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Cartoons Of The 80s!

I'm sure a lot of pexers here grew up with these fantastic cartoons:

- Voltron
- GI Joe
- Thundercats
- He-Man
- She-Ra
- Transformers

It was a trip down memory lane for me and my friend the other day. Todo surf kami para sa mga 80s cartoons! We realized how much we missed the cartoons of our youth, the cartoons that changed our Saturday mornings FOREVER!
Para sa mga GI Joe fanatic, may DVDs na ng seasons 1 and 2! Nakita ko sa Amazon. Yung Transformers meron na din. Yung Voltron, lalabas din eventually pero hindi pa sigurado kung kailan.

Kung merong nagtitinda ng pirated Voltron series dito, please magpost naman kayo!!!

Para sa mga gusto ng Voltron fix: do visit voltronforce.com...astig! :eyecrazy: nostalgia at its finest!!!


  • anime ba yan? yung Voltron & Transformer yata may anime version pero yung GI joe & the rest mukhang hindi.
  • DKLDKL PExer
    the new GI Joe is sort of an anime since Gonzo did it *I think... I wouldn't really know since I haven't seen it and just heard about it somewhere*
  • voltron is golion (the lion team)
    voltron vehicle team is dairugger xv

  • jembo wrote:
    voltron is golion (the lion team)
    voltron vehicle team is dairugger xv

    yeah! i remember those 2...
    i even remember a movie that merged both of them
  • All right, so I'm an "old geezer" now...so sue me!! :lol:
    Remember THESE other 80's cartoons?

    Silverhawks - from the same makers of Thundercats...remember the funky guitarman/pilot with his guitar shooting soundwaves, etc?

    M.A.S.K. (for "Mobile Armored Strike Kommand") - yeah, they purposely misspelled "Command" so that it'd fit the acronym. These are dudes using their special masks and transforming fighting vehicles to fight against V.E.N.O.M. (for "Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem"). Coolest vehicle here is the villain's boss that can turn from a chopper to a jet plane (well for me, at least)

    Comic Strip - Rankin-Bass production that contains mini-cartoon series (about 15 min each), some of which include Karate Kat ("I'm mean, I'm lean, a karate machine"!) and another "Thundercats" -ripoff called Tigersharks

    The "kiddie" types of shows such as : Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, Gummi Bears, Smurfs, Shirt Tales, The Little Rascals, etc. :lol:

    GOBOTS - remember this "Transformers ripoff"? Leader One (the good boss that turns into an airplane) vs Cykill (the bad boss that turns into a motorcycle)? :laugh:

    The Superfriends - classic JLA action vs the "Legion of Doom". Who could forget the ever-annoying "Wonder Twin Powers....ACTIVATE!!" from Zan and Jana, and their "space monkey" Gleep! :lol:
  • since girl ako:
    - Rainbow Brite
    - Sprite
    - Glow Worms
    - Gummy Bears
    - My Little Pony

    i dunno if guys really watch these ones.
  • how bout Care Bears countdown :lol: & Woodywood Pecker alam ko di mga anime tong mga to pero pinapanood ko sila dati :lol:

    teka si Captain Planet ba & yung Macross 80's ba sila lumabas?
  • ^ oh yah! Care Bears Staaaaaaaaaaaaaare! tama ba yun!

    oh and i think Captain Planet is 80s. not sure about Macross. baka earlier?
  • QuentinQuentin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    - i freaking hate gobots and tigersharks ... it didn't take my then young mind to know they suck

    - The Transformers have some Japanese as part of their production team

    Here are some I have known as well

    - Laserion
    - ... er will get back on this sometime

    And channel 7 showcased some of movie animes as well
    - Galaxy Express 555 (or is this 999? basta, it's about a kid with a lasergun looking for his mom and an intergalactic train )
    - Warriors of the Wind (I believe this was Nausicaa)
    - ... er will get back on this as well
  • i used to love watching:

    Care Bears
    Rainbow Brite
    Saber Riders
    Alf the Animated Series
    The Potato Head Kids
    My Little Pony (magkasunod pa yun diba? :P )
    Ghostbusters the Animated Series
    Voltes V

    and yung iba one-hit wonders lang ata. cant remember the name. hehe!
  • macross was 1984 i think.

    saber rider is one of my fav! hehe...

