is the media controlled by someone?

media men are one the most credible personalities in the Phils. but are they really on our (people's) side? or are they really on the bidding of influential people who takes advantage of the majority's gulliability.
***usapang laseng lang :splat:


  • gohattogohatto ephebo PExer
    you've watched Tomorrow Never Dies too much.
  • crazy legscrazy legs Member ✭✭✭
    Syempre kung sino ang boss nila dun sila kampi.
  • spindoctorspindoctor pelvic splachnic ganglion PExer
    The media is not controlled by someone, but a group of "someones". They are called the elite.
  • joe_higashijoe_higashi C-fundaMetalist PExer
    well i say: the Truth is controlled by the media, including marketers and advertisers. :glee:
  • gadƒlygadƒly Member PExer
    media=lucrative business
  • Lucca YamazakiLucca Yamazaki die boy abunda die! PExer
    the media is our government... it's like the mafia, man! ever wondered why they're too obsessed with that whole "kapamilya" thingy? ooh, and I'm not to turn this into a "religion" thread, but I'm not comfortable with the fact that they get their new talents using a show that has a "star" and/or a "circle" in the title...

    that's it, the Lopezes have finally taken revenge after all those years of Martial Law...

    crap! I bet their agents are gonna put a bullet in my head now...
  • trueplayertrueplayer h a p p y PExer
    gohatto wrote:
    you've watched Tomorrow Never Dies too much.

    dude, i havent even seen that movie...
  • mastercatmastercat marsh peg PExer
    the "news" goes to the highest bidder.

    I don't know about tv, but I know for sure that the papers are not to be trusted.
  • blehbleh blahbitty blah PExer
    if you watch MGB long enough, you'd pick up some things like they'd show an episode about a ghost project that puts a politician in the hot seat then a few weeks later, they air another side of the story which sort of vindicates the politician in the name of "balanced reporting". but what is the truth then? stuff like that.

    a good example would be what happened to Finkelstein after exposing the Joan Peters hoax. read about it here:
  • freakster2k1freakster2k1 Member ✭✭✭
    the media favours no one; while media publications tend to have a political inclination-- depending on the values of the publisher.
  • Alt+Ctrl+DelAlt+Ctrl+Del Member ✭✭
  • gohattogohatto ephebo PExer
    trueplayer wrote:
    dude, i havent even seen that movie...

    watch it, it's a James Bond movie, Pierce Brosnan na sya.

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