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saan na nagwowork ang mga ateneo graduates ngayon? hindi ba kayo nahirapan maghanap ng work after graduation?


  • Ice BurnIce Burn PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I graduated last March and now I am currently working for a Project by Ateneo and SEAMEO Innotech. It's not hard to get a job especially if you constantly keep in touch with your home department. Jobs are plentiful as long as you know where to look, the right connections and a whole lot of guts. :D

    Anyway, after the 2nd week of June, I'm all done with my work and I'm hoping to find some opening at SEAMEO Innotech. Siguro I'll bum around muna... lol.gif
  • I'm working for PinoyExchange's mother company. It's a wonderful life.
  • Graduated this march, still looking for a job. have some offers, but some did not push through.

    ADVICE: Ask for you salary and contract before devoting time to you job!
  • CalaCala PExer
    i'm working for myself! what a sweet job! :)

    i didn't have a hard time looking for work after grad... bummed first, then applied, then was employed for 7 months before resigning.
  • Graduated in March 1999. I took the route less taken by my fellow blockmates in my Course and I know work for the Government. If you really want a job, you have to really look for it and push yourself to get it I suppose.
  • Moving to the US to study.

    There is an egroups for Ateneo Grads. If you are interested, post here, we will see how to get people in.

    May Angels smile upon you,
  • nowlnowl PExer
    Being an Ateneo grad wasn't necessarily a passport to the perfect job, f'course. It surely was an asset for me to a certain extent, I guess... but I did not use my diploma as a "crutch" to get where I am right now. The real clincher is who I was and what was I really capable of, I think. 'Coz if ever I'll miss a deadline or screw up a report- they won't give a rat's *****$ even if I was from Harvard. Anyway, I started work for this multinational right after graduation and I've been with them ever since.
  • zimdudezimdude PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I graduated with a BS CS degree in October '95, but I co-founded our company in March of that year.
  • I'm holding a modest position in a travel agency here in Chicago. Ayoko sabihin ang batch ko dahil ang babata niyo pa.To give you an idea naabutan ko doon noon HS: Fr.Holscher(Director for Sports),Mr. Parma(Discipline),and of course Fr. Ampil. Noon GS naman Fr.Samson,the legendary Mr. Marasigan etal.. lol.gif

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