Bf is still bitter..

DevlshlySinnfulDevlshlySinnful Member PEx Rookie ⭐
my x.. was the one who broke up with me... through sms..
he two timed me then, then picked her over me, but since I LOVED him then, I accepted him again for the 2nd time... then he broke up again with me... but this third time... he was asking me back.. I said NO.. didnt communicate with him, no texts, call I removed him from my friendster.. didnt talk to one of his barkada... para lang wala na talaga!

then he keeps miss calling me, now, he is asking me to add him up in friendster... what the?! cant he accept that IVE FINALLY MOVED ON?!

he told me he already had a gf.. but deep inside me, I DOUBT! Im not even asking that, why give the info?! hahaha! if he already have one, why bother? just focus on her imaginary gf! as if I care!


  • *Baby_Bru**Baby_Bru* B?bY Ni?a Ak?!",2,"26c984c8bb81ca2211092bd6a1b7c0b3!aK
    That's really nice of you to finally stand up for your self.. that's what they always say.. never give another chance to cheaters...

    Im happy for you GIRL! :P
  • drewmaticdrewmatic Member PExer
    don't mind him..Guys if given the chance don't screw it..specially if you love the I almost lost her...and now...Just couldn't bare to leave her...stick straight...don't look somewhere else. be responsible for what you do..coz life is not something you just play with.

    I love Abbie!
  • DevlshlySinnfulDevlshlySinnful Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    thanx for the response baby bru, drewmatic! so, you think he is really bitter huh?! I dont care anymore if he has a gf now, imaginary or otherwise anyway, I know he expects me to decline him.. and just placed the status in that state... just to " inform " me of his new status.. I confirmed him.. and added him. I mean, I dont really care what status he is in now, just dont get why he still miss calls me! and to prove that I dont give a.... on him, fine! let him be added! maybe he wants to fish out something from me... let him... if that would make him happy! Im happily single right now... and ACCEPTING HIM AGAIN... is... -0%!
  • istarbubsistarbubs Member PExer
    u go girl!
  • aina_crazy_girlaina_crazy_girl Thriving. PExer
    taas noo, sister!

    you definitely rock!!!!
  • DevlshlySinnfulDevlshlySinnful Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    thanx dudettes!.. ayun! inalis din niya sarili niya... duh! he's gone BONKERS!!!!

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