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Scq Superstar: Sandara Park Thread Part3



  • sandara.........................................



  • my pang apat n taong bahay! don n tayo.. wag n dto!
  • heller janielllllllllll ewan ko nandito parin sya.........................san pala ang bago janiel?

    may fourth home na parkers eh. yung MMK kasama yung isang other guy kung cno yun bahala ABS sa kanila
  • sandarang gabi mhayj :wave: dapat maclose muna i2 ng mga mods para d nakakalito
  • hello everyone! newbie po me d2...... :wave: :newbie:
  • Hero Angeles and Sandara Park Together in their First Solo Romance on the Big Screen in Can This Be Love :)

    Trust only Star Cinema to gather the brightest and biggest stars and give everybody movies that are sure winners! Because the star film outfit gathers Hero Angels and Sandara Park in their very first, very big and solo tandem on the big screen Can This Be Love!

    Written and directed by Jose Javier Reyes who also wrote Now That I have You (2004) and directed Kung Ako Na Lang Sana (2003) which were both box office hits, Can This Be Love is a biting love story that is so sweet and charming but very realistic. A wonderful and colorful romance that looks into how people deal with many differences that threatens their relationships.

    Following their tremendously successful launching in the novelty trilogy BCUZ OF U where two other loveteams, can this Be Love will make Hero Angeles and SandaraPark the unbeatable, youngest and most sought after loveteam in Philippine Cinema. Both pioneers of the Star Circle Quest tilt that spearheaded reality talents searches all over the country, Hero and Sandara will also be pioneers as the country’s most charming and unique loveteam today with Can This be Love. What also makes their love pair perfect as its top cast connects with the movie’s title. Adapting the hit song of Smokey Mountain, Can this Be Love is so irresistible to be a movie title. Because it tells about deep feelings a person develops for and cannot ignore towards a particular person he or she initially encounters, finds affinity with, and slowly fancies emotionally. Can this Be Love in fact mirrors the closeness Hero and Sandara now have after their first meeting as Star Circle questors, friends, co-actors in their trilogy movie, and now their status as the country’s freshest and perfect loveteam. Another great thing is ten Princess Sarah Geronimo will record a version of the classic hit!

    Can This Be Love even has a story that is beautiful yet mature and realistic in nature. Ryan (Hero Angeles) and daisy (Sandara Park) are just among the many students in the University Belt. Ryan is a working student who juggles between his nursing course and as a term paper typist. He want to leave the country, work abroad and become affluent. Daisy is a Korean exchange student in the Philippines studying English. One day, Ryan encounters what he thinks is the worst term paper ever written. Entitled “What Is Wrong With Filipinos?,” it’s got terrible grammar, making Ryan’s job really difficult, and hating the Korean who wrote it. Then Ryan comes across an advertisement selling a cellphone. When he contacted the number, he gets acquainted with the seller via text messages while is aggravation over the term paper increases. Then he discovers that the person he texts is the Korean girl who wrote the term paper! Ryan is frustrated and they instantly develop irrigation against each other. Worst the cultural differences and language barrier add to their frustration. But the gentle affinity they have on the phone becomes a compromise for them to settle things. Little do they know there are bigger compromises they will face now that they’re getting closer to each other.

    Filled with trademarks scenes and dialogues that will obviously become memorable, Can this Be Love is a treat for everyone who believes love can across any boundary and culture. It also stars some of the country’s top young stars today like Joross Gamboa and Roxanne Guinoo, and introducing new stars Paw Diaz and Arron Villaflor of Star Circle Quest batch 2. Plus the coming genius of Roderick Paulate and Eugene “Simang” Domingo. Can This Be Love will embrace everyone with love on April 27, 2005!!!
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  • alis na mi bukas ulit sana iclose na i2 ng mga mods para d nakakalito magpost:D
  • open pa rin :lol:
  • hello bakit nde pa ito close?
  • sandara







  • go sandara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I really love sandara I can't stop admiring her she is cute. More picture of sandy please.......
  • I will wait for you.... go Sandy ........ go girl.......
    LOVE YOU....
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