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Star Cinema's "ANAK" or "DEKADA '70".. Ano ang mas maganda?

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ano ang mas gusto nyo Anak o Dekada '70?


  • Maganda ang "Dekada 70".
  • i enjoyed dekada '70 more, because i'm partial to lualhati bautista. but both films are some of the better ones we had - good acting, good story, good production values. i read dekada '70, and was totally blown away by bautista's genius. (read the book; it's so much better than the movie and it has great insights that were left out in the film.) naturally of course, i looked forward to the film. it didn't totally disappoint me, to be fair. it's definitely one of star cinema's better movies.
  • both :bounce:
  • ANAK :bounce2:
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    i prefer bata bata pano ka ginawa :)
  • anak, of course!

    dekada 70 made me sleep.
  • i have not seen both movies, but i believe they're both good.
  • DEKADA anytime...ANAK is good pero melodrama masyado...though the book of DEKADA is better than the film, as always...DEKADA produced the BEST performances ever of the threee lead STARS...Ate Vi, boyet and PIOLO
  • ANAK, kasi mas nakarelate ako :)

    DEKADA 70 was good din pero mas nakarelate ako sa ANAK, mas universal kasi ang theme ng ANAK e.
  • tama ka, elmSF...ANAK the best!

    Box office hit pa! eh yung dekada kaya? :lol:
  • fr34k wrote:
    tama ka, elmSF...ANAK the best!

    Box office hit pa! eh yung dekada kaya? :lol:

    success naman is not just BOX OFFICE di ba? and BOX OFFICE does not mean it is a better film di ba?
  • well, quoting what you said sa movie ni Juday. Aanhin mo ang quality movie kung semplang naman sa box office. mas mabuti kung both...quality movie plus box office hit...yan ang ANAK. If I remember correctly...rated B siya.
  • fr34k wrote:
    well, quoting what you said sa movie ni Juday. Aanhin mo ang quality movie kung semplang naman sa box office. mas mabuti kung both...quality movie plus box office hit...yan ang ANAK. If I remember correctly...rated B siya.

    well the question naman is which is better...and don't use Juday's name in vain :no: hahahahaha...peace na tayo...
  • :lol:

    o siya peace na, wala din akong planong makipag-away.....tutal both films are good naman. I'm just stating the fact na mas naappreciate ng masa ang ANAK...
  • . Seven Star Cinema movies were given “B” rating by the FRB since then, and one was given an “A” rating last year. The following are the outstanding films given a “B” rating by the FRB:

    • Pare Ko - the teen movie of Jomari Yllana, Jao Mapa, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Claudine Barreto and Victor Neri about teenage bonding and the value of friendship.
    • Kapag May Katwiran…Ipaglaban Mo -- the twin-bill drama of Sharmaine Arnaiz and Chin Chin Gutierrez about two legal cases involving oppressed women. Both stories defy the macho society by breaking their silence and charging their oppressors.
    • Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara - a Lorna Tolentino and Dawn Zulueta starrer, this is a story of a disturbed soul that comes back to haunt the living in order to discover her husband’s true love.
    • Matimbang Pa sa Dugo - a film about an ex-convict (Rudy Fernandez) who meets a boy (Mark Anthony Fernandez) whose testimony years ago sent him to prison. Instead of revenge, a friendship stronger and deeper than blood is established.
    • Radio Romance - the heartwarming narration of 11 different love stories interwoven by the characters (lead by Gelli de Belen) passion for listening to the radio.
    • Ama, Ina, Anak - a story of a childless couple (Maricel Soriano and Edu Manzano) who adopts a girl (Angelica Panganiban) to bring life to their failing marriage until the wife gets pregnant.
    • Anak - a story of a mother’s agony (Vilma Santos) and her desperate attempts to piece together the broken fragments of her shattered family (Claudine Barreto and Baron Geisler as the children).

    And late last year, Tanging Yaman was given the “A” Rating by the FRB. The family saga of the all-star cast Tanging Yaman is a stark and poignant dramatization of provincial values versus urban survival instincts precariously held in the balance by the abiding love of an aging, sickly, deeply religious mother (Gloria Romero).

    Star Cinema movies are not only blockbuster hits in the country but are also globally recognized and internationally competitive. A sample of international film festivals joined by Star Cinema include the Toronto Film Festival (Eskapo, Lahar, Ang Lalaki Sa Buhay ni Selya), Hong Kong International Film Festival (May Nagmamahal Sa Iyo), Fukuoka Film Festival (May Minamahal), Shanghai International Festival (Madrasta, Magic Temple, Maalaala Mo Kaya, May Nagmamahal sa Iyo), Hawaii International Film Festival (Batang PX, Bata Bata…Paano Ka Ginawa, Minsan Minahal Kita, Ang Lalaki sa Buhay ni Selya), Bangkok International Festival (Selya), Asia-Pacific Film Festival (Bata Bata, Madrasta, Batang PX), and many more international film festivals around the world. In 1998, Ang Lalaki sa Buhay ni Selya and Anak have won in international film festivals. Selya won the Special Jury Prize for Teddy Awards in Berlin, Best Asian Film Award in Newport Beach, and Special Jury Prize in Turin. Chito S. Roño and Vilma Santos won in the 21st International Festival of Independent Film in Brussels and a Special Jury Prize Award in the 44th Asia Pacific Film Festival in Bangkok.
  • ^^

    i think dekada '70 was severely underrated. for one, kaya hindi mashadong malaki ang box-office return nito, was because it was shown in the MMFF. so obviously, maghahati-hati ng box-office returns ang 7 movies. sobrang suntok sa buwan na maka-100M ka sa MMFF, puwera na lang kung ang movie mo eh OKay Ka Fairy Ko. secondly, it was overshadowed by the all-star cast of the severely overrated Mano Po. if you look at it on a holistic view, Dekada '70 was way better than Mano Po: better acting, better story, better production values (it does not necessarily mean that when you use beautiful sights in China, maganda ng agad ang production values.) i was actually hoping na sana Dekada '70 na lang yung pinadala sa Oscars that year at hindi yang Mano Po.

    FEB ratings are good, but IMHO, not really an authority to believe whether films are good. So Happy Together was rated B, and so was Let the Love Begin. would you say, that solely because of the rating, these films were better than Dekada '70? out of the 7 films that were rated, i only liked Anak. Radio Romance was just another run-out-of-the-mill love story. May Minamahal was definitely a lot better. Pare Ko needed better execution. Tanging Yaman is another severely overrated film. because it has an all-star cast, it resulted into a chop-chop episodic movie to give all their actors due screen time.

    and i don't think box-office results are indicative of the quality of the movie. the likes of Magnifico, Minsan Pa, Babae sa Breakwater, Munting Tinig didn't even break even. and these are our better films.

    Both Anak and Dekada '70 were the better films of Star Cinema (IMHO), compared to the ones mentioned above.
  • esragesrag PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    sobrang nakarelate din ako sa ANAK....
  • Have not seen ANAK yet but i loved DEKADA'70.
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