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Bowflex -- does anyone here own one?

heymikeyheymikey PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
I am thinking of buying a bowflex, specifically the Bowflex Xtreme XLU/XTLU. Has anyone tried one? With the financing available, it's quite affordable (only about $19 per month or $1099) which is similar to a PC.

Has anyone here ever bought one?


  • you would be better off with a $200 a year gym membership
  • heymikeyheymikey PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    So, does that mean you have tried it? One thing I don't like about the gym though is that you sometimes have to wait for an available spot at an equipment.
  • my tito has a bowflex and ive used it a couple of times. i dont think its the model you want though.

    anyway, my observations...
    -it does work a whole range of muscles
    -if youre not looking for too heavy weights, its perfect
    -it is not as easy to change exercises as the advert shows
    -the resistance can be jerky at times because of the 'bows'... a little unnatural compared to free weights and gravity

    personally, i would rather have a gym membership (which i do) than have a home machine... kakatamad to work out at home eh. but thats just me.
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