
    you can't say that for dark horse winners. SA was even one.
    and the Oscars may be what you think it is but you can't deny the fact that it is a big factor in being recognized, worldwide. SA did a huge one for anime with its win.
  • DKLDKL PExer
    yeah, that's what the Oscars are, FAN SERVICE, but of course, I'm mislead into believing that it matters if my favorite movies/animations win because of the press :rolleyes:

    anyway, anime is world renowned and crap already, but on a MARKETABLE point of view, it isn't

    *if that's what you're getting at, thanks to the award win, SA definately put ***** in seats, be it non-anime fans or anime fans*

    but I'm glad some mainstream companies that don't really deal in anime in general like DREAMWORKS and DISNEY have been more or less taking chances with anime

    also, I know a handful of people who think PORCO ROSSO is the best Ghibli film, I'd rather listen to them than general consensus since they have earned my respect

    I'm also only judging that Porco Rosso seems cooler than Nausicaa based on the trailers I saw in my copy of KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE *which I really like, but then Disney fudged the DVD, there's aliasing everywhere and the DVD itself is inconvenient*

    but I wouldn't know, I haven't seen that or Nausicaa *I still want to be surprised*

    but both will probably kick *** *hooray for me, I win either way when I see both of them*

    errr... point is! I don't want to be overhyped for when I see these movies so that I won't be disappointed!

    how hard is it to understand that logic?

    I'm taking precaution ever since I bought JUNKERS COME HERE, it was an excellent movie, but thanks to all the hype, I was underwhelmed :(

    *the press... the press... but then how will we know about anything?... we need to read reviews from time to time... bah, the problem is just too meticulous*

    now I sort of just wish that I could watch everything in one sitting so I can make clear judgement :X
  • DKLDKL PExer
    wooooooooooooo, yeah, I just saw NAUSICAA and I have to say it's really great *hooray*

    felt a bit weird in the beginning *well that and I was sleepy*

    but right after that it's all quite good

    as it stands though, I still like Spirited Away better *and Kiki's Delivery service whose only problem is a crappy DVD*, this may be more of a preferential thing mainly since it is more light-hearted...

    talking about that, the movie was pretty violent, I was surprised... I also really liked the dub *as usual, since it IS disney handling it*

    while Nausicaa felt off from time to time, it's pretty excellent overall, and I LOVE Patrick Stewarts voice *w00t*

    so yeah, I'm pretty stoked, I wish I could pick up PORCO ROSSO too, but for some obscure reason my copy of NAUSICAA doesn't have that coupon that gives you a discount :(

    anyway, I'll pass first and pick up a series *since I'm more of a series person*

    anyway, I'm THIS sure that I'm gonna go see HOWL in a theatre when it comes out here in SF
  • I'm excited to see Howl's moving castle. i heard it had a bigger opening weekend than SA in Japan. i think the two movie's appeal are very different though.

    princess mononoke should have won an Oscar too IMO. a friend of mine said that they did not make the cutoff for the Oscar's award, that's why it wasn't nominated. this was the year before spirited away came out i think.

    personally though, my favorites would still be Nausicaa and Castle in the Sky. Princess Mononoke feels like Nausicaa. Especially the manga which is an epic. Castle in the sky on the other hand is extremely action packed compared to other Miyazaki movies. I find it the most exciting of them all so far.
  • DKLDKL PExer
    I wanna go see LAPUTA too *that's what it's called... don't ask why... maybe MIYAZAKI likes having his movies have bad words in their names?*

    I've seen Mirai Shounen Conan though, so I might lean towards that since it's a series *Conan owned a lot of people, without killing them too*

    about the SA vs. Howl's moving castle, has Howl broken SA's record yet?... do we still need to consider inflation??

    About the oscars:

    screw that, if you love mononoke, then you should! When we look at it, the only reason why SPIRITED AWAY won was because of it's association with DISNEY :?

    I mean, CLEARLY stuff like MILLENIUM ACTRESS deserve Oscars, but it didn't get one *not even a nomination, which is retarded*
  • Hello...me again... :)

    You're right about the opening of Howl's Moving Castle, mr. yotsuya..... I heard from a friend that they actually made a replica of the castle where you could actually walk in...do'nt know if he was serious though......

