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PBA players monicker's over the years [Merged]



  • reignmanreignman Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ok i stand corrected
  • kireigonjinkireigonjin ano yan? ano yan? ano yan? PExer
    Yeah, si Marte nga pala si Mighty Mite. Aliw ako panoorin yon.

    Add ko pa:
    The Firecracker / Bobby Joe - Bobby Jose
    Mr. Adrenaline - Jayvee Gayoso
    The Hurricane - Tony Harris
    Mr. Stretch - Philip Cezar
    Garbage Man - Biboy Ravanes
  • bchoterbchoter Member PExer
    San Andres Bukid -Andy Fields
    The Hulk - Francois Wise
    TJ (Tough Job) - Bernie Fabiosa
    The Barelling Big J - Jawo
    Mong - Bonifacio whatshisname
    The Magician - Rudy Soriano
    The Skywalker - Gary Vargas
    The Velvet Touch (one of the most baduy ever) - Richie Ticzon
  • kireigonjinkireigonjin ano yan? ano yan? ano yan? PExer
    The Prince - Vince Hizon (in fairness, bagay na bagay sa kanya ang monicker, aminin...)
  • bchoterbchoter Member PExer
    bchoter wrote:
    Prince Galahad - Botchok Lauchenco
    Galahad was a Sir (being a knight), Lauchenco's first name is Bokyo and he is known as Prince Valiant (for his 'do).

  • PandaemonaeonPandaemonaeon Moderator PEx Moderator
    Boy Thunder (James Yap), Kid Lightning (Paul Artadi) ... ang corny...
    The Quick Brown Fox - Ricardo Brown

    The Lazy Dog - Marlou Aquino :glee:

  • bchoterbchoter Member PExer
    Si Chino Trinidad pwede bang "Chinito"?
  • shamhoyshamhoy 2 timing 3 timer PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    sino nga ba yung nag-nickname kay andy seigle as the kangaroo a few years back? :eyecrazy:
  • theo78theo78 friend ng lahat PExer
    human eraser - winston crite
  • paralusiparalusi Member PExer
    show me a man who thinks that "the aerial voyager" is the best monicker in the history of professional sports, and i will show you a man who thinks that calling bong hawkins "the hawk", is truly imaginative.
  • zer0_c0oLzer0_c0oL YUNA!!!! PExer
    The Director - Hector Calma
    Mighty Mite - I forgot who but his last name is Saldana (magaling syang point guard)
    The Bullet - Dindo Pumaren
    Lastikman - Terry Saldana
    Mama - Romy Mamaril

    marte saldana ata..yung sa presto dati hehehe.... :diablo:
  • zer0_c0oLzer0_c0oL YUNA!!!! PExer
    bchoter wrote:
    San Andres Bukid -Andy Fields
    The Hulk - Francois Wise
    TJ (Tough Job) - Bernie Fabiosa
    The Barelling Big J - Jawo
    Mong - Bonifacio whatshisname
    The Magician - Rudy Soriano
    The Skywalker - Gary Vargas
    The Velvet Touch (one of the most baduy ever) - Richie Ticzon

    correction dude c samboy lim ang skywalker.... :diablo:
  • zer0_c0oLzer0_c0oL YUNA!!!! PExer
    comprehensive yung post ni blitzzero....juz wanna make some corrections:

    it's wild wild wes for wesley gonzales and the marksman for mark telan...

    dagdag na rin natin:

    the snatcher -- wynnie arboleda of fed-ex
    the enforcer -- junthy valenzuela of red bull
    plasticman -- omanzie rodriguez of red bull

  • bchoterbchoter Member PExer
    Before Samboy there was Gary Vargas (Gilbey's Gin).
    Long before Omanzie learned to play ball, Terry Saldana was already known as the Plasticman. And, as posted by irareluvmachine, prior to Terry, Danny Florencio was already known as the Plasticman.
  • bonzieknight45bonzieknight45 Alicia Witt is a goddess PExer
    the captain/ capt. lionheart/ the face= alvin patrimonio
    defense minister= jerry codinera
    mr. cool= gerry esplana
    skywalker= samboy lim
    the director= hector calma
    tower of power= benjie paras
    point laureate= ronnie magsanoc
    el presidente= mon fernandez
    bicolano superman= yoyoy villamin
    the fireman= pido jarencio
    robocop= alvin teng
    the jet= jeff cariaso
    flying a= johhny abarrientos
    the hawk= bong hawkins
    the legs/4th qtr. man= jojo lastimosa
    the bull= nelson asaytono
    the bullet= dindo pumaren
    mr.excitement= bong alvarez
    the firecracker= bobby jose
    the prince= vince hizon
    the destroyer= rudy distrito
    skyscraper= marlou aquino
    the rock= asi taulava
    major pain= eric menk
    the punisher= sonny alvarado
    the demolition man= danny i.
    the dynamite= danny s.
    atomic bomb= ato agustin
    the h-bomb= rudy hatfield
    the spark= mark caguioa
    the living legend/ big j= sonny jaworski
    the kid= kerby raymundo
    the golden boy= noy castillo
    kid lightning= paul artadi
    boy thunder= james yap
    the saint= ronald tubid
    mighty mouse= jimmy alapag
    thriller= willie miller
    the flight= derrick brown
    the big deal/ main man= jun lmpot
    dennis the menace= dennis espino
    the tank= noli locsin
    the flash= bal david
    the helicopter= lamont strothers
    black superman= billy ray bates
    the scholar/ mr.stretch= philip cezar
    quick brown fox= ricky borwn
    the snake= byron jones
    the king= chris king
  • cuchcuch do i make you horny, baby? PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    goldfish/red-carlos briggs
    truck-tony mack
    the dragon- samboy lim
    mr.quality minutes-sonny cabatu
    flight 44-leon trimmingham
    the scavenger-freddie abuda
    dynamite loyzaga-chito or joey?
    the hurricane-tony harris
    sargeant-jose slaughter
    tyson-jamie waller
  • wow. senior citizen's discounts anyone? :glee:
  • eydzheyeydzhey WinGmAN PExer
    hahah...nakakatawa naman tong thread na to....funny names... :))
  • blitzzeroblitzzero Vindicated PExer
    bakit ba puro na lang english ang monicker ng mga PBA player?
    pwede naman tagalog..

    HARI NG SABLAY - Romel Adducul
    HARI NG SAKLAY - Jayjay Helterbrand

  • Cool_EnzCool_Enz The Sports Guy PExer
    Stretch - Art Long
    The Knife - Sam Mack
    Superman - Ira Clark
    The Bodyguard - Ryan Fletcher
    Air - Jermaine Walker
    Tee-Mac - Artemus McClary
    The Monster - Devin Davis
    Electric Eddie - Eddie Elisma
    Killing - Ronnie Fields
    T - Torraye Braggs
    Texas Thunder - Chris Clay
    The Juice - Julius Nwosu
    Sweet Honey - Jerald Honeycutt
    Boo boo - Natambu Willingham
    The Assassin - Rob Parker


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