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What Manga are U currently reading?

curious lang ako para to see baka basahin ko in the future..

well rite now im reading full house, forbidden dance, Kare:First Love, and Fruits n Baskets..hehehe i knoe im a hopeless romantic manga lover..


  • niceplayniceplay PureBloodMuggle ✭✭
    still,, in maho sensei negima,,
  • shaoronshaoron Jesus Freak PExer
    fruits and basket?
    baka fruits basket...
  • smeagolsmeagol bows to yang chow PExer
  • rinoarinoa Assassin's Ho PExer
    ClauRic wrote:
    curious lang ako para to see baka basahin ko in the future..

    well rite now im reading full house, forbidden dance, Kare:First Love, and Fruits n Baskets..hehehe i knoe im a hopeless romantic manga lover..
    Fruits Basket po.. hindi Fruits n Basket.. unless there really is a Fruits n Basket.. like Minori no Hibi and Midori no Hibi :glee:

    eto yung mga weekly/on-release readings ko, yung as in pagnagrelease scanslation groups, basa ko agad.
    Yakitate!! Japan
    Black Cat
    Eyeshield 21
    Shaman King
    Parfait Tic
    Perfect Girl Evolution
    Pretty Face

    at ang pakonti konti kong binabasa
    Death Note
    Full Metal Alchemist
    Prince of Tennis
    One Piece
    Fruits Basket
    Peace Maker Kurogane
    School Rumble
    Tsubasa Chronicle
  • sasukesasuke kriegspiel PExer
    One Piece
    Death Note
    Busou Renkin
  • narasaki04narasaki04 The Spark PExer
    Hunter X Hunter (da best Gon/Killua VS Nef)
    Gantz (Bloody/Gore)
    Salad Days (e2 romace manga toh)
    Mai Hime (Moe Moe wala lang typical harem manga)
  • ClauRicClauRic Aigooo! PExer
    sorry typo edit ko na lang para di masermonan
  • spiceislandspiceisland Member PExer
    hunter x hunter <-- the best! up to date ako palagi jan!
    fruits basket <-- licensed na kasi kaya mahirap maghanap ng scanlations.. kaya ung iba ko japanese pa.. mga chapters 80 above japanese pa.. kaya natatamad na ko magbasa.. :P
    rurouni kenshin <-- lam ko na luma na.. pero wala lang.. :D
  • bluemistbluemist life in blue PExer
    Death Note (lately parang nabobore na ko sa story)
    Fruits Basket (I'm actually buying Tokyopop manga)
    Initial D (still good)
    Mahou Sensei Negima (medyo behind rin...)
    Naruto (hindi ko pa binabasa yung after time skip, para hindi bitin)
    One Piece (I'm actually 2 arcs behind... para hindi masyadong bitin)
    Prince of Tennis (on hold)
    School Rumble (tagaaal mag-release ng bago)
  • shaoronshaoron Jesus Freak PExer
    naruto, one piece, MSN, TRC, XXXHolic, Prety Face, yakitate Japan
  • magic57magic57 Member PExer
    umm... ano bang binabasa ko ngayon? madami-dami din... fruits basket, milk crown (finished ko na 'to :) ) & milk crown h, midori no hibi (although hanggang chap20 pa lang ang nasakin), prince of tennis (wala pang bago... sad... :( ), at syempre parfait tic!!! :D bitin pa ko sa kanya, sobra! ehehe... naghahanap pa ko ng bago... :D
  • mpxczmpxcz webSlinger (); PExer
    Ichigo 100%

    Pero kelangan ko na matulog hehehhe
  • Jazzy JapsJazzy Japs Soul Slayer PExer
    narasaki04 wrote:
    Hunter X Hunter (da best Gon/Killua VS Nef)

    Wait a second! Naglaban na ba ang mga ito?? Alam ko "matched-up" pa lang sila, ang in the latest chapter (232), Gon is still fighting the lower-level "minions" (although he's outnumbered!)

    Anyway, my manga right now:

    Naruto (d-uh!) :lol:
    Tenjou Tenge
    Elfen Lied
    Mahou Sensei Negima (though stopped viewing the RAWS, though, couldn't understand a darn thing! :lol: )
    Ichigo 100%
    One Piece
  • shaoronshaoron Jesus Freak PExer
    you missed out a lot... especially the "negi kissu-nator"
  • Jazzy JapsJazzy Japs Soul Slayer PExer
    Yeah, right, rub it in --- AGAIN! :lol:
  • TheBedanTheBedan Member PExer
    hunter x hunter
    ichigo 100%
    yakitate japan
    midori no hibi (haven't finished reading it yet)
    tender freeze
    gacha gacha
    open sesame
    addicted to curry
    gakuen heaven
    tenjou tenge
    school rumble
    toshiute no hito
  • kennakenna Member PExer
    i watch mostly animes not the mangas. the only mangas i've read are: pretty face and ichigo 100%. BOTH are NOT GOOD. parang Bitin ang story.
    i've been curious on the outcome of the other members of naruto in their pursuit of sasuke, so i've read the mangas and they are quite VERY GOOD, both the anime and the manga.I certainly recommend NARUTO to everyone. the only drawback i can think of is its constant replay or repeat flashbacks. other than that, Naruto is an excellent "Watch".
  • Little WolfLittle Wolf Catholic PExer
    Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE :D
  • my_SeBaSTiaNnEmy_SeBaSTiaNnE futurama_lover PExer
    can anyone suggest a one-volume manga na ok?..
    i was in comic quest last sat and ang daming manga natuwa naman ako kso medyo mahal :D
    ...so i was thinking i'd start from one-volume manga muna... eheheh..

    isa pa, ndi sila complete dun sa more than one volume.. they only have vol 5 and 6 of GTO... if they have the complete 20+ vol, i'd buy it malamang.. mahirap mabitin.. ahahah..

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