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what do u think about the people hanging out sa cono bench lately? cono pa nga ba?


  • dagnydagny PExer
    Which is the cono bench? There are so many in front of the caf now.
  • FarOutFreakFarOutFreak PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Ewan ko. Baka feeling cono lang siguro.

    May joke na sinabi sa amin na malalaman mo daw ng maaga kung ano yung ulam sa caf pag may kaibigan kang cono.

    BTW, tRiN, I posted in your thread about the Mgt 91 teachers. Makani ka last sem, sa Marketing? Di ibig sabihin, dapat kilala kita?

  • tRiNtRiN PExer
    i guess they're the benches near the wall
  • tRiNtRiN PExer
    faroutfreak makani ako 1st sem of last year...kami yung mktg na 3 units lang...diba kayo 5?
  • Actually, cono is a Spanish word referring to the female genitalia. So think before you actually use the word.
  • FarOutFreakFarOutFreak PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I see. Maybe I'll see you the following year. Good luck, and it's only a year left!

    Cono benches should be situated in Bel Field, where the cono people can graze on the choice grasses, and where they would cause the least harm. (I think cono is a Spanish word for a goat.)

  • Don't know. Never tried to ask them anyway. :)
  • RuckuSRuckuS Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    There's no such thing as the co?o bench... Its just called The Bench ... smokin.gif
  • The bench near the wall sa caf is still inhabited by Conyo people

    THe ones beside it...the one directly in front of the caf isnt

    It is now called The Bench, or The People's Bench, or as some people call it, The Radio Bench. It is also known as the dirtiest place in ateneo.

    THere are about 30-35 people who are regular benchers there!!!

  • tRiStAntRiStAn PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    KeyserSoze Defensive masyado ah. lol.giflol.gif
  • Hello peeps! I'm not from Ateneo, but I've heard stuff about that certain bench... funny, noh? My friend told me that it used to be the hang out of the "popular" people at Ateneo. Pero to tell you the truth... I don't know what "Cono" means til now... :)
  • ruckus:
    that's true. none of the people who sit there call it the cono bench. its just the bench or the caf bench. buhay pa ba mucho bwaks?
  • RuckuSRuckuS Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    Keysersoze: You cant say that it is "now" called the people's bench, since during my batch ('97) or even way before that, it was just called THE BENCH. Like Ive said before there is no such thing as the co?o bench!

    blue babe: Muchos? I dont think they exist anymore. They're 1 batch higher than us remember. Im not even sure if the SnakePit and the QuadSquad still have presence in Ateneo. smokin.gif
  • i never really understood the mucho bwaks thing. alam ko hanggang batch below us, meron pa rin sila eh.
  • I dont think so cuz the peopel populating it nowadays dont look cono at all...and to think that some ateneans used to take a whiz on that bench at night, especially when they come home drunk.....i dunno about that now...so people there beware...pissing on the bench is a tradition
  • Ruckus: Well before non-benchers call it conyo bench and the benchers might call it the bench. Now nobody calls it conyo bench(that part anyway) and is just called THE Bench or People's Bench.

    Yes we are not conyo.
  • I just have to say that RuckuS is right, the conyo bench is simply THE BENCH. Its the only WOODEN bench in the right side of the Caf nearest the Chapel. The new PLASTIC benches now surrounding it are simply a cause of traffic in that area. I don't think these plastic benches are part of The (conyo) Bench.

    And, YES, I still think the bench is conyo! Some of the most
    beautiful, wealthy, and popular people in Ateneo still hang out there. Kaya lang, they're medyo aggressive and mayabang at times. The girls there are *****!!!

    I've met some juniors and sophomores from there and I don't think they're feeling conyo at all!Mayabang lang kase conyo sila by nature!
  • everybody calls their own bench THE bench. malamang the people who sit there wouldn't call it the conyo bench but most other people still call it that.
    i heard someone say that the people who sit there now aren't truly conyo anymore like they used to be (you know, mestizo na old rich) now they're just a bunch of mayabang nouveau rich kids.
    i'd say this sounds right for some of them but some are also really nice
  • wala na kayang cono bench. nag-graduate na silang lahat. "the people's bench"? WHATEVER! who thought of that!? nway, the people who sit there aren't as popular as they think. a lot of them ran sa last elections and they ALL lost.
  • agree ako kay kittykat. anyone who went to ateneo knows that everyone calls (called, kung totoo ngang wala nang conyo bench) the conyo bench the conyo bench. except the conyo benchers, who insist on calling it just the bench. no offense to the conyo benchers, that's just what people call it.

    khakiskrt, "popular" is not the correct word. mga old rich na may mga famous surnames, galing forbes park etc. not necessarily popular.

    totoo, iniihian yung bench na yun, at least nung panahon ko, ewan ko lang ngayon. totoo rin na maraming galit sa conyo bench dati, pero sa tingin ko siyempre hindi makatarungan yun; mga biktima ng reverse prejudice kumbaga. at one point in ateneo history, nagkaroon nga ng malaking issue dahil nagtayo ang ilang conyo benchers ng isang partido at tumakbo sa Central Board elections. walang sumeryoso sa kanila, pero yun lang ata ang panahon na talagang naging giyera ang elections at sinisiraan ng todo ang mga taga conyo bench. pero totoo rin na meron talagang mga conyo benchers dati na akala mo kung sino, parading around their wealth w/o any sensitivity to other people. take note, mga iba lang, karamihan ng mga conyo benchers mababait naman (gaya ng kahit anong tambayan, may mabait at may nakakabuwisit talaga).

    maybe one of the reasons why a lot of people used to hate the conyo benchers is because during my time at least, most of the conyo benchers never mingled with the rest of the ateneo population. kaya siguro nami-misinterpret sila na mga snob. objective opinion ko lang po yun.

    tingin ko, what's fascinating about the different ateneo tambayans is that it's a microcosm of class stratification in philippine society. malalim ba? mwehwehwe! :goon: stereotyping man o hindi, hindi lubos na maikakaila na kahit papa'no, you can sometimes identify an atenean's background based on his tambayan.
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