    Anyways, Princess Mononoke was a relly good movie, but SA had a little more emotion in it... para sa akin... :)
  • DKLDKL PExer
    I think that Spirited Away was a lot simpler and easier to grow attached to the characters...

    that would explain it's appeal

    anyway, Miyazaki seems to have a thing for the concept of FLYING

    ... it seems to be a major theme in between the movies I've seen *well, most of them... can't remember if there was a whole lot of flying in Mononoke*
  • ^ nope. not much in mononoke as far as i can remember. Memories of Yesterday was a ghibli film with a really different theme though i think it wasn't done by Miyazaki (Isao Takahata?).

    yup. Satoshi Kon does excellent movies too. so far, i managed to get MA, Tokyo Godfathers and Perfect Blue. Really good but i still prefer Miyazaki's work.
  • smeagolsmeagol PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    DKL wrote:
    anyway, anime is world renowned and crap already, but on a MARKETABLE point of view, it isn't
    ayaw mo nun, art film? ;)

    teka, was the whole post for me? i really wasn't looking for a big argument. :|

    and i only like and recognize the Oscars when the dark horses and the wild cards beat out the mainstream bastardss. icon_twisted.gif
  • smeagolsmeagol PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    about Millenium Actress not making the cut... that's it, i think the Academy is still cautious in considering mature animation into a category heavily dominated by lighthearted family or kids cartoons. so yeah, it looks like anime hasn't really yet gotten the full confidence and acceptance by the Academy *especially* the very heavy and adult-themed ones yet are very good that's why little wins by the Miyazaki films are big steps in that "struggle". the Miyazaki ones at least possess the kid-friendly charm that other films have less which is why Oscar wins are easy. the Miyazaki films themselves despite being backed by Disney are very much underdogs against the world-popular cartoons Disney, Pixar or Dreamworks churn out.

    goddammit, when you see a brilliant yet very complex and deeply philosophical piece like Beyond the Clouds (Makoto Shinkai work), you really want it up there recognized. but sometimes there are things you can't do anything about even when they really deserve it, how sad.
  • DKLDKL PExer
    Isn't that an OAV?

    anyway, that's what I mean, there's TON of great stuff, but it doesn't get recognized by the Academy *still doesn't hide the fact that at some point, I am still very convinced that the academy is uber prestigous... it's GOTTA be the press...*

    also yeah, who's Isao Takahata? I keep seeing his name on MIYAZAKI works at Philanime
  • He was director of Memories of Yesterday (Only Yesterday). I don't know how popular this one is but its a simple serious story about a woman and her childhood days.

    Another movie he directed is better known, Grave of the Fireflies.

  • DKLDKL PExer
    oh, okay

    didn't know that
  • smeagolsmeagol PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i'm kind of confused even know that people keep confusing Miyazaki with Grave of the Fireflies and that he's done it but i don't see him anywhere credited in ANN's profile just that Miyazaki's studio (Ghibli) did it.
  • The violence in Miyazaki's films are really not for those under 13 if you ask me,but Miyazaki actually has a reason for all this violence in his films.

    "When there is a fight, some blood is inevitably spilled, and we cannot avoid depicting it. However, even in the middle of hatred and killings, there are things worth living for. A wonderful meeting, or a beautiful thing can exist. We depict hatred, but it is to depict that there are more important things. We depict a curse, to depict the joy of liberation."

    -Hayao Miyazaki

    This is a statement he made for Princess Mononoke...... I find great lessons in his films. They are all filled with such emotion it takes you away..

    The grave of the Fireflies? Where can I find it? It seems nice..... read this from nausicaa.net....I was touched... :(

    Q: Is it based on a manga or a book?

    It is based on a book (more of a short story), "Hotaru no Haka", by Akiyuki NOSAKA, published by Shinchosha. The story is semi-autobiographical. He lost his little sister during the war due to malnutrition. He blamed himself for her death for a long time, and wrote this story to come to terms with it.

    Wow....I feel so sad now.......
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