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Your All-Left Handed NBA team

I have long been fascinated with left-handed basketball players. Many believe that lefties are pretty difficult to defend, and they have a certain flair while playing.

My All-Left Handed NBA Team:
PG - Nick Van Exel
SG - Jalen Rose
SF - Toni Kukoc
PF - Anthony Mason
C - Raef Lafrentz


  • My All Star Lefty:
    PG: K. Anderson
    SG: C. Mullin
    C: D. Robinson
    SF: T. Kukoc
    PF: D. Coleman
  • Well since The Rock himself is a lefty, he always enjoys watching his fellow southpaws play ball. Here are his choices:

    Center: David Robinson
    Power Forward: Derrick Coleman
    Small Forward: Toni Kukoc
    Shooting Guard: Jalen Rose
    Point Guard: Avery Johnson/Derek Fisher
  • Nice topic Mulder12. Seems like you guys already picked out the best lefties in the NBA. My mix would be...

    PG - VaN ExeL
    SG - RoSe
    C - DaViD RoBinSoN
    PF - MaSoN
    F - KuKoC

  • Btw, if you guys are having a difficult time segregating the lefties from the righties, here's a short list:

    PG - Damon Stoudamire, Greg Anthony, Nick Van Exel, Kenny Anderson, Derek Fisher, Avery Johnson, John Crotty, Travis Best

    SG - Jalen Rose, Calbert Cheaney, Rex Walters, Anthony Peeler

    SF - Lamar Odom, Toni Kukoc, Chris Mullin, Stacey Augmon

    PF - Chris Gatling, Anthony Mason, Derrick Coleman, Lawrence Funderburke

    C - David Robinson, Sam Perkins, Raef Lafrentz

    If you happen to know or notice anymore lefties in the NBA, dont hesitate to tell us!
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