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The truth about ANIMAX *GASP!*

Okay, so I was doing a bit of screwing around *research*

but this whole thing started in this article I read at ANN, in the "Mr. Answerman" column...

Some idiot wrote this letter:

"I would just like to know why there are no English subtitles for the Anime shown on AXN-Asia??? Especially for the Anime that used to have subtitles, like Samurai X and Gensomaden Saiyuki.
I would kindly like to request that you show Anime with English subtitles for the convenience of the viewers who do not know the Japanese language.
I am a huge fan of AXN and Anime, and I am looking forward to AXN showing new anime and sequels to the Anime that they have already aired on tv.
AXN IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!
I think AXN is a great entertainment channel and i wish it lots of luck for the future.
Thank You.
A huge fan of AXN. "

and the reply was THIS:

"First ANN is confused with the Anime Network, and now it’s AXN? As for your question, Animax (the anime block on AXN-Asia) is aired with dual audio (original language and the native language) and it’s up to the cable providers to either allow for both options (you choose the language with your remote) or limit it to only one for all viewers. Subtitles are only available in certain areas around the world, so you’re probably stuck watching either the dub or original Japanese without subtitles. "

okay, for further proof, I poked around Animax's website, and I found THIS:


please note that it's a .pdf file

THAT is undeniable evidence that animax actually OFFERS:

-DUAL LANGUAGE, so you get the dubs AND you get the original language

-OPTIONAL SUBTITLES, which could be turned on and off

anyway, it is REASONABLE TO CONCLUDE that the ALL DUB FORMAT is entirely NOT ANIMAX's fault

people jump to inane conclusions and assumed such


some of you may have even boycotted the channel by now

all you ever had to do was contact sky cable *or whoever hosts animax* and see if they can offer you some sort of premium service that will allow you to use the SAP button *or whatever it is*

and the CLOSE CAPTION option

but as of now, SKY and whoever else may own the channel *although not sure with DREAM*

they chose to air the DEFAULTS, which is NO SUBS and ALL DUB, with the exception of the midnight shows since they are only available in one format *as seen in the .pdf file*...

today, I am going to ask SKY CABLE about the further services... if they say no, I'm not really going to worry about it since I really like the most recent dubs they have on *GITS:SAC, ESCAFLOWNE, MIDORI no HIBI, Princess Tutu, etc.*

I like them even moreso since I'm moving back to the states THIS MAY, and I won't be able to listen to them anymore


So I called SKY CABLE twice, and got two different asnwers...

the first guy told me I could turn the Japanese Language ON and the subtitles ON, if I had a TV that could do so...

but I tried it *since one of my TVs has close caption*

and it didn't WORK

anyway, I called again and found out somethings, the second call seemed more reliable

I asked the guy if they could MANUALLY turn the Japanese Dialogue and ENGLISH subtitles ON for me since my TV couldn't do such

he said that it wasn't possible since they only have the channel on some kind of default transmission in which we get the PREFERRED settings *dub on, sub off*

But here's the deal, HAD some of you actually brought this to SKY CABLE's attention earlier *which apparently no one has done*, they could've put out a PREMIUM VERSION of animax, where they have you pay a couple more hundred a month or so, but then you get a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT channel of animax *like the mandarin Disney*

that has ENGLISH SUBS and JAPANESE dialogue...

how can I say this? Well, according to the guy, I was practiclly the ONLY person who has inquired about this so far

so yes, if you want your "proper" animax back, you guys need to get enough people to request for it at SKY CABLE, then they will most likely create a PREMIUM CHANNEL out of it *that's what the guy said anyway*

since I'm already leaving, I could care less, that and I like and record the dubs to VCR...

and don't whine all that much like I use to

so it's up to the rest of you to go and ask if sky cable will ever consider a premium channel option *seriously, when they changed, how many of you asked?*

then just tell them:

"I'd be willing to pay extra"

if this ever DOES become a premium channel, don't blame them if the prices are too high *not everyone may care if animax is in Japanese or not*

