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[B] his and her circumstances [/B]

this anime is sobrang bagay sa lahat ng students out there.. nung napanood ko xa nung saturday kakakilig talaga.. watch it.. pramis mage-enjoy kayo..


Meet Miyazawa Yukino! With her perfect looks, brilliant mind, and athletic abilities, she appears to be the most mature of high school freshmen. But all is not as it seems. The glamorous, poised Yukino is nothing but a fake! All her life, Yukino has worked at polishing her image, seeking admiration and praise for her talents. Calling herself the “Queen of Vanity,” she wants nothing more than to appear perfect in the eyes of her teachers and peers.

That is, until she meets Arima Souichiro: the boy who beat Yukino’s score on the high school entrance exam and became class representative instead of her. Furious at this humiliation, Yukino vows to defeat Souichiro. However, the situation becomes more complex when Souichiro confesses his feelings of love towards Miyazawa!

Thinking only to protect her secret, Yukino rejects him. She works hard to achieve her revenge, and succeeds by scoring first on an important test. Her envisioned defeat of Souichiro doesn’t come. His generous reaction in losing makes her victory meaningless.

By sheer carelessness, Yukino’s true personality is discovered by Souichiro. Putting the information to good use, he blackmails Yukino to do his schoolwork for him. But things are compounded by the fact that feelings for Souichiro have begun to grow inside Yukino. Now what will she do?


His and Her Circumstances is, at its most basic level, a love story. It tells the story of Yukino and Souichiro, their progression from bitter enemies to a lovey-lovey couple.

However, His and Hers goes much deeper that. The characters in this show are not static; instead, they are constantly changing, discovering themselves again through their interactions with others. Take the main characters. Miyazawa Yukino, a vanity-obsessed show off, has spent all her life hiding her true personality. Then she meets Arima Souichiro, a boy who plays the life of a model student in order to please his adopted parents. These two individuals discover that they share similar secrets: that they are both hiding their true selves, albeit for different reasons. Through the time they spend together, Souichiro’s real self becomes more and more exposed, drawn out by the force of Miyazawa’s personality. Yet because of this self-metamorphosis, Souichiro must now discover who he really is, and decide if he can afford to let that person out.

Such questions are ones that everyone must ask. The fact that these characters go through real-life struggles, and not improbable situations, make them much more endearing to the viewer. His and Her Circumstances is very much about the discovery one one’s self.

One of the most appealing characteristics of the series is its unpredictability. Yukino’s emotions can range from depression to frantic panic in under a minute. Arima’s moods are mercurial too, though not to the same degree. It is impossible to tell what the characters are going to do next, but it merely adds to the charm of the show. Often, I was crying one minute and laughing the next. His and Her Circumstances is a wonderful mastery of drama and humor.

Technically, the thing that really makes this disk stand out is the variety in which the subtitle options are presented. The direct translation can be watched with a choice of English or Spanish subtitles. There is also the option to turn on sign translations, though only in English. However, these characteristics are nothing special. What really deserves praise is the way the onscreen text is handled.

His and Her Circumstances has an insane amount of onscreen text, which makes for a difficult subtitling job. However, Right Stuf rose to the task magnificently by creating subtitle tracks that match the placement and appearance of Japanese text to an impressive degree. This disk uses more subtitle fonts and colors than I have ever seen, and it is truly remarkable. That is, it would be truly remarkable if it worked properly.

I encountered this problem at the very beginning of episode one. The onscreen text (and the translation subtitles, if they are turned on) freezes while the dialogue continues. The error can be remedied by fast-forwarding ahead, or by turning the titles subtitle function off. However, I played the disk on three different DVD players, and the same error occurred each time. This problem also comes up in a couple of other spots throughout the disk, but it is not common, and only occurs when there is a large amount of onscreen text.

His and Her Circumstances in an enjoyable and strange journey into the realm of Shojo. Minor technical issues aside, the combination of comedy and drama make this series an easy one to recommend.






Guyz... nood kayo ha!! mage-enjoy talaga kayo!!!! dont forget every saturday after totally spies..


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