DLSU or DLSU-CSB?? whats the diff.???

allieallie out of love..... PExer
ano ba pinag kaiba ng dalawa??? ano ba impression ng tao kung taga benilde ka or taga main???


  • lorenzolorenzo Member PExer
    Hi Allie...

    Firstly, to be able to fully understand and comprehend the DIFFERENCE between DLSU-Manila and DLSU-College of Saint Benilde you have to know the De La Salle University System which is currently composed of the ff:

    1. DLSU-Manila
    2. DLSU-Health Sciences Campus(Dasmarinas, Cavite)
    3. DLSU-College of Saint Benilde
    4. DLSU-Dasmarinas(Dasmarinas, Cavite)
    5. DLS-Zobel

    All the above five De La Salle institutions comprise the DLSU System which is under ONE(1) President - Brother Rolando Dizon FSC, PhD and under one(1) Central De La Salle U Board of Trustees.

    Each of the five(5) member institutions in the DLSU System has a UNIQUE function and AREA OF SPECIALIZATION/EXPERTISE as per their approved charters as approved by the central De La Salle Board of Trustees.

    For instance, De La Salle Zobel in its Ayala Alabang Campus only offers PRE-SCHOOL, GRADE SCHOOL & HIGH SCHOOL.

    The DLSU-Medical Sciences Campus in Dasmarinas, Cavite ONLY offers Medical related courses like MEDICINE & PHYSICAL THERAPY. In this Dasmarinas Campus is also where the state-of-the-art De La Salle University Medical Center & its Medical Research Center is located.

    Thus while DLSU-Manila offers the TRADITIONAL Math & Science-oriented courses (from Bachelor to PhD levels) like Commerce/Business/Management, Engineering, Computer Science, Accounting, Mathematics, the Sciences, LIACOM, AB, EDUCATION, MBA, Communication Arts, Pre-Med(Human Biology), etc., the DLSU-College of Saint Benilde on the otherhand is mandated by its charter to offer ONLY UNIQUE, INNOVATIVE and ARTS related College Courses like Multi-Media Arts, Theater Arts & Design, Hotel & Restaurant Mgt, Culinary Arts, a School of the Deaf, Jewelry Design, Ballet, Portrait Painting, etc.

    The present Secretary of Education Brother Andrew Gonzalez FSC, PhD who was then the DLSU System President conceptualized the unique role of DLSU-CSB within the DLSU System when it was established in 1989.

    Thus, there is NO DUPLICATION of the College Courses offered in DLSU-Manila and DLSU-CSB.

    DLSU-CSB can be likened to UP's UP-Asian Institute of Tourism, College of Fine Arts and College of Music.

    Check out DLSU-CSB's brand new 12-storey Hotel-cum-training facility on Estrada St. corner Arellano St. for its Hotel & Restaurant Mgt and Culinary Arts courses - it's ultra-modern & fantastic. The best such facility in the Philippines.

    Also the main reason why DLSU-CSB's nick in the NCAA is the "BLAZERS" is due to its TRAILBLAZING charter under the DLSU System.

    The DLSU-College of Saint Benilde is EXCELLENT in the trailblazing courses it SPECIALIZES in.

    In the future if say De La Salle U finally agrees to acquire the Gregorio Araneta University Foundation (GAUF)then it too will be a part of the DLSU System and its field of specialization/expertise would be AGRICULTURE.

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  • bashobasho beta-plus baby! PExer
    In terms of academics, Benilde is the innovation center of the De La Salle University system and La Salle main is the traditional center offering traditional courses like engineering. Benilde's courses include Multimedia Arts and Theater Arts.

    In terms of geography, Benilde is the cool-looking building in front of McDonald's Taft. Benilde also has an extention building at the Angelo King International Center near St. Scholastica. La Salle is the old-looking campus next to McDonald's Taft. It's small but comfortable :)

    In terms of people, whether they come from La Salle main or La Salle Benilde, they're still Lasallians, no matter what.

