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The Contender (on AXN)

Who watched this show?

I watched it last night out of curiosity. I honestly did not want to invest a lot of viewing time in another reality show, so I just thought to see the pilot and get it over with. Needless to say, I was hooked. It was too emotional. I was shaking in some parts because it was just too sad to listen to their stories, and sadder to see anybody go. All of them needed the money and/or needed the glory. Chuck it to athlete’s ego, I guess. But it was probably the only reality show where everyone deserved to be on it.

The show was very well put-together, and the fights were awesome. It was too exciting for me. I kept jumping up and down, and kept switching alliances. It was a very dramatic finish. Plus the show had heart. A huge beating heart. Only Mark Burnett knew how much drama there is in the life of an Everyman. Kudos to him.

It’s too early yet for me to root for someone, but owing to my sympathy for youth and inexperience, I seem to like Juan. :)


  • If you're in the US or Canada, don't be surprised when you find out this show gets cancelled. It got poor ratings on the premiere. Let's see if it improves next week.
  • I was pleasantly surprised with this show.. and now I'm hooked too :)
  • Wow, this is a great reality show.

    Ganda ng actual fight! may instant slow motion upon impact nung puch. It made me cringe a couple of times. They also show the the reactions of the boxers's families, the crowd, stallone & Sugar ray during the fight. It's like watching a cross between matrix and rocky :D

    I feel sorry for Manfredo Jr. , he's 21-0 , ranked no.3 in the world and was just crowned NABO (north amarican boxing org) champ tapos natalo ni ALfonso who's a never heard. Overconfident kasi.

    Everyone thought that ALfonso was foolish for challenging him.

    Ganda ng laban nila. It was really down to the wire. ALfonso won rounds 1, 3, 5 while Manfredo took rounds 2 and 4.

    The great thing about this reality show is that the fights are sanctioned and if you lose , it would reflect on your professional win-loss record.

    Now that's a REAL REALITY show.

    Sa Survivor, pag na eliminate ka, you just continue living your normal life in the real world.

    But in this case, Manfredo Jr.'s promising boxing career may be over. He no longer has an unbeaten record (21-1) and it may now take him much longer to get a shot at the world middleweight championship.
  • uhhmm.. doesn't Channel 2 have this same show in their new lineup? Ano kaya title nung sa kanila... "Ang Contentador"???.. :))
  • "kamao" sa abscbn.. with manny pacquiao, robin padilla and vina morales..
  • Surreal bout. a 21-0 guy losing CLEARLY to the most inexperienced guy on the other side?! tsk
  • i like the show. i dnt think it'll be cancelled. i'm already a fan.
    only 13 episodes.. it will be easy to follow.. my favorite - najai tarpin (RIP)..
  • shox920shox920 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    tanggal na si jonathan.......

    Ishe Smith.... natakot kay Ahmed.... pinagtutulakan na ng mga kakampi nya sa west..... buti pa si jesse... atapang atao
  • what are the rules in this "game"? who chooses to fight which fighter? clue me in guys. thanks!
  • No restrictions as to who fights. Basta the power to choose his opponent rests on the team that wins that day's challenge (think Survivor challenges). That's why usually, the fight announcements catch people by surprise.

    I liked the first episode's fight better. Medyo lopsided yung victory ni Jesse. But well-deserved nonetheless. I felt truly sorry for Jonathan Reid, though. And Ishe's getting on me nerves.

    I watched the pilot's replay and felt so sad when Manfredo said in the end, "Where do I go from here?" :(
  • Yeah me too! I was hooked up with this new reality show.
    Wow, it was very emotional at the same time heart-warming.
    I love the fights but as every reality show, one must go each episode.

    I'm not really a fan of boxing but this reality show made me think how boxers live their life. And to tell you, it's not easy. (adding to that, I've watched the movie, Million Dollar Baby, which is all about a woman who's very determine to be a great boxer someday. truely inspring)

    Peter Manfredo vs Alfonso Gomez - I want manfredo to win this but at the same time I also like Alfonso because he needs to prove something to everyone that he's not a nobody. I doesn't mean that if you're not popular, you're not good. Like what stallone said to the contenders, "The only difference you have to other boxers is that you have a shot/chance at this thing and the others don't, so grab this opportunity to prove yourself. Remember, this is for your family." (something like that). And the game was very emotional in every punch, the cheers of the audience, the reaction of their families and all. Whew, really heart-warming. Adding to that, I was tear-eyed when Manfredo's daughter was crying before his fight. Awwww.. And she gave his dad a warm hug and kiss before leaving the room.

