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'Tis the season. Happy Holidays, PExers!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 3 on ABS-CBN!

Yu-Gi-Oh! will replace Gatekeepers on its 5:00 pm timeslot this coming April 4, 2005 on ABS-CBN.

And it looks like they will start from where they stopped the airing: Episode 98.


  • ruri_asagiruri_asagi PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    haaay...sana sa studio 23 nalang nilagay...sana yung school rumble nalang ipalabas nila :p

    but it's ok at least di ako mahihirapang manood ng One Piece
  • Just a fun q...I don't have the luxury of time to watch Yugi-Oh...

    Sino ka-love team ni Yugi?...:D:D:D
  • @Eugene Hikaru
    Sino pa, eh di si Yami Yugi!! "Self-love" ( now that sounds dirty! :lol: ) is the name of the game in this anime, what with most characters having "two" selfs! :laugh:
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  • i knew it eversince.

    when abs cut off yugi in the middle of the fight of yugi and the rest of the gang in the hot air balloon like, they cut it because US currently airing that season and abs definitely doesnt have the tapes that time (just like what happened to naruto and inuyasha, sakura wars) so they have to cut if off. its kinda disappointing plus the fact that the show is starting to build a fanbase.

    year 2005
    abs brings back yugi. i knew it they're gonna replay it. what the [email protected] after few episodes they cut it again...

    worst, after few weeks they put mr bean in anime block. leche, sinong manonood nun, the fact na adult teen ang market pag afternoon whats the point of putting up a lousy cartoon in the anime block.

    kung mr bean lang din, mas maganda pa nilagay nila yung adventure of tom sawyers, kung wala na talaga silang malagay...
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