I mean, anime is popular, but it's still sort of a NICHE type of market *hence ADV's layoffs earlier this week*

but please, if you have multiple options on your TV, please try to turn the captions on and change the dialogue... yes, fiddle around with your TV

check to see if the first guy was right, my TVs are pretty limited, so I can't fully explore it

Okay, the animosity aside, I just thought that I should point this out to EVERYONE *that ANIMAX had nothing to do with all the complaints that were pinned on them*

anyway, I'm DKL, I'm not really that bad of a guy *although this being my first post, it is conceited of me to state such*

so it's up to you guys to get SKY to offer this as some sort of PREMIUM

I'm pretty sure they will, but it really depends, make sure you intelligently ask them, don't just go:

"Give me Jap n' subs... NOW!!!!!!! BLRAGH"

The Phone # for sky is: 631-0000

then you dial one at the prompt, then you will get another prompt, you can dial 2 to get customer service

although they may say that "we can't do it"

keep bothering them since that's the only way you're going to get them to do it *that and offer to pay more*


  • So how about it guys?

    The thing is that this is actually feasible. If we can get enough people to do a petition our subs will be back with a premium subscription.

    Me? I may support, but I'm not too much interested in Animax anymore... I have another complaint in Animax that still makes me go back to my fansubs...
  • DKLDKL PExer
    But still, SKY *or anyone else* won't take ANIME seriously if you guys don't at least TRY *which no one has really done yet apparently*

    I'm pretty sure out "industry" will move somewhere if ANIMAX is still widely received
    who knows, maybe some R3 DVD releases, so what I'm saying is TRY

    at least TRY, you can't just WATCH fansubs for the rests of your lives... *or however long you plan to watch anime*

    well, you can import, but still, it's so much better owning original merchandise that can be purcased in your territory *helps the country too, you know, EXPORT - IMPORTS*

    I'm actually gonna go e-mail SKY... assuming I can of course, but yeah, just TRY :)
  • Well it is actually the option of the cable company to make their preference and if you have a premium subscription I think that you can have the subtitles .. as for dream that will not be a problem since you have your own decoder. About the fact that anime helps our country I do not think it does that much.. it has some moral values into it which if tapped and properly emulated can help our youth but this anime can also destroy our local animation industry if we will entirely rely on them.
  • DKLDKL PExer
    SKY doesn't offer a PREMIUM at present since NO ONE is asking for one *and no one has*

    and when I say "Industry", I'm talking about the almost $100 Billion ANIME industry

    it's nice if you get your favorite shows on original DVD, whether you import or not...

    I'm just saying that it's better to get a DOMESTIC release, since it helps the economy *I assume it does anyway... like how the Japanese companies don't get a whole lot once they pass the licenses to the US*

    problem is though, most people will just buy a bootleg EVEN IF the title is domestically released, and that's just stupid and shows why not a whole lot of stuff gets brought out locally *ANIME especially since it's still something of a niche market*

    Anyway, who gets DREAM? Can you get the full perks the channel has to offer?

    I fiddled with my VCR *SAP on and off* and got nothing, but whatever, I'm not gonna really pursue it anymore since it seems that the only way to get subs is to have a premium

    so, good luck guys :yes:
  • DKLDKL PExer
    I'd like to formally state that all the complaints that went into the channel are, at this point, incredibly laughable

    a lot of people were basing an argument around NOTHING :lol:

    people kept going "animax isn't giving us what we want, what the HARDCORE fans want" :rolleyes:

    when in the end, it was just the irresponsibility of people that lead to this mass "let's not watch animax" facist type of reaction because no one apparently new THE FACTS

    people were pointing fingers and automatically assumed that ANIMAX was just doing the whole "all dub format" out of spite *I originally thought it was because of a sponsor deal with... someone, but that's besides the point, this is really just aimed at people who refused to WATCH the channel or kept complaining about it*

    when in TRUTH, the all dub format was just a COMPLIMENT to go along with everything else, so at least you would have had a choice of seeing something in ENGLISH or in JAPANESE