    Peace to our bros across the street! :)
  • ailaallyailaally Member PExer

    malayo naman ang dlsu sa csb no!

    wat a question!!!
  • topnotch97topnotch97 Marley Brinx says hi PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    wala! ayaw lang papasukin sa main kung id mo ay csb, and vice versa

    eh parehong la salle yon
  • duduttdudutt Member PExer

    That is NOT true. All students of DLSU-CSB with proper official student IDs can ENTER the DLSU-Manila campus and use the Main De La Salle University Manila Library.

    The same goes with students of the other De La Salle institutions within the DLSU System.

  • MAXMAX Member PExer
    VERY NICE ANSWER, LORENZO! you explained it very well! =)

    but as for the people in the two schools, i think it's quite the same but not that alike. as i have observed, people in DLSU-M are more serious people. Serious in terms of their studies, but i'm not saying they're up-tight, they mean business. as for those in DLSU-CSB, they aren't that motivated to studying, maybe a little more loose. some say it's because most of the ppl studying there are rich kids and so they're just there to hang-out, etc. but i don't know about that... smokin.gif
  • allieallie out of love..... PExer
    i agree with max...
    well sad to say transfer lang ako from main to csb... well wag na lang tanungin kung bakit...
    nakakainis lang kasi the people inside DLSU-CSB seminar us that both school only differ in names, facilities and others.. but academaically speaking.. same daw... then i asked them.. bakit ndi ma credit yung ibang subjects sa csb?? to think DLSU main, mas mahirap ang teaching not like CSB na medyo kahit ndi ka mag aral basta pumasok pasado na... Hey ndi ko inaapi school ko.. ndi ko lang ma gets why they dont credit subjects na same naman ang contents... weird.....
  • MAXMAX Member PExer
    oo nga noh? dats kinda weird. maybe you assume that both subjects have same contents but nde pala...i don't know what their problem is...medyo malabo nga...or maybe pineperahan ka lang...hahaha...that would be a good theory! smokin.gif
  • allieallie out of love..... PExer
    siguro nga max ehehe..
    well i argue with them na nga eh....
    as in sobrang galit ko y ndi ma credit to the fact na i've taken up 9 units of that same subject tapos sa benilde its 3 units lang kung baga lugi na nga ako mag pa credit dahil 9 sa akin 3 lang sa kanila... but they didnt get it... its their policy daw... eh sabi ko in the first place sana ndi na lang nila kami ni mislead na same school sila geeshhh
  • GilbeyGilbey Registered User PExer

    iba ang csb.... iba ang reputasyon nito sa panahon ko.. ewan ko kung nabago na... basta dati sabi ang csb ay para sa mga conotic - iskul bukol... iyong mga dating tisoy tisay... naroon na... csb daw ay college ng saksakan ng ****
  • allieallie out of love..... PExer
    :( :( oh I'm hurt Gilbey.... pero thats the truth eh... dati talga ganun ang tingin nila.. mga porma lang daw ang mga alam... alang laman ang ulo... but sabi nila ( the prof and stuff) dami na daw nabago... geesh I know know if they want to cnvince themselves.. eheheh sama...
    pero since Im a Benildean na ... ndi naman lahat ng student ganun.. *ehem* *ehem* heheh may iba talaga they make the most out of being there, like nag strive hard for deans list, joining clubs and active member pa... Siguro, in my case im a transferee e, siguro we want to prove them na may laman naman kami noh... kaya most but not all transferees are Deans Listers ( in my own opinion ah) kasi they want to let their friends from the other side of the road na being there doesnt make a person less intelligent :) :)
  • thgiwdthgiwd Member PExer
    /me clap clap allie =) aba naglabas ng sama ng loob =) .. im from csb.. well iba talaga dlsu-M from dlsu-csb.. csb mas loose mga tao.. sa main lahat serious.. tsaka in terms of academics di hamak na mas mahirap sa main.. sa csb mag-aral ka lang ng mabuti makaka-dean's list ka na.. sa main mahirap daw.. well aminin ko man o hindi may mga people talaga sa csb na walang laman utak.. nanggaling ako dun alam ko yun =) pero sa courses na offer ng csb iba talaga sa main.. weird mga course namin eh haha jk.. diba allie?
  • snocsnoc Member PExer
    I heard that dlsu-csb is trying to reconstruct its image through different policies including admissions, grades and other stuffs..I think that people should know that the two institutions cater different courses and they have their own fields of specialization.
  • allieallie out of love..... PExer
    abaaaaa... thgiwd.. hirap naman tong nick mo!

