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* Before posting a new thread, please look for existing threads by using the Search Function and the Thread Index in the following post. It will take only a few seconds and it's very likely that you will discover that a discussion already exists on your chosen topic.

* This forum is specifically for discussions about art and all forms of literature. Buy-and-sell transactions are not allowed here. Kindly post your ads in the Classifieds - Entertainment forum. All buy-and-sell threads posted in Arts & Lit and all buy-and-sell posts within legitimate Arts & Lit threads will be deleted; and repeated offenses will be considered spamming and this may be grounds for banning your user name.
5. User Conduct
b. As each forum is specifically tailored to address certain topics, you are responsible for initiating new threads in the correct forum. You should stay on-topic at all times. The appropriate content for each forum is described in detail on the PinoyExchange Forum Homepage.
f. "Spamming," or sending unsolicited electronic junk mail or junk newsgroup postings, in any form, is strictly forbidden.
* Trading electronic copies of books whose copyrights haven't expired is prohibited, and so is posting links to websites where e-books of recently published books are available. All such posts will be deleted.

*Posting in "text-speak" is no longer allowed. Here's the official announcement from Ada:
In an effort to make PEx more reader-friendly, we would like to encourage everyone to spell their words properly when posting in the forums. It does not matter whether you are posting in Filipino, English or Taglish -- we only ask that you spell your words correctly.

Starting June 26, 2006 (Monday) at 12:01 AM, we will be strictly implementing this new rule. We will no longer allow SMS lingo within the message areas. PExers who post using SMS lingo after the said date will have their PEx account disabled for three (3) days. Repeat offenders will be banned.

We look forward to your cooperation. You can tell us your feedback here.

* If you have any questions about posting in PEx or PEx regulations, kindly consult the FAQ and the User Agreement. If you can't find the answer there, feel free to post a query in the Announcements & Suggestions forum or send me a Private Message. Remember, the moderators are here to make your PEx life enjoyable and hassle-free.

Happy PExing! *pexadik*


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