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WonderCon 2005 at Moscone

topnotch97topnotch97 Marley Brinx says hi ✭✭✭
it's that year again Bay Area people!!! wondercon 2005!!!
wow plushies! naruto plushies!!! inuyasha plushies!!!! naruto headbands!!!! at marami pang iba!!!


  • miaka913miaka913 It's been Monday all week PExer

    Looks like I'm driving into the city later. :D
  • naglalakadnaglalakad Member PExer
    hanggang kelan poe itong wondercon?
  • miaka913miaka913 It's been Monday all week PExer
    It's the last day tomorrow. I just got back there today and it was pretty cool (The weather and the traffic completely sucked though). I got to meet Richard Hatch ("Capt Apollo" from BSG) and Herbert Jefferson Jr. ("Lt. Boomer" from BSG as well), get an autograph pic of them, and got my picture taken with them. I'll post pics later. ;)
  • miaka913miaka913 It's been Monday all week PExer

    Here we have our Resident Evil cosplayers...

    ...our Star Wars cosplayers...

    ...and some Blade cosplayers. There were other coplayers around but I didn't get a shot of them because there was so much I wanted to check out.
  • miaka913miaka913 It's been Monday all week PExer
    "Ramen & Rice". These two girls were awesome. They played songs from animes and video games right outside the entrance of the exhibit hall. I listened to them play the opening theme for Azumanga Daioh, "Simple and Clean" from Kingdom Hearts, and "Shinjitsu no Uta" from Inu Yasha (which I requested). :) I managed to record three video clips of them playingon my digital camera.

    Here's me in an Azumanga Daioh hat. :D

    I also bought a Domokun shirt (One for me and one for my roommate.)
  • topnotch97topnotch97 Marley Brinx says hi ✭✭✭
    hhhmmmm... miaka913... i think i've seen you around with that azumanga hat.

    man, wondercon was a blast! 3-days of fun. too much! i need to get back to reality! damn, i miss wondercon already. i bought too many stuff. naruto headbands, shirt, dvds (courtesy of Drunken Master at aisle 300), plushies, totoro plushies, what else.... posters (from the freebies area), autographs from those "models" (lisa marie scott, linda o'neil, aria giovanni)

    volunteering for wondercon was the best....... i got to see many people...... damn saturday was packed.....

    oh oh oh! i got elisha cuthbert's autograph!!! woweeee!!! too bad Paris hilton flaked out! oh that guy from Charmed and NipTuck was there, since he's playing the role of Dr. Doom for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie
  • topnotch97topnotch97 Marley Brinx says hi ✭✭✭
    miaka913 wrote:

    Here's me in an Azumanga Daioh hat. :D
  • miaka913miaka913 It's been Monday all week PExer
    I only went on Saturday (I had a bunch of house chores to do the next day).

    So, yeah, the wondercon was pretty fun. I didn't know you were there topnotch97... :p That was probably me you saw walking around with the hat on. I took off the hat after a while because I was talking to the head designer for City of Heroes, Jack Emerett. :glee:

    Anyway, I'm glad that I went (despite the bad weather driving into the city) because I got to meet two actors from one of my fave sci-fi, Battlestar Galactica.

    Richard Hatch (Who played Capt Apollo in the original BSG and played Tom Sarek in the new BSG series)...

    and Herbert Jefferson Jr. (who played Lt. Boomer in the original BSG).

    I kinda stuck around and listened to Julian McMahon (the doctor from Nip/Tuck) talk about the upcoming Fantastic Four movie but I was disappointed that Michael Chiklis didn't make it (He's a pretty witty guy). As for Paris Hilton, puh-lease. She has nothing to do with sci-fi, anime, comic book, or gaming. Do we honestly want that skank at the con? Perhaps for us girl attendees, I think not.

    I didn't bother buying plushies either. My guy got me a totoro plushie when he went to Tokyo this past Christmas & New Year. :blush2:
  • topnotch97topnotch97 Marley Brinx says hi ✭✭✭
    oh yeah! did you see that guy who played Darth Maul?

    and what about those guys from Jay & Silent Bob (Kevin Smith is Silent Bob). i didn't know the other guy.

    then i was hangging around, with those DC comic artists. then closing time from yesterday's con, damn one of the dealers just let me have some of their stuff like posters and stuff.

    and as for your hat miaka? don't worry, i saw a lot of people wearing cat ears even guys. hey i wore one of those ears from last years FanimeCon.

    next will be AnimeOverdose and FANIMECON!!!!!!!
  • miaka913miaka913 It's been Monday all week PExer
    Meh. I wasn't that interested in the guy who played Darth Maul.

    I wanted to go see Kevin Smith also but I was in the Metreon eating at Firewood and I missed his presentation. :(

    I got a flyer for the AnimeOverdose but I don't think I'll be going to that one or the FANIMECON. I'm saving up to go to the AnimeFest in Texas in September. Sakamoto Maaya will be there to perform. :D I just have to see her.

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