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What Are The Best Anime Moments Ever

Siguro naman may mga moments sa anime na napanood ninyo na nagpaiyak
sa inyo, ang gumulo sa inyong isipan, at nagpasakit sa inyong damdamin, o kaya naman ay nagpatawa sa inyo nang napakalakas... ito ang sa akin!!!

a. Death of SANDAIME HOKAGE - NARUTO - I never thought that he will die... I thought that Jiraiya will come to help him
b. Death of the detective in FULL METAL ALCHEMIST - what the hell? Unexpected.
c. Death of the little girl in FULL METAL ALCHEMIST - again, what the hell?
why the little girl? Curse his father!
d. Death of Master of Eugene in YuYu- Hakusho - talaga dito, hindi matigil ako sa kakaisip, akala ko mananalo siya laban kay Taguro.

What are yours?


  • spoilers- that part when the bird was trying to save ninjai in chapter 10, when ninjai killed that weird animal rat killer in 12, and when the bird shat on takagawa
  • spoilery tong thread na to!

    - death of hughes in full metal alchemist episode 25
    - the hatori x kana story at episode 8 (i think) of fruits basket
    - the momiji backstory at either episode 15 or 16 of fruits basket
    - the swing scene between sakura and syaoran (ccs episode 69)
    - the last episode of ccs (episode 70)
    - the syaoran x sakura scene at the end of the ccs movie 2
    - cowboy bebop episode 5 nung nalaglag si spike from the cathedral while the song green bird was playing in the background
  • Spoilers warning!

    Marami sa Ranma at Gensomaden Saiyuki:

    - Ranma, with Akane in his arms, destroys the source of the water that makes anything/anybody a man in Ranma 1/2: Nihao My Concubine.
    - Ranma's first declaration of Akane being his fiancee against the Skating Pair...and when he put up his body to prevent Akane from hitting the wall.
    - Ranma's punch for Shinnosuke blocked by Akane in "An Akane To Remember"
    - Akane holding Ranma's hand at the end of the same OAV.
    - Ranma reaches for Akane's shoulder in the "Tendo Christmas Special" OAV.
    - Ranma's present for Akane in a TV episode.

    Gensomaden Saiyuki:
    - The four sisters die with Goku crying in the end (Season 1 ep)
    - Homura dies with a smile (Season 2)
    - Homura and the 4 pass each other in heaven (Season 1 ep)
    - The twin brother commits suicide (Season 2 ep)
    - Hakkai's girlfriend kills herself (Season 1 ep)
    - "Will you be the sun to that boy?" (Season 2)
    - Sanzo kills his former friend possesed by an incantation (Season 1)

    - Eugene returns home and was embraced by Keiko/Jenny (Yu-Yu Hakusho ending)
    - The fab four meets for a final confrontation with Yakumo (Yu-Yu movie 2)
    - Kenshee beats his master. Hiko's words struck me! (Ruroni Kenshin)
    - The New Year separation (Boys Be)
    - Daimos and Richard gets battered by security guns (Daimos final episodes)
  • BattosaiBattosai PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    The team-up of Yaiba and Takeshi againt Princess Moon.


    The duel of Kenshin & Shishio.

    And this:
    The completion of Kenshin's training.
  • OO NGA SPOILERS!!! hehehe... ok lang sa ating mga nakapanood na... wag niyo na lang masyadong i-detalye... puwede kaya iyon?

    MAs maraming mga unforgettable moments sa NARUTO - FULL METAL ALCHEMIST AT GUNDAM SEED
  • Well, sakin naman eh:

    -Son Gohan becomes super saiyajin 2 in DBZ
    -Alfred's death causing Eugene's awakening in Yuyu hakusho
    -Wing Zero shooting down a piece of libra falling to earth in Gundam W
    -Kenshin's master stopping Fuji's attack directed at Yahiko with that music that I dont know what it's called in Rurouni Kenshin
  • forgot to mention:
    - kyou and tohru dialogue at the kyou transformation on the last episode of fruits basket
    - van and hitomi under the tree of hearts in escaflownethe movie.

    i <3 seki's voice during those times. it's sooo... heart wrenching. and that's one of the reasons why i <3 him.
  • Evangelion po ba o Escaflowne medyo po kasi nalilito ako e.
  • BattosaiBattosai PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    -Kenshin's master stopping Fuji's attack directed at Yahiko with that music that I dont know what it's called in Rurouni Kenshin

    Well, kung yung mabagal na music (just before Fuji's strike), it was Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu ~Amakakeru ryu no Hirameki~ A Theme of Hiko Seijuro. Kung yung astigin ang dating (the one where Hiko fights), it was Warriors Suite, both composed by the great Asakura Noriyuki. :jap:

