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Did your parents ever censor books you read?


Was talking to three very brilliant friends of mine. One is from Pisay and the other was a valedictorian at Assumption HS. One is a writer in NY for a soap. All are avid readers.

You know one thing they have in common? Parents (esp mothers) who did not let them read romance books/things they thought were trashy.

I was just interested in finding this out and wondering if its just mere coincidence.

What do you guys think?

i wonder if there's a correlation between children of parents who choose good books/who only let them read what they perceive to be good books becoming better readers? better students? better thinkers?

If you become parents, would you do the same for your kids? What kinds of books will you forbid your children to read?


  • nope, they let me read what i want to read. kasi even when i was a kid i bought by own books using my allowance. they never questioned my choices. of course i never bought books like mills and boon and the like. :) pero i had my share of romance novels.

    i don't think i will sensor my kids books if the time comes. if i do he/she might lose interest in reading...
  • Not really since they were happy that I was reading. There were times though when they questioned the books that I was reading (since I was reading fantasy at the time and they thought it was demonic or something) but that didn't stop me, and in the long run, I was able to rid them of their fallacies about fantasy books.
  • My parents never censored the books I read. I was free to read to read whatever I wanted (and the "questionable" Tagalog comics that I had I kept from their not-so-prying eyes... :D).

    In fairness, I believe reading a lot of English books or magazines, whether they be "trashy" romance novels or whatnot, would certainly help improve one's communication skills up to a certain extent. But I think parental guidance is a more effective method than censorship in molding young minds.

  • When I was 14, I wanted to Read Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire, She had a copy... she thought it was too graphic for her young, sweet and innocent son. I read it anyway and loved it.

    Tabloids are not allowed, and those cheap local comics with sex in it.

    She didnt want me to read the books she is reading. Oh and Playboy and Penthouse. Erotica.

    I think it was the year I started reading adult books she got concerned with me. She thought, I was naive.

    But she did allow me to read whatever I want when I reached 16. But I still kept my ***** in my secret hideaway. :diablo:
  • NO.. I'm the only one who actually reads books at home so my mom lets me read to my heart's content... I think my mom would not mind that I read Anne Rice's Beauty Trilogy.. well, I was 21 when I read it..

    As for my kids (if I ever have one), I guess it depends on their age.. I wouldn't let them read those romance novels (no offense meant to those who like it)
  • nope. books of everykind were just there on the shelves. my parents never tried to hide or keep certain books away from us kids. i guess they thought that if we could understand what we were reading, then we were mature enough to handle it.
  • badasschickbadasschick PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    My parents never censored what I read. They were just happy with the fact that I read. I have access to everything from trashy romance novels to Machiavelli's The Prince, from Archie comics to Orwell's 1984 (you get the idea :)). I think the only materials my parents didn't want me to read were trashy tabloids, gossip and men's magazines.

    i wonder if there's a correlation between children of parents who choose good books/who only let them read what they perceive to be good books becoming better readers? better students? better thinkers?

    It's just three cases, hon. No conclusion can be gathered from that, considering that there are billions of people in this world.
  • well when i was 12 yrs. old i started reading harry potter and my mom was kinda concerned because of the rumors na maypagka-cult daw and encourages black magic etc. and inexplain ko sa kanya na it's just fiction, i know what's true and what's not! and my dad said ok lang mashadong weird kasi ung nanay ko eh. but that was the only time,...im free to read anything i want, they trust my judgement and they don't really care that much and it's not like they can keep track of everything i read. just make sure na pag may binabasa akong hndi mashadong appropriate that they're not in sight hehehheh
  • Only once, when I was about 11 and I was eyeing this Stephen King book of my dad and he told me not to read it. I peeped anyway and I realized it was really for adults.

    But other than that, no they never censored what I read, especially since I'd buy books on my own. My dad would give his opinion and let me read the book if I liked it or not. I don't think there's any relation in having parents censor what their kids read because there really are other factors in making a person who he is. And hmmm no I don't think I'd censor books for my kids.

    Although I have to admit, reading "Forever" by Judy Blume in grade school is a bit... daunting.
  • not ever. i read and still read anything i want. i have a phd in chemistry myself, so the premise of the threadstarter did not apply to me. :)
  • My mom never did... but my aunt took away my Sweet Valley books once, when I was in Grade 4 I think. Nagsimula akong mamilosopo and she said that the Sweet Valley books were "corrupting my mind" and "destroying my Filipino values". The truth was, my mom always encouraged us to speak our minds even (especially) if we disagreed with her, and my aunt never understood that so she blamed the books I was reading at the time. :lol:
  • isn't it funny some parents censor books that they have never read?
  • No they never censored me. I don't think there's any relationship with reading a certain genre and not becoming a good writer or good anything.
  • queenkatiequeenkatie PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    no, they've been actually very supportive, to the extent of giving me some money before when i was still a student to buy whatever book i like to read.
  • A friend gave me a copy of "the delta of venus" by anais nin (compilation of erotic short stories with themes, classical ang tone) for my birthday...in high school. My mom saw it and she said: "is that an anais nin?" i said, "yeah"...hehe. natawa lang sya and said she has read it before.

    i also had some real trashy books around the house with pages marked for the juicy parts. nobody really cares about them.
  • My parents didn't care as long as I was reading worthwhile material. Sometimes they thought I read too much but didn't try to stop me. I think they were glad I could concentrate on something or so long and not get in trouble like my brothers.

    How funny-I read Anais Nin before. If my mother knew what was in it she would have prolly freaked. She was more worried about "The Great Gatsby" bec it had 2 ppl kissing on the cover.
  • uhm bale di ako pinabasa ng Sweet Valley High ng mga magulang ko kasi nakabasa ung nanay ko dati eh di raw bagay sakin un, baka raw anong matutunan ko pero ok lang sa kanila ng tatay ko ang Nancy Drew at Hardy Boys :lol: tsaka sa comics, kelangan ung Funny Comics at hindi ung comics na ang cover eh mga love team nyahaha kaya lang sa curiosity ko dati, nakalusot sa kanila ung iba hehe at the young age of 8, pinababasa na nila ako ng broadsheets eh kaya hanggang ngaun sobrang addict ako sa dyaryo hehe tapos they encouraged me to read dictionary, encyclopedias, atlas, history books, etc kaya nga mataas ang grades ko dati sa mga History subjects :bleh:

    tatay ko kasi teacher so nag-uuwi siya ng books from the school at gustong gusto kong basahin ang mga text books :up: kaya eto hanggang ngaun, grabe sobrang addict sa pagbabasa, kahit ano basta mababasa :glee:
  • woah! can't believe that some parents did not allow their children to read sweet valley. this series is a part of most teenage girls. good thing my parents did not ban me from reading it (except during exam period.. hehe..). my dad even bought me some SV books in order for me to complete my collection (unfortunately, i wasn't able to complete it). generally, i was allowed to read any books i want to read.
  • nope. my father was very liberal. my mother cried when she saw me reading indie comics about about angels having sex, however...
  • kikaykrasherkikaykrasher PEx Rookie ⭐
    Yeah, when I was 9/10, my parents and I fought over Sweet Valley books, particularly one called "Elizabeth's First Kiss". They thought that automatically meant I would go out and have sex. Uh huh.
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