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What are your passions in life...

..? question of curiosity :)


  • wasted_gurlwasted_gurl Lizard Queen PExer
    music. introspection. the pursuit of absolute freedom.
  • TessariaTessaria Fan Forum's Finest PExer
    Music. Film. The pursuit of Truth.
  • QuentinQuentin Montejo PExer
    Music (Guitar-playing, Singing *snicker*). Arts & Entertainment (Manga/Anime, Poetry, Medieval Fantasy). People (Pyschology, Relationships). Science (go go National Geographic :glee: )

    gee, hi wasted, hi Tess :bungi: pleasant day to see you people here
  • KrayonKrayon Banned by Admin PExer
    Dance - Any kind; pushing my body to its limits.

    Books and Manga -knowing about others.

    Philosophy - answering life's question.

    Math - the world of truths and certainties.

    Economics - trying to find a way to improve the (economic) situation in the Philippines.

    Food - everyone's gotta eat. I like to do it well.
  • freakster2k1freakster2k1 Member PExer
    radio novela. hehe
  • IscharamoochieIscharamoochie Moderator PExer
    uh, food. :D
  • faaip_de_oiadfaaip_de_oiad PEX GOD PExer
    Music (composing, listening, performing, critiquing...)
    Sports (swimming, scuba, basketball, tennis - everything except cycling)
    Food (MEAT! MEAT! MEAT!)
  • Alt+Ctrl+DelAlt+Ctrl+Del Member ✭✭
    • sex
    • money
    • food
    • psychiatric and recreational drugs
  • mastercatmastercat marsh peg PExer
    books... television... my art journals... my garden... certain languages...
  • wasted_gurlwasted_gurl Lizard Queen PExer
    quentin! hows it with the lessons...

    yes drugs are good eye openers hehehe
  • WindangelWindangel I am the wind PExer
    -Absolute Freedom
  • ShinobiShinobi Life is such a beautiful! PExer
    I love to see, learn, experience something new everyday :D
  • SteadyBoy2kSteadyBoy2k chill... PExer
    seems broad.

    Passion: living my life to my utmost potential. But since I fail everytime, I wonder If i am still passionate about it. For example, if i was passionate about my life, I wouldn't be typing away browsing the forums of PEX.
  • KrayonKrayon Banned by Admin PExer
    typing away browsing the forums of PEx - NOT an indication of one's passion for life
  • wasted_gurlwasted_gurl Lizard Queen PExer
    Krayon=rightly said
    PEx is more of an enrichment of your passions and finding people with the same passions as yours.
  • QuentinQuentin Montejo PExer
    wasted: my finger callouses are now two times thicker. can't wait to play my fave alternative pieces ... once i learn how to correctly interpret the tabs
  • wasted_gurlwasted_gurl Lizard Queen PExer
    am so bad. i dont practice at all. am such a slow learner. boohoo
  • joe_higashijoe_higashi C-fundaMetalist PExer
    Drums&Percussion, Metal Music, Muay Thai, Fighting Games mostly Arcade, RPG Games, Object Oriented Programming, Sola Scriptura, Wesleyan-Arminian Theology..

    sana lang may time ako sa lahat ng yan!

  • bludwidbludwid U Want Somma Dis? PExer
    1. sex
    2. drugs
    3. rock and roll
    4. spreading the love
  • my_identitymy_identity ATheist ✭✭✭
    o Quest for true happiness
    o Wealth
    o Technological advancements
    o Theology
    o Food (yummy)

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