    Jesse Brinkley vs Jonathan Reid - I was routing for Jesse just for Ishe Smith to shut his mouth. I hate Smith when he talks. Damn, just fight and prove to us that you're strong! On the other side, Jonathan Reid had a great fight. It just so happen that Jesse came back after the first round and gave great punches.

    I would definitely watch every episode of this series. :)
  • MJMJ PExer
    i got hooked too! :D ang ganda ng show na to!

    grabe yung laban ni jonathan at ni jesse.. mapapa-react ka talaga! good thing jesse won the fight! that showed ishe.. medyo may pagka-traydor tong isang to eh.. duwag naman.. too early to strategize dude! daming pang laban between east and west eh..
  • sana manalo naman east sa challenges
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Had no intentions of watching this show, but when I caught parts of the first episode, I was convinced that this will be one of the better reality shows. Again, kudos to Mark Burnett for coming up with another gem of a show. Survivor has lost some of its luster, and while I still think The Apprentice is probably the most educational reality show, its casting is probably the worst of all Burnett shows.

    I'm looking forward to watching The Contender, if only for Stallone and his Melanie Marquez-like quotes. In his opening remark, he said, "If you blow it, you blew it".

  • love the show, too. :)
  • Ishe said in the first epsiode na nakalaban na niya si Alfonso Gomez nung 3rd pro fight nya.

    He said that Alfonso taught him to never take anyone lightly.
    Pero di niya sinabi kung sino ang nanalo sa match nila.

    Natalo kaya siya?
  • Accidental din lang ang pagkakapanood ko nito, which is why I forgot its schedule :lol: Kelan nga ulit ito?

    Yeah, that Ishe is such a COWARD! Puro amba, takot naman lumaban. Traydor pa sa team nya. Dapat manalo sa challenge ang East next time para ilaban na sya kay...sino nga yung kaaway nya?

    Naiyak ako kay Jonathan Reid ha (as in, flowing tears :D). Lalo na nung nag-kiss na sa kanya yung mga anak nya. Tapos grabe yung support ng pregnant wife nya nung nakahiga na sya sa loob ng locker room. Naiiyak na naman ako.

    Waaah, I'm watching too much TV :glee:
  • Ishe Smith's Pro record:


    wala pa pala siiyang natalo. Ibig sabihin tinalo nya si Alfonso Gomez sa fight nila dati.
    He has sparred with the likes Sugar SHane, Oscar dela hoya and fernando vargas.
    Kaya naman pala mayabang e. may ibubuga pala :lol:


    I also read on the net na natalo ni Manfredo si Anthony Bonsante right before joining the contender. pero 12 round unanimous decision.
  • budiluvsbakbudiluvsbak PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Watched Episode 3 earlier on AXN. Ang challenge was a dodgeball fight. Again it was the West which won. Ishe apologized to his teammates for his actions last time out. Said he was struggling with some personal issues and stuff. Anyway, he said he wants to fight next. And I guess we all know who he chose as his opponent...That's right babyface himself, Ahmed.

    Ahmed was his usual confident/arrogant self leading up to the fight (in the audience were Mel Gibson and Mr. T). His eye-candy fiancee Brandy came to lend support. Ishe, on the other hand, looked calm and focused. His wife even prayed over him in the dressing room.

    This fight was a close one (though I'd still say Alfonso's bout vs. Peter's was better). Neither fighter seemed to have been in real danger of getting KO'd. Both were able to land big punches. But in the end, the judges were unanimous...ISHE WINS!!!

    Ishe said he was glad that he has defeated his "cancer" (obviously referring to Ahmed). He added that he's happy that he was the one who eliminated Ahmed from the competition. Ahmed,on the other hand, wouldn't acknowledge that Ishe was the better boxer. He said that his face didn't even have any bruises. He even warned Ishe that this is not the end. Someday, he wants to have a rematch where he'll show everyone who's the better fighter.

  • leche. im just watching it. naspoil tuloy.
    someone in the cast committed suicide last month
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