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Coach Carter

just saw the movie earlier...it was great! samuel l. jackson was amazing! the movie itself is an inspiration and has a moral lesson.


  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Yes, it was entertaining at some level.

    There was just one part of the material that really bothered me, a minor "flaw" that gnawed my opinion of the film as a whole. The movie's central themes were to never give up, work hard to reach your dream, and believe in oneself that you can reach that goal. Yet,
    when one of the player's girlfriends had an abortion, they treated it like it was o-kay thing to do.
    I don't mean to sound all self-righteous and preachy, but it kinda contradicts the whole message of the film by treating that part as if it was no big deal, that
    ending the life on an innocent soul
    was a very convenient choice, that it was as easy as picking between original or hot & crispy chicken in a fast food chain. Way to teach kids to be responsible huh. Knocked 'em up? Pull the plug!

    Yun lang. Carry on. :)
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