    ndi kasi unfair d ba??? oo nga tama si snoc, they offer different courses.. pero ang akin...tutal they carry the same name... (may csb nga lang yung isa) and and csb parang dumidikit sa dlsu main, para sumikat or something... i mean.. kung ndi sa dlsu main .. alang csb d ba?? ay ewan.. basta akin... dapat ma credit yung subject ko oh well sama lang siguro loob ko dahil kasi ayaw ma credit i have to stay longer in school hay.. d sana in the first place ndi na ako sa csb sa ibang school na same lang.. ndi pa mahal eheheh waaah
    sowee sama loob ko eh :( :(
  • thgiwdthgiwd Member PExer
    haha.. edi lipat ka nalang uli haha
  • allieallie out of love..... PExer
    ay tinamaan naman ako dun....
    oh well u have a point... tama ka nasa student yun....
    oh well doesnt change the fact na ndi na credit yung subjects taken up sa dlsu eheheh oks lang ano pa ba magagawa ko d ba?
  • supreme goddesssupreme goddess Don't Mess with Me PExer
    okay..whoever said that csb is riding on the reputation of the main campus..please bear in mind that u are saying this about the school that is the main cash cow of the dlsu system..no one will verify this fact or put it in writing but any lasallite who has any common sense knows this fact..
    ive studied in both the main campus and in csb..both schools are good..they have different specializations..csb is relatively new..so its reputation is still paiba-iba..maganda sa csb, ang student hindi basta part of a statistic..after a term or two, kilala mo na lahat ng tao
    the problem with csb is apathetic ang mga benildeans..i guess the students are still stuck on the notion na tapunan ng bobo at bagsak..pero nagbago na policies on admissions ng benilde..
    i hope all the benilde students learn to be proud of csb..the school has no way to go but up!!!!
  • khakiskrtkhakiskrt wanna be wakeboarder PExer
    I totally agree with supreme goddess :) Benildeans should be proud of CSB. Come on, people, school ninyo to! :) Those people who are saying na CSB is tapunan ng mga bagsak, they don't know about the 7 multi intelligence. Maybe they need to ask themselves again if they're as smart as they really think they are... hindi pala nila alam ang 7 multi intelligence tapos sinasabi nila na mga matatalino sila. Don't get me wrong kung sino man ang mga natatamaan, I'm not saying na we're better than anyone else. I'm just saying that we're good in other things other than academics. I can prove this because I am a dean's lister in CSB, I am also in Student Council, and I am an active member of the pep squad. Now tell me, yan ba ang tinatawag ninyong bobo? ... besides, iba ang mga courses sa CSB, wala namang HRIM (Hotel,Restaurant,& Institutional Management) sa DLSU, that's my course , CSB offers it, and naturally, that's why I am here. Anyway, who cares if you're from DLSU or CSB? As long as we're not hurting anyone di ba? Teka nga muna, who and what started all this trash talk between the two schools anyway? You know what? I don't really care. Hay naku... basta...BENILDEANS... be proud of your school :)

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  • SyLvEsTeRSyLvEsTeR Member PExer
    Originally posted by ailaally:

    malayo naman ang dlsu sa csb no!

    wat a question!!!

    Lapit lang... sa tapat lang ng DLSU yung CSB eh...
    lol.gif silly.gif
  • topnotch97topnotch97 Marley Brinx says hi PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    yung ID
    aba one time akong pumasok sa CSB...biruin mo sinurrender ko ang ID ko, tapos visitor's pass ang ibinigay sa akin lol.gif

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