    My little pony and friends yun diba? may kasunod na snorkels na cartoons (tama ba?).

    and of course let's not forget the smurfs. hehe...
  • oh yeah, i just remembered

    Sky commanders and spiral zone. =P
  • Walang tatalo sa original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Real Ghostbusters....

    and Visionaries! :D:D:D
  • Dagdag ko pa...

    Centurions - "Power Extreme!" :D Three guys with exo-suits that can mount different types of assault weapon platforms and vehicle configurations (lasers, missiles, jets, etc). I liked the show because of Crystal, their "hot" support-babe who "beams" the weapons down to them (with the aforementioned quote!) :naughty:

    Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future - "He-Man title ripoff"? This is "live-action", state-of-the-art (at that time) series much like the Centurions with the cast wearing powered up suits. The CGI there was pretty slick for its time.

    Bionic Six - a family of cybernetically-enhanced humans fighting bad guys... d-uh! :laugh:

    Plasticman - this was a funny series, as Plasticman bungles his way through his adventures with the super-hot Penny and "Bad Luck" Hula (fat Hawaiian dude)

    Mighty Man and Yukk - Diminuitive, caped-superhero and his mutt who always has a doghouse over his head since he IS the "World's UGLIEST Dog"! :lol:
  • and of course let's not forget the smurfs. hehe...

    whee! yes the smurfs! pero until now I'm still wondering , if there's a papa smurf, san yung mama smurf? and where did all the other 99 smurfs come from? sino yung nanay ni baby smurf? hahaha! myths of the '80s! heehee! :eyecrazy:
  • smeagolsmeagol PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    wah! Comic Strip!! loved the Karate Kat i think.
    does Snoopy count? :lol:
    oy! sino nakakakaalala pa nung New Kids on the Block haha!
    Denver the Last Dinosaur :D
    Rude Dog
    G-Force, hahaha
  • Red_WolfRed_Wolf PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    macross was 1984 i think.

    Macross started in 1982.
  • heehee! mighty man and Yukk...yuck nga! :lol:
    smeagol wrote:
    wah! Comic Strip!! loved the Karate Kat i think.
    does Snoopy count? :lol:
    oy! sino nakakakaalala pa nung New Kids on the Block haha!
    Denver the Last Dinosaur :D
    Rude Dog
    G-Force, hahaha

    onga pala no! denver! hahaha!

    dagdag pa ako:
    ->garfield and friends

    what's the cartoon with the guy who says "strength of a bear!" tapos sidekick niya kabayo?

    grabe...LSS ko ngayon yung "wings of silver...nerves of steel...silverrrrhaaawwwwks" :lol:
  • Red_WolfRed_Wolf PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    the GI joe theme song...from the first season; in the original miniseries 'the MASS Device,' the song is the same except it's 'Cobra and Destro' instead of 'the enemy'

    (Flint's battlecry): Yo joe!
    He'll fight for freedom where ever there's trouble.
    GI Joe is there.

    GI Joe (A Real American Hero)
    GI Joe is there

    It's GI Joe against Cobra the enemy
    Fighting to save the day.
    He never gives up.
    He's always there,
    Fighting for freedom over land and air

    GI Joe (A Real American Hero)
    GI Joe is there

    GI Joe is the codename for America's daring, highly trained
    special mission force.
    It's purpose, to defend human freedom against Cobra-
    a ruthless, terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

    He never gives up.
    He'll stay til the fight's won.
    GI Joe will dare.

    GI Joe (A Real American Hero)

    Ang astig ng mga public service ads nila before the closing credits of every episode, and chances are, your fave Joe could be imparting the lesson as well. Kahit American characters ang mga yan, sobrang timeless naman ng mga mapupulutang aral, promise!
    "Now I know..."
    "And knowing is half the battle."

    for more GI Joe stuff visit www.gijoe.com and www.joeheadquarters.com for info about the TV series and the movie.
  • I remember back then halos wala masyadong animes(though mas sikat noon kasi ang sentai genre eh).Panay US made cartoons,pero alam ko iba sa kanila ay made in Japan at that time(back then di pa sikat ang South Korea pagdating sa low cost co production at animation).
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