  • narasaki04 wrote:
    Evangelion po ba o Escaflowne medyo po kasi nalilito ako e.
    hahahahaha. salamat for pointing out. changed na po. escaflowne po dapat. me nabasa kasi akong evangelion so yun yung nagstick sa mind ko. wahehehe.
  • BattosaiBattosai PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^ Romantic ka pala. :D

  • puro spoilers... read at your own risk

    yaiba - princess moon's death (the music here is killer)

    space battleship yamato movie 2- kodai's and yamato's final kamikaze run (kung mahilig kayo sa hero ending THIS is the ultimate one)

    honneamise - shiro's launch (ganda ng effect nung tumigil yung giyera at nakatingala lahat)

    nausicaa - nausicaa revived and the children relating to grandma what they see. (killer talaga tong scene nato, lalo pagpasok nung music)

    gunbuster - madami... gunbuster's first launch, kazumi going back to hospital to see coach still alive, at syempre... gunbuster's return 12,000 years later (with matching welcome and the film going from black and white to colored)

    giant robo - madami... taiso's death, ginrei's ultra teleport, emmanuel's speech, the attack on ryusenpaku at and pinaka astig sa lahat: "giant robo! annihilate them once and for all!"

    gundam - dami... amuro kills soldier in front of his mom, amuro kills lalah, amuro's flight from the burning a ba o aku to the survivors of the white base (brilliant ending, the music in the movie version was better than the series)

    galaxy express 999- madami... but nothing beats the entrance of captain harlock in his attack of planet maetel (music was incredible)

    g-gundam - everytime domon uses shining/burning finger

    slam dunk - the loss to kainan

    wild striker - kyosuke entering the pitch as the no 9 for ajax amsterdam

    escaflowne - hitomi runs on the track to van in the dragon mode escaflowne (music here is incredible)

    gundam 0080 - al and bernie fix the zaku, al witnesses bernie and christina's duel, bernie's final words to al

    five star stories - "lachesis... come to me" and of course the rise of the knight of gold

    please save my earth - shion reminds shukaido of his past, rin coming back to himself

    macross - death of roy, skull squadron's last space battle, breetai joins the fight, capt global and crew's final sortie

    nadia secret of blue water - crew getting killed in the nuclear reactor, rise of new nautilus, death of jean, capt nemo's sacrifice, dami pa

    mimi wo sumaseba - seiji asks shizuku to marry him

    z gundam - death of camille's mom, four's death, emma's death, (puro kamatayan a)... camille squashing scirocco into a pulp while scirocco turns camille into a vegetable... dami pa

    isip pa ko....
  • Oh yeah....Slam Dunk

    - Sakuragi's dunk over 2 Shoyo players (offensive foul)
    - Sakuragi gets the rebound over Akagi and "Boss Monkey"
    - Sendoh fishing :D
  • Rorounin Kenshin: kenshin bids goodbye to kaoru with matching fireflies, shishio battle

    GTO: onizuka getting a perfect score at the exams

    Slam Dunk: mitsui's 3 pointers vs. shoyo, everytime sakuragi dunks

    Yuyu Hakusho: hiei's body covered with eyes and summoning 3 black dragons simultaneously (movie)

    Naruto: 1st summoning of gamabunta, summoning of tadpoles

    Initial d: takumi closing his car lights and overtaking the red cappuccino

    Hajime no Ippo: Ippo vs. Sendoh (2nd fight)

    Love Hina: public announcement of naru's love (xmas special)

    Thunderjet: Final battle with the 2 moons/planets closing to each other

    BT X: final battle with all of the 4 guardian bt's
  • Oo nga, iyong BTX... favorite ko talaga ang episode na iyon...

    at iyong escaflowne- bakit ba favorite theme nila ang magkaaway na kapatid...

  • Well for me the best anime moment is in Love Hina when Keitaro tries to propose to Narusegawa during the Christmas Special.. it was really a tearjerker because Keitaro endured all the odds just to tell Naru how much she love her and it happened actually that night. It was the best episode of Love Hina for me too.
  • BattosaiBattosai PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    One more thing, the Kamiya dojo fight of Kenshin (in Battosai mode) and Saitoh Hajime. Mas astig to kaysa yung fight nila ni Shishio. They were at the point of killing each other, and to think na hindi pa complete ang training ni Kenshin! Kewl!


  • the ending of full moon sagashite.
    i was surprised but happy about that ending. i never expected that!
  • ShinobiShinobi PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    meron isang episode ng chobits kung saan niyakap ni chii si hideki ng seryoso.

    nanlambot puso ko nung nakita ko yun, aaaaaw, sniff :blush2:
  • kenna wrote:
    the ending of full moon sagashite.
    i was surprised but happy about that ending. i never expected that!
    I have to second this!

    Full Moon wo Sagashite's ending is one of the best I have seen! It's so complete (a rarity in anime endings), and so emotional!
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