    Hopefully, ANIMAX is getting a lot of ground covered regardless of MINDLESS consensus

    when I say this, I mean that some of the in-house dubs are actually quite good, I OWN SEVERAL REGION 1 DVD releases (with about 12 new DVDs on the way from the states as I type this now) with dubs on them, and for the most part, animax holds their own in terms of dub quality

    I don't know what kind of TWISTED MISCONCEPTION some people have of what a good dub actually is, but some of the stuff I've heard off animax is quite satisfactory, if not great *plus the sound quality is pretty good for something that was probably put together in a short amount of time*

    recycled voices? well, just about everyone does that *even our local shows, if you haven't already noticed... yes, in one show*

    think of it this way, AD VISION uses CHRIS PATTON, JESSICA BOONE and CHRISTINA LUCIANI *sp?* in just about ALL of their releases, but no one really gets all doinky about it

    SKY could DROP the channel if it doesn't deliver, and that would be ultimately IRONIC, now that people know THE TRUTH

    what? not a big loss since the shows are modified?

    even if it's edited a bit... are you TOO GOOD to watch stuff for free? :rolleyes:

    try asking yourself that again when you go and download those fansubs or purchase bootlegs *again, below the belt, but this whole line of thought is aimed at ANIMAX HATERS*

    it's not like the in-house stuff was a NELVANA production or anything

    Anyway, now that I've had my fun *since I just got everyone served*, I'll say that I'd be damned if I didn't get a subscription to this channel when it gets state side *it booted ANIME NETWORK out of comcast anyway*

    and no matter which part of the world I may be in, I will always remember the excellent service and memories that were solely built around my watching of ANIMAX religously

    I think it's about time that everyone checked themselves
  • There are no Closed Captions in Animax. I tried it on two of our CC TVs...

    About the dual-sound and optional subtitles, we can't do anything about it. I think it still needs some special hardware to be installed, in the part of "Sky Cable itself". But since those cable companies prefer cost-cutting instead of bringing quality service (and also since Animax still has limited audience), Sky Cable won't support dual-sound system. Again, the thing is it is "subject to affiliate's configurations" whether we have the dual sound or not.

    Sky Cable chose to air the default English dub because of the surveys in the Animax Carnival held here. Obviously the sub-lovers are really few compared to the general audience.

    I once suggested that if possible there would be two separate channels for the separate feeds of Animax. Example is Ch. 26 Animax will be English dubbed, while Ch. 96 Animax would be Japanese dubbed with English subtitles.

    About the argument, they were just directing it to the wrong company. Animax isn't at fault, cable companies are.

    About the dubs, recycled voices really would veer you away from being entertained. But then again it's still personal preference sometimes.
  • DKLDKL PExer
    I dunno, I got a TON of DVDs yesteraday, I for one can tell you that I didn't get bored of hearing DAVID LUCAS as SPIKE and then MUGEN in samurai champloo :) *At least I assume it's him*

    though, I think he has multiple names *Like he uses a DIFFERENT NAME in Gunrave*

    but it's completely obvious that it's him *since he's so hardcore*

    he's even in X as that Aoki Seiichiro guy *although I'm watching X subtitled right now*

    yeah, even US companies recycle voices *although a lot less*

    but still, I can recognize the voices most of the time *even in one show*

    and it doesn't really get to me

    as for the argument, well, I don't think SKY is really cost cutting, I mean, we get pretty good transmission and stuff... but still, I do hope they at least offer the premium service for the benefit of everyone in general, what could be better than everyone being happy?
  • I can understand... but really it's the preference.

    In the same way you don't get bored of recycled English voices, I don't get tired of Japanese recycled voices. For example, in SO many anime I hear Yui Horie's voice, Naru (LH), Tohru (furuba), Sakuya (sispri), Ayu (UM), Kotori (DC), Kaoruko (2koi), Eri (sukuran)... heck I even forgot the other animes...

    I ain't too adept at watching English dubs of anime at all, yup maybe that's the reason.
  • i say we brun those witches! err.. i mean idiots!
  • DKLDKL PExer
    bluemist wrote:
    I can understand... but really it's the preference.

