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sex education

Are you in favor of including sex education in high school curiculum to better equip them when they go to college? Why?


  • What do u mean by sex education? what's its scope? Do u mean to make it one subject or just a part of values ed. or health?
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    Don't you think high school is a little bit too late to have sex ed classes? We had ours during our fifth grade in elementary. The approach was totally scientific. I remember it was quite harmless and still left us believing that the storks were the ones who brought us to our parents. ;)
  • I agree with Ada in her saying that high school is a little too late for sex education. Fifth graders would be mature enough to handle the cold hard facts of sex. But I also think that this education should be reinforced in high school with more emphasis on the rights and wrongs, the value of making love, the views of teenagers on sex, etc. -- more on the analytical stage... :)
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  • i actually did a thesis of this back in college, wherein i proved that even starting it in grade one would be really effective. it just depends on the approach, coz you aren't gonna teach sex to grade 1 kids, right? perhaps, the main goal of sex ed. is to help kids be comfortable about themselves and their bodies, that there's nothing abnormal with them, so that when they reach high school (or basta older), they would feel good about their bodies, won't see anything wrong about them, and would feel comfortable talking about them. problem kasi ngayon is, when u start sex ed in high school, students get varied reactions coz they're kinda shy to talk about them, and they get a lot of repressed feelings and curiosities they can't talk to others to. might as well get the answers straight from school instead of from media.
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