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Ateneo Alma Mater and the Canadian Anthem


If you have MS Encarta or some other multimedia encyclopedia with MIDI files of the national anthems of different countries, go to the entry for Canada and try playing the national anthem.

Sound familiar?

"We stand ... on a hill ... "


  • ah yung "Oh Canada" :)

  • YoshiYoshi PExer
    Yup, they do sound similar. I think doon naman talaga kinuha yun eh. :)
  • brownpaubrownpau PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Oo nga eh. One of the Jesuits told me before that Raul Manglapus just got the anthem and put in his own words to compose it. :D
  • yeah nga... i heard that before, na dun daw talaga kinuha yun. :D
  • Hmmm I recall an article from the lampoon issue of our La Salle paper, The Lasallian saying that Canada will sue Ateneo 'coz of this.
  • The De La Salle ALMA MATER SONG is a lot more powerful. An Original composition.

    Hail, Hail, Alma Mater
    Hail to De La Salle!
    We'll hold your banner high and bright
    A shield of Green and White!
    We'll fight to keep your glory bright
    And never shall we fail!
    Hail to thee our Alma Mater!
    Hail! Hail! Hail!
  • YoshiYoshi PExer
    Originally posted by jontyboy:
    The De La Salle ALMA MATER SONG is a lot more powerful. An Original composition.

    Kelangan bang sabihin to, ha? :)

    [This message has been edited by Yoshi (edited 05-23-2000).]
  • Yup, kailangan ;)

  • tRiStAntRiStAn PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    *looks from Yoshi to §inned™ and anticipates an exciting 'verbal exchange'* :D

    tRiStAn bop.gifbop.gifbop.gif

    Yup, they sound the same. But Canada suing Ateneo because of that? On what grounds?
  • Yoshi bop.gifs §inned™

    Ewan ko, pero ang cheap yata kung may magpapasimuno na naman ng away over the school hymn, di ba §inned™?

    tRiStAn: Asa ka pa! :D

  • brownpaubrownpau PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Well, now that the original lyricist and composer of "We Stand on a Hill" is gone, (the late Raul Manglapus) maybe someone can come up with something new?

    Manoling Francisco, perhaps?
  • original naman yun lyrics ah... and frankly, i think its beautiful...

    we stand on a hill..
    between the earth and sky
    now all is still
    where loyola's colors fly
    our course is run
    and the the setting sun
    ends ateneo's day
    eyes are dry at the last goodbye
    this is the ateneo way!

    Mary for you
    for your white and blue
    we pray you keep us Mary constantly true
    we pray you keep us Mary faithful to you!

    Down from the hill
    down to the world go i
    remembering still
    where the bright blue eagles fly
    through the joys and tears
    through the laughing years we sing our battle song
    win or lose its the school we choose
    this is the place where we belong!

    Mary for you...

    simply beautiful!!!

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