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Cutest Girls in campus (hs and college)

hey guys..it's our turn to talk about the babes on campus...high school or college...

so talk about the girls.....tell us their names and what schools they come from...

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  • hey the one fron ust_cafa shes a cutie, too bad i dunno her name, i think its ria, well im not so sure eh
  • freak...what year is she in? i know a ria from cafa who's cute. is she chinita? from miriam highschool?
  • freak: is she the tall one with the almost brown hair, maputi and slim.... is her family name zamora? if she's the one, yup, she' s pretty adn she has a sis too who is pretty too who became ms. cafa before. sophomore ba? i think she's the one.. but she's not from miriam for sure...
  • just saw this topic. I'm new here and i'm from dlsu.

    cutest girl in campus:

    1. jane dee
    2. michelle teves
    3. rica villaluz
    4.tessa dragon
    5. kares velasquez

  • fanatic: kaw ha! mukhang trip mo si jane dee...even in the other topic u had so many nice things to say about her...do u know her ba? pakilala mo ko! =)

    btw, sa pebble ka ba tumatambay?

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  • fanatic: hey wats d courses of the girls uve mentioned?
    anu anong batch un? sophomore o juniors ba?

  • yah... i think jane is really cute. guys!!! better check her out!! rica is also her friend, i always see them together. they are both head turners and they hang out in the pebble wash.
  • beetle babe:

    gusto mo ako makilala no? :) well, i used to hang-out in the pebble wash but now, sa iba-iba't tambayan na... but i still go there cause i have some friends there pa.

    of course, if i'm lucky, i might see jane also, right :)

    too bad, she's close with CUAN. :(


  • are we talking about a JANE DEE who's tall and very maputi?
    she seems nice but i don't know her. i often see her in the tau tambayan... is that her tambayan?

    i like her smile, very attractive. i also like the way she dresses, simple yet sexy.

    JANE DEE AND RONALD CUAN? ( sa bagay, they're both chinese...)

    how come all the pretty ladies are with basketball players?! what about us?! :(

    in case you guys don't know, michelle teves is dino aldeguer's girlfriend while tessa dragon is mon jose's girlfriend!!!

    look at fanatic's list, 3 outta five are with basketball players already, 2 more left. ( i guess they are also taken.) :(
  • hey guys!
    isn't the jane dee and ronald cuan issue old na? i heard from one of my friends that before pa daw yon...i dont really know, anyone who can confirm this???
  • people from ust cafa are pretty (i mean above average thomasian, you know what i mean).

    pretty ren sa ateneo at la salle.
  • ummmmm...... Jane??? bwahahahaha!!! Kares??? mwahahaha!!! cmon you guys :) Look around some more! K, the pretty ones, and im sure y'all will agree with me, are Michelle Teves, Peaches Aberin,Dianne sumthing, and the gf of bj... Now if you look around even more you'll find that jane and kares look like alalays lang :) hehehe sorry :);) im just speakin my mind :)
  • There's this one girl i always see but i think her classes start late- she's really tall, like 5"11, and mestiza with long brown hair :) I have no idea who she is. I think she's really pretty, smiles a lot and looks really bait. She's the type of girl that would make DLSU proud :) not like the aformentioned :( any idea who she is? :) I'd like to set her up with my brother :)
  • Pag magsalita ka, kala mo kung sino kang pretty. I'm willing to bet na wala ka pa sa pwet nina Kares.
    With the matching "mwahahahaha" ka pa jang nalalaman...baka ikaw, katawa-tawa din yung mukha mo.
    You'd like to set her up with your brother?? If you're brother's anything like you, I'd spare her the agony.
    Kunyari ka pa, brother-brother pa kunyari...I bet na-ti-tibo ka na dun sa girl na yon!

    Gggrrrrr, don't you just hate people na feeling?! Feeling na, ma-lait pa!
  • yeah shes the one, that tall chinita gal, she's a head turner, kahit babae (bonita type mo ba cia, j/k) tumitingin hehehehe :)
  • lol suplada...what's with all the mwahahaha? truth is, i really dunno who that jane is. so i don't know what the fuzz is all about. and regarding the tall girl you were saying..tall na medyo brownish yung hair? medyo big eyes ba? kasi baka she's the one i always see along LS..CBE yata kasi yun eh. I rarely see her in the pebble wash or anywhere(besides LS) in the campus. I also don't know her name pero i think she was a runner-up for the face of the year last year. 3rd if i'm not mistaken....

    for other pretty girls...i find m. teves really pretty...hmm..tessa dragon, katrina (the gf of bj), sheryll tuazon from bio...actually there are a lot of pretty girls taking bio...just don't know their names.
  • marqui: mwahahahahahahahahaha! ano asar ka naaaah? :) nakakatuwa ka :) anyway, kares looks like a horse kaya! :) sorry :)oh and one more thing, I'm not a dyke :)

    cake: yah i think thats her nga :) i used to see her all the time with this other girl na kinda tall and slim :) grabe theyre so lucky to have faces like that :)
  • girl ni bj at yung friend niya sa pebblewash. yung girl na chinita, sexy, short hair, matangkad na player. di ko lang alam kung anong sport. info on them please!!
  • Rio Palabrica (AdMU)
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