    In the same way you don't get bored of recycled English voices, I don't get tired of Japanese recycled voices. For example, in SO many anime I hear Yui Horie's voice, Naru (LH), Tohru (furuba), Sakuya (sispri), Ayu (UM), Kotori (DC), Kaoruko (2koi), Eri (sukuran)... heck I even forgot the other animes...

    I ain't too adept at watching English dubs of anime at all, yup maybe that's the reason.
    Well, yeah, anyway, there's just SO much possibility in the world, we should just grab it

    it's better to have two voiceovers *like animax does* than just one if you ask me

    but on animax, I really started becoming a fan of the DUBS when I heard... well, he doesn't have a name, but let's call him HARLOCK'S VOICE *this is what me and my friend call him*

    the guy is totally awesome, he also did:

    -Harlock from The Endless Oddesey *This is the very reason I became an animax dub fan, I was sort of disappointed when they didn't do the dub for HARLOCK SAGA, Harlock sounded wimpy there... I might get it when I go to the states though*

    -Batou from Ghost in the Shell *completely better than Michael Epcard *sp?*... assuming he didn't improve from the movie*

    In GITS:SAC, he also did THE LAUGHING MAN *who... well, I had comprehensive GITS notes on another board, but they are gone now... but anyway, let's just call him that*

    he ALSO did SAITO *the sniper guy with the one cyborg eye and arm*

    I'm THIS sure not many people would know that

    -Ohnishi from Texhnolyze *while the dub did suck, he did a bang up job as one of Organo's strongest leaders*

    -FOLKEN from Escaflowne *which is the best animax dub right now, along with Midori no Hibi*

    I have to mention that his FOLKEN will demolish anyone's ***

    -A bunch of voices from Midori no Hibi *he was that OTAKU guy, the teacher that was pissed off at Seiji, a bunch of those punk *** voices and then some*

    ... he made his DEBUT in LITTLE WOMEN if I'm not mistaken, but most of the time he played LORRY *is that how it's spelled? anyway, he was that rich kid from next door with a grandpa*

    but now that I've listen to a lot of stuff, anime does work in English in general... I am very fond of PARANOIA AGENT *which is BRILLIANT* in English... I haven't listened to it in Japanese yet though, but right now it is considerably very good

    *reply to above*

    I'm with ya' bro! *I don't know if this is sarcasm or not, but I'll play along to be safe... hahahahaha*
  • Alright, break it up, you guys. ANIMAX offers both the original with subtitle and dubbed (like us in EAGLE VISION, Ilocos Sur). And AXN quit the anime business, with their final offering, NieA Under Seven.
  • Alright, break it up, you guys. ANIMAX offers both the original with subtitle and dubbed (like us in EAGLE VISION, Ilocos Sur). And AXN quit the anime business, with their final offering, NieA Under Seven.
    Inggit ako!
  • DKLDKL PExer

    yeah, that's the stuff... so tell us how it works!
  • DKL wrote:

    yeah, that's the stuff... so tell us how it works!

    I'll try.

    The ANIMAX signal, as with any other satellite station supporting bilingual audio (like AXN and STAR Sports, since STAR Sports caters to Mandarin and English-speaking viewers), has one video subcarrier and two audio subcarriers--the English and original dubbing, plus the subtitle signal (English, Chinese, Mandarin, Indonesian, Kanji Japanese, Thai, depende sa settings; walang Tagalog :depressed: ). It's up to the cable operator to activate these--these settings can be done on the decoder box, the one converting satellite signals for distribution over the CATV network. One proof: napansin ko nung medyo magulo yung ANIMAX signal at tyempong Gokusen: I could hear the Japanese audio subcarrier coming in for brief periods. In short, you can ask your cable operator to set their decoder box to have the Japanese audio subcarrier plus the subtitle, kasi minsan kahit na merong Japanese audio subcarrier, di naman nakaturn-on yung closed captioning. Pag DREAM, mahirap ata un pero posible.

    Sometimes, cable channels get screwed (as in, Mandarin yung audio kung minsan or walang subtitling) because the cable operators overlook these settings. Yung philosophy nila, basta natatanggap, OK na. Kainis sila kung minsan.
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