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ORSEM 2000

hi!!! to all the incoming ateneo freshmen, you can visit this site:

it has some info on what to do, what to bring, and what to wear during ur orsem.


  • tRiStAntRiStAn PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    To the incoming Freshies: Welcome to the Ateneo!
  • tRiNtRiN PExer
    trivia: we have 1,900 freshies entering ateneo this year

    to all the freshies, WELCOME!!!!!!
  • gg PExer
    im an incumn admu freshie, i heard about the orsem and im really looking forward to it :) But i just wanna know why is it that long??? it starts so early and on the third day, its up to 9pm pa yata? Pero from feedbacks naman, everyone enjoyed it kaya nga lang on the first day they remind you to bring kikay stuff(girls) cuz thats when the id and block pic will be taken. The thing is daw they'll be taking it on the end of the day after you tour the campus and all so you'll be really sweaty and 'sabog'. i dunno about now,but i hope not. To all the other 1899 future batchmates(i can't believe we'er that many!last year 1500 lang cla)--cya on june 8!!!
  • g: firstly, the ID pics after the campus tours is a thing of the past. u guys would have the ID pic taking ata after your registration, which would deffinitely make u guys really tired nga pala... hehe. the orsem is 3 days, and yes it is really long and tiring, but i tell u, its worthit! galing sobra nung orsem
  • gg PExer
    paopaopaopao:thnx for the info, im glad we wont have to go thru that, but what about the block pic?.but now i have another thing to worry bout, you said the id pics are gonna be taken right after the registration, but then i won't be there on the registration so maybe i have to call them ahead.oh yeah, are u helping out with the orsem 2000?
  • g: yeah im helping out with the orsem this yr. the block pics would be taken during the first day of orsem. about the id pics, as far as i know, they would be taken during reg days itself, pero if u cant make it on the reg days, there's always late reg (plus additional cash for late reg)... i think u can take ur id pic there... that's from what i understood lang. it would be helpful though if u call up the ADSS office and ask about the matter m sure they could provide the specific details :D
  • YoshiYoshi PExer
    Just in case you're interested, here's what you do on OrSem (some of them).

    Day 1: Registration, Welcome Talks, OrSem Video, School Cheers and Alma Mater Song, Group Dynamics
    Day 2: Campus Tour, Guidance Tests, Group Dynamics
    Day 3: Org Tour (getting to know the different orgs in school), Group Dynamics, OrSem Night (that's why it's until 9 PM)

    Be ready because it's a very tiring (lots of walking to do!) three days, but I'm sure you're gonna have fun. :D

    Welcome to the Ateneo!
  • FarOutFreakFarOutFreak PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I might be in Orsem.

    Kung kilala niyo si Rons, head siya ng LogCom Covered Courts.

    And if ever you're a freshie coming into the Ateneo, just a reminder for you:

    <LI>Abide by the rules
    <LI>Listen to your TNTs
    <LI>Have a good time

    You might see me there.
    I'll be the one in the straitjacket.

  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Wow ORSEM na naman! Memories! Senti! Pwedeng mag drop by? :)
  • CalaCala PExer
    kelan ang orsem this year?
  • looploop PExer
    thanks for the warm welcome people! i'm an incoming freshie too. grabe mukhang nakakapagod talaga, mostly, sa ibang schoolS, tipong one day lang ang orientaTION nila...i hope those 3 days would truly be unforgettable....
  • Oist CaRaMBa, drop by ka. Konti lang kaming "oldies" na nandoon. :D
  • Saya nung ORSEM! Dami kong na-meet tapos ang gaganda! Dami kong naging crush after the ORSEM ended! inluv.giflove.gif
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Yoshi, kelan Logcom seminar? And ano yung sched ng ORSEM ngayon? Pa email naman, please. Thanks!
  • Teka teka, kelan ba ang ORSEM this year??!? Yoshi are you still involved with the LOGCOM??

    Sa tingin ko, hindi na as fun ang ORSEM lunch show(s) ngayon kasi HINDI AKO MAGPE-PERFORM THIS YEAR!! hehehehehe!!
  • CaRaMBa: The next LogCom seminar is tomorrow, Saturday. Day 2 na yun. Punta ka kasi LogCom Queen ka; kelangan makilala ka ng mga newbies! :D

    Calypso: Yupper. Tanda ko na OrSem pa rin! :D At wala nang Britney lunch show from you! Sayang may bagong song pa naman siya. I would want to see you in a tight red catsuit! :D

    [This message has been edited by Yoshi (edited 06-02-2000).]
  • Yoshi: Well, good for you!! Tell me about it, ha!! Nus-a man di-ay ang ORSEM? Are you the LOGCOM head!? Siguro, no!! Sorry, no red catsuit for this chick! :( I don't have the... uhh... proper enhancements...!! hehehe

    PS. Were you also with the previous ORSEM pa? I mean, ORSEM 1998? BEcause i also performed then... as one of the Spice Girls! (ngwerk)... although mas fun ang Britney!!
  • Calypso: Hehehe! lol.gif I started volunteering in my sophomore year, but I wasn't able to see the Spice Girls performance kasi I was busy working (kuno!). Pero mas fun yung Britney, bagay sa yo! lol.gif Nope, I'm not the LogCom Head, tanda ko na for that. :)

    OrSem is on June 8 to 10.
  • anong pakulo ng orsem this year? who r the bands playing on orsem night?

    p.s. meron bang famous/celebrity freshmen entering ateneo this year?
  • trin: famous celeb? su ding dong dantes ata papasok. hehehe... pinapagtripan lang name niya sa logcom ga kanina. hehehe :D
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