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The "uso" stuff during grade school days

Ok...here are some of the "uso" stuff that I can remember when I was in grade school..

1. The pencil case na madaming buttons...yung may sharpener..may magnifying glass...may ruler...basta daming pinipindot...

2. The SMASH bags..those bags with the installed clock at the back...

3. Pop Swatches!!!!

4. Chinese Jackstone..eheehhehe kakamiss!

5. Those teen magazines..like Bop..kalimutan ko na yung names ng iba...

6. NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK! wahahahhahaha!!!


  • lol... New Kids On The Block, oh yeah. I remember them.

    Jean mini-skirts were in, too.

    Let's see, what else? Mili Vanili? LOL... can't forget them.

    My Little Pony stuff. (so cute!)

    And of course, those really handy pencil cases!!! Bunny, weren't they cute? :)

    (New Kids on the Block... haha...)
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    1. Chinese karate shoes.
    2. Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Tiny Poem, and My Melody.
    3. Chinese jackstone!
    4. Pickup sticks.
    5. Walkmans.
    6. Marks and Spencer white socks (the one with a lacy design).
    7. Speedo swimsuits.
    8. Chocolate- or peanut butter-dipped bananas, Chocnut, Chivalry pusit.
    9. M bags
    10. Those elaborate pencilboxes with a lot of abubots like thermometer (yup, thermometer! I have it!), pencil sharpener, ruler, calendar, etc.

    Yung iba huwag na lang...baka mabisto ang age ko. :D
  • in my time:

    1. trump cards (ngayon magic cards na)
    2. DC and marvel comics (ngayon anime na)
    3. pagandahan ng pencil case (ngayon pagandahan na ng cellphone)
    4. karate kid (ngayon mortal combat)
    5. family computer (ngayon playstation na)
    6. the dawn (ngayon parokya ni edgar)
    7. hi-cut rubeer shoes (mid-cut na)
    8. bagets (wala na yata ngayon yan)
    9. romick-sheryl-jennifer (claudine-diether-rico)
    10. vilma, sharon cuneta show, gma supershow (hehehehe)
  • dont forget the slap wrap... yung wirdong bracelet na you need to slap it sa arm mo para kumapit. then it was banned kasi daw it contained drugs.... mas wierd!
  • holen
    hot wheels
    that game where you dig a small hole and
    use a long stick to fling a smaller stick
    jovan musk oil
    martial law
    bruce lee
    spider fights
    plain crispa t-shirt
    mad magazine
    playboy magazine
    long hair
    the ateneo la salle rivalry
    casual day
    clutch bags
    adidas or pumas
    hang ten
    lunch box with thermos
    wearing an ateneo t-shirt ( outside of campus )
    ray ban
    levis or maong
    class nights
    field trips
    action transfers from shell

  • That watch that turns into a robot.
    Spirit of the Ballpen.
    Game and Watch.
    Duran Duran vs. Spandau Ballet.
  • plus my favorite, "Robertson" sneakers.
  • *water jugs
    *scented pens (funny friends... remember?)
    *tretorn (but i know somebody who still *wears this EVERYDAY... HaHaHaHaHa)
    *pick-up sticks
    *chinese garter
    *naka-tiss na bangs
    *electric youth! heehee debbie gibson!
    *menudo... ricky martin eh?!?!
    *friendship bracelets

    hhhmmm.... i'll post more when i remember the other things

  • hahaha maryknollers :) still proud to be called a knoller until now!!!
  • katuwa naman yung topic! :) haaayy i'm getting nostalgic..hehehe

    dagdag lang sa mga nasulat na...

    - kisses..those scented, little, round things :)
    - archie comics
    - those sticker booklets where the stickers come in those sachets...5 stickers ata laman ng isa eh..never ko na-complete 'to! hehe
    - those fake tattoos that come free inside some cheese snack...na na-discontinue din 'coz they said it might have LSD daw!
    - colemans
    - rainbow brite stuff
    - trapper keepers

    haaay those were the days...

  • Ops, sa mga girls, wag niyong kakalimutan yung mga "Who's your crush, What's your motto, What's your favorite color, Book niyo.
  • HAHAHAHAHA! Grabe reminiscing!!!

    Joan: Grabe yung kisses na air freshener na yun...my friends told me before na if i put it daw sa freezer manganganak sila...LOL!!!

    And i loved Rainbow Brite...trapper keepers...meron pa ba nun? dont see students bringing those anymore...those sticker books!!! meron ako nung rainbow brite tsaka care bears!!!
  • colemans you double as upuan during morning assembly
    fake marvel cards (for those who can't afford)
    hardy boys
    choose your own adventure
    making your own 'choose your own...'
    the latest Nike sneakers for P.E.
    super famicom
    makatawid sa kalye na walang kasama
    buying from McDo ur merienda to be eaten inside the bus
    sticker album of age of the dinosaurs
    smokey mountain (the first batch)
    x-men (and the jim lee craze)
    betty for archie
    having cable tv
    having a colored PC monitor
    aiza vs. matet
    weaving your own friendship band (get it? your own...)
    having a hundred bucks on you pocket (wallets came in during high school)
    a pretty 'kulasa' busmate
  • "pendong!"

    "ahhh!! si ______ $upot!!"
  • Omigod... I was just thinking about it.. and I can't believe how baduy some of the "uso" stuff were then... shempre, at that time di pa siya baduy... but anyway...

    1. cutoff jeans worn with socks and loafers
    2. collecting stationery
    3. cross-stitching
    4. chinese jackstone and jackstones
    5. chinese garter
    6. tretorn sneakers
    7. BMX bikes
    8. roller skates
    9. high-waisted jeans
    10. jelly shoes
  • Chuckie Taylors! :)
    Mighty Kidd Super Squad sneakers! Hahahah!
  • *tretorn sneakers
    *collecting stationary/stickers
    *sweet dreams
    *vanilla ice
    *trapper keeper
    *books na naka-wrap sa magazine pages
    *scented erasers
    *Giordano sportshirts
    *dice-like erasers for icans

    yuck, baduy!!!
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    * Rolled socks
    * Kaypee/World Balance/Mighty Kid rubber shoes
    * Barbie dolls
    * Lego
    * Pictionary
    * Notebooks with movie star pics on the cover (blech!)
    * Friendship bands
    * Shato
    * Trading stationaries
    * Archie comic books
    * Nancy Drew/Sweet Valley Twins/Choose Your Own Adventure books
    * Carebear stickers and stickerbooks
    * Taguan
    * Girl Scout camping
    * Swimming lessons during the summer
    * That's Entertainment (double blech!)
    * Yagit
    * Agawan base
    * New Wave music
  • Trapper Keepers!
  • hmmm...ano ba??
    roller blades
    hooded shirts
    Giordano (Classics)
    Dr. Marten's boots
    bulldog shoes
    Sweet Valley, Sweet Dreams, Nancy Drew>;>;>;for the girls
    brick game (200 in 1, 200 in 1...)
    game boy
    Alien Alf
    G.I. Joe
    Sanrio bags, pens, erasers...
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