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17 dead—including Robot, Global—as prison siege ends in Bagong Diwa

Police retake prison camp; 17 inmates killed

SEVENTEEN inmates including three Abu Sayyaf leaders were killed on Tuesday after police regained control of a prison building in Camp Bagong Diwa, Taguig City, which the bandits seized on Monday.

Interior Secretary Angelo Reyes identified the casualties as commanders "Robot," "Global," and "Kosovo."

"Robot" is an alias for Ghalib Andang while "Kosovo" is the name used by Alhamzar Limbong. "Global" is the alias used by Nadzie Sabtula.


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    Special forces use tear gas, overwhelming rifle fire to re-take jail
    03/15 11:40:03 AM

    MANILA (AFP) - Special forces police firing assault rifles and tear gas stormed a maximum security prison in the Philippines capital on Tuesday ending a bloody 24-hour uprising by Al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf inmates.

    Two top leaders of the group were killed when hundreds of armed police stormed the four-storey building on the outskirts of Manila shortly after 9:00 am (0100 GMT), pouring automatic rifle fire into the cells as teargas wafted over the compound, police said.

    Police named the fatalities as Galib Andang alias Commander Robot and Alhamser Limbong, alias Commander Kosovo, believed to be the ringleader of the revolt.

    The assault was shown live on local television.

    Prisoners on the upper floors could be seen running for cover as tear gas enveloped the Camp Bagong Diwa compound, located inside a police barracks in southeastern Manila.

    In what appeared to have been a well-coordinated attack, police retook the building, one floor at a time, in an operation that lasted nearly an hour.

    "We have cleared the four floors of the Special Intensive Care Area where the Abu Sayyaf members were holed up," Manila police spokesman Agerino Cruz said on DZBB private radio about 40 minutes after the police assault was launched.

    A police spokesman said two top leaders of the group named as Galib Andang and Alhamser Limbong, believed to be the ringleader of the revolt, were killed in the operation, while two guards were slightly wounded.

    Ambulances were later brought into the compound to take the casualties away, with Manila police chief Avelino Razon saying prisoner casualties appeared to have been "minimized."

    Some 471 prisoners were in the building, nearly a third of them alleged members of the Abu Sayyaf, a group described by the US government as a "foreign terrorist organization."

    A fire truck was used to spray the building down to try and disperse the teargas.

    On Monday a small group of Abu Sayyaf prisoners seized the second floor of the building, killing three prison guards to support calls for better prison conditions and speedier trials.

    But the government said the revolt was part of a failed escape attempt which say two Abu Sayyaf inmates killed.

    Just before the attack, government negotiator Parouk Hussin announced that talks with the Abu Sayyaf had broken down, explaining that "a military operation is the next option."

    He said in a television interview the government would take steps to spare those inmates who are not part of the uprising.

    At least 10 Abu Sayyaf detainees overpowered their guards during a routine headcount Monday and took control of the second floor in the four-storey building.

    Among the prisoners were 129 Abu Sayyaf suspects and 10 members of the separatist Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

    Police said three guards and two Abu Sayyaf inmates were killed in the revolt.

    The 24-hour standoff had been seen by some observers as a propaganda victory for the Abu Sayyaf, blamed for the worst militant attacks in the Philippines.

    President Gloria Arroyo, a key supporter of US President George W. Bush's global war on terrorism, has previously stressed she would never negotiate with the group.

    State prosecutor Leo Dacera said authorities had intercepted a phone conversation between Limbong, one of those killed in the operation, and Abu Sayyaf leader Jainal Sali, who remains at large.

    Limbong had "requested that eight safehouses be prepared".

    The jail holds many of the top Abu Sayyaf leaders, including suspects in the 2000 bombing of a Manila overhead rail system that killed more than 20.

    Abu Sayyaf were also blamed for bombing a Manila ferry last year that left more than 100 people dead, Bataoil said.

    Dacera said the gunmen were believed to be led by Limbong and Tahir Abdul Gafar, both on trial for kidnapping a group of tourists including three Americans in the western Philippines in 2001.

    Several of the captives, including two Americans, were killed.

    Limbong is also a suspect in the Manila ferry bombing. Among the prison's other Abu Sayyaf inmates are senior leaders Andang -- one of those confirmed killed -- and Najdmi Sabdula.

    Both are defendants in the kidnappings of 21 Western tourists and staff from the Malaysian island resort of Sipadan in 2000. The group was ransomed off for "several million dollars".

    About 11 months ago eight escapees were killed after at least 53 prisoners, including about 20 Abu Sayyaf suspects, broke out of jail on the Abu Sayyaf stronghold of Basilan island in the south.
  • scorpion_bullscorpion_bull clean & sober PExer
    i'm sad for the families of the jail guards who died, but i'm happy that it was all over and didn't get worse than i thought. actually, it ended quite better than what i have expected (forgive my morbidity and fatalistic tendencies). but really, it was handled quite well, how every possible, reasonable, legal and humane means were first exhausted before resorting to the most drastic of measures.
  • PorkChop :o)PorkChop :o) Member ✭✭✭
    hope that our intelligence we do there part and sharpen their arsenals for i fear that this might trigger a counterattack. sana huwag mangyari... gods forbid!
  • What had to be done was done.It was handled very well once the situation became known but intelligence had warned of the potential for a revolt a week before.

    My sympathy to the prison guards families who made the ultimate sacrifice.
  • LuciusLucius Member PExer
    Good job, rescue your leaders and kill them in the process! Praise Allah? No, this one is simply too Pinoy to be blamed on anything else.

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