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Submit your humorous news article and get it published online

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I'm currently working on a pet project to publish a blog with humorous content and satirical news articles as posts. The plan is to eventually set up
  • a parody newspaper maintained online and updated regularly
  • a free (as in free beer) publication written voluntarily by people for free (as in no financial compensation)
  • a topical blog on humorous social criticism
  • a website which focuses mainly on Philippine-related current events
Proposed regular features shall include
  • The 10 List - a bulleted list of items on a theme
  • A "main article" of 200 words
  • Random satirical essays and editorials
  • An advice column written by a Roman Catholic priest
  • A "picture of the month": any Photoshopped photograph passed off for a real news photograph, with caption
  • "Fast Fact" - a single sentence which states obvious general knowledge
  • A marquee of satirical headlines
Interested contributors may submit their manuscripts thru email (ronaldsio+nb at gmail dot com) or thru private messaging.

News article requirements

Contributors who want to submit main articles must adhere to the following requirements:
  • Roughly 180 to 220 words, excluding headline
  • Web-friendly characters (graphemes)
  • Only English manuscripts are accepted
  • Write something about events, trends, or developments
In addition, the geographical preferences of an article must be, in order of importance:
  • in the Philippines
  • in Southeast Asia
  • the rest of Asia
  • anywhere outside Asia
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