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ateneans/former ateneans: i need your help!!!! Mgt 91 (Policy Formulation) teachers

helloo!!!! i just want to ask the mgt, mgt eco, etc. majors who the best/worst mgt 91 (policy) teachers are in this list:


Could you post your comments on each teacher...like how heavy the workload is in his/her class, how high ur grade will be in their class, and if i'll learn a lot in his/her class.

thanks in advance!! =)


  • tRiNtRiN PExer
    yoohoo!!!! wala bang management, meco, etc. majors dito????
  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    If the Reyes there is Aida Reyes, avoid her like the plague! None of the others became my teachers.
  • cabochan is ok. not too light, not too heavy. manageable...
  • FarOutFreakFarOutFreak PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Nix is right. Reyes definitely has danger signs all over her.

    I was wondering, if you really want to learn, tRiN, here's the deal. Take Makani.

    People will say, "putik, ang hirap niyan." Oo nga, the workload may hurt a bit, but it definitely is interesting to have her as a teacher. Talagang alam niya ang sinasabi niya, and she does give ok grades (just don't expect an A, ok?) Nung teacher ko siya sa Marketing, talagang tinira niya yung mga mali namin sa marketing plan. Tama naman siya.

  • Cabochan is the best choice amonst these teachers. He lets you decide on everything and just guides you through you projects. THe case studies he gives out weekly make up a large portion of you grade, and his tests are easy, as long as you enjoy his articles on strategic management, something he looks at very seriously.

    Aida Reyes on the other hand is one fun teacher to have. I have taken her 3 times, for a total of 11 units in my 4 year stay in the ateneo. A class with her is really an experience. People claim that she is hard, but i tell you she is not. For a policy class, i am sure she's going to be a great mentor and can definitely give you a lot of ideas for hte business you will run. Just be prepared to memorize and listen to her stories on Manny Villar's CnP Homes, memorial plot and how it saves manila bank, etc... She is probably the greatest teacher in the Ateneo Management Department. THere is always life in her class.

  • tRiNtRiN PExer
    hi guys!! thanks soooo much for replying. i think i'll get makani, faroutfreak. you're right. pag gusto mo matuto, siya ang kunin mo. with her alam mo talagang may kwenta yung business plan mo. she was also my teacher kasi in marketing last year, and i can say na she's definitely one of the best teachers in ateneo. galing niya talaga! ang takot ko lang kay makani is baka mamatay na naman ako sa dami ng pinapagawa niya sa class...readings, wacs, quizzes, etc. at saka i'm scared na baka under her, hindi na naman niya kami papiliin kung sino kagroup namin. i was lucky last time kasi magagaling yung mga naging groupmates ko kaya i got a good grade naman in her class. eh paano kung hindi ok groupmates ko sa policy? eh di patay! 2 sems pa naman yon!! pero ok lang...worth it naman yung hirap at saka puyat na pagdadaanan ko in her class eh. as for cabochan, siya sana yung 2nd choice ko kaso lang pangit yung sked ng class niya eh...monday nights. ayoko pa naman ng night classes. so makani na talaga!! anyway, thanks again to those who replied!! =)
  • If you wanna learn, then take Makani, i give you that. But if you want an easy B/B+ take Cabochan, trust me on that....

    He's very flexible on requirements and classes are interesting. Its still up to you
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