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feud between subbed and dubbed anime

in many threads i have read here, there is always a rather comparison between subbed and dubbed(english or tagalog). but there is one question that boggles me, WHY?

i mean what is the peoples reason why the like subbed/dubbed?
why is it better in subbed? why is it better to be dubbed. i am going on circles here but i think you already know what i am talking about.


  • BzouBzou antithesis of U PExer
    I know what you mean. I am a fan of anime, and I am a bit torn between the subject. I do not speak jap kya I have to rely on subs or dubs(as u put it). I am a big fan of Cowboy Bebop , so even with subtitles, I ernted the movie. As expected 'twas a good movie, the animation is breath-taking. the problem w/ subtitles is that you get interrupted from seeing the beauty of the anime, there were seens with a lot of dialogue, unlike live-action one can easily associate the voices w/ characters. It may be confusing. And u dont get to appreciate the art as it ought to be should. But still, I was able to appreciate the movie.

    When the movie is dubbed, I get pissed when dialogues are a bit changed. It is a relief when Filipinos make it more relevant to the local viewers. Hopwever, isnt it taking part of the spirit of the show? I remember watching Sokamichi , they made fun with how it sounds w/ vomir. I do not know what vomit sounds in Jap. Dragonball changed Master Satan to Master Pogi... Comparing the two, I was annoyed by the local translation. Kririn was annoying. I also think thatEnglish translations are kinda wooden. Walang buhay and it doesnt comeout unnatural.

    But I still think Japanese Anime is great.
  • rinoarinoa Assassin's Ho PExer
    hmmm.. parang me nabasa na akong thread na ganito dati.. pero mahirap maghanap. so wag na.

    anyway, personally, i prefer sub particularly with those good subtitle translations. for one, japanese seiyuu act out their roles with more ethusiasm. alam mo yun, yung talagang nandun yung personality nung character na pinoportray nila. some of the dubbers (sa mga english na napanood ko) sounds like they're just reading from paper.

    isa pa, sometimes, nawawala kasi yung essence ng scenes on dubs. jokes arent' half as funny as when the japanese do it. also minsan iniiba na ng dubs yung mga sinasabi. with subs, there are times that fansubbers explain phrases/words and the reason why they're funny. tignan mo na lang school rumble. siguro kung dinub yun sa english, how would they tell the joke of "suki" in the first ep.

    third, natututo akong mag-jap. hehehehe. kahit pakonti konti. sometimes i can watch raw eps na me naiintindihan kahit kakapiranggot.

    dagdag na lang ako pagme-naiisip pa ako.
  • h33r0h33r0 Class S PExer
    i came up with one analysis...

    kya naki-critisize ang mga dubbed/tagalized animes ng iba kc cla ay npnood n ung series in subbed format. pag d kc nasunod ng maayos based on the storyline that is seen on subs, they say it is a bad dub. they expect a closer-to-the-original performance.

    pero pag ang isang viewer ay nakapanood ng anime for the first time, cyempre in dubbed format na. they say it is a good performance.

    take example ung mga recent localized anime, gate keepers and full metal panic. napanood ko lng ito d2 as tagalized na. pero i am more fond of FMP than GK. kc lutang na lutang ang perosonality ng bawat character sa FMP, voice-wise and emotion-wise. but as of GK, each character is in the straight line. cant feel the mood, intensity and climaxes. and to think na mas nagrate ang GK sa japan kaysa FMP pero pagdating d2, well... :down:
  • rinoarinoa Assassin's Ho PExer
    you know what, even if i have watched FMP subbed, i have to give it to GMA (or is it TeleSuccess?) that their dubs of FMP is one of the best i've heard. it still doesn't compare though to Tomokazu Seki's Sosuke Sagara. but still comparing it to other recent local releases, i pretty much like it.
  • narasaki04narasaki04 The Spark PExer
    ^Tama nakuha nila yung boses ni Chidori haweg na haweg sa original pati tawa ng character though maraming mali sa translation sa tagalog ok na ok yung dub nila.
  • h33r0h33r0 Class S PExer
    i think so too. they did do a good job. hope pag nkuha nila ung FMP:second raid cla uli ung gumawa.

    its just my opinion, i am not talking in general.
  • h33r0h33r0 Class S PExer
    i think so too. they did do a good job. hope pag nkuha nila ung FMP:second raid cla uli ung gumawa.

    in my prvious post,its just my opinion, i am not talking in general. peace po ^_^
  • h33r0h33r0 Class S PExer
    sorry... double post...
  • jmigsjmigs lonewolf ✭✭
    It depends with the person as far as I remember I watched animes before on cable like DBZ and Sailormoon in French, Ranma in Cantonese/English in channel 9 and they are all fine coz I'm watching for their actions before. Sa pagkuha naman ng same voice...mahirap yata'to. One of the best tagalog dubbed for me is Ghost Fighter.
  • dspr8 ruggeddspr8 rugged Exia facepalms for you PExer
    Well, kanya-kanya naman yang opinion e. Ke mali ang translations, ke emotionless ang dubs...

    Sa akin naman e basta maintindihan ko lang yung anime, in any way - subbed or dubbed. That's all I need. :)

    Of course, with the exception of some favorites of mine na kinatay nung dubbed version na.
  • h33r0h33r0 Class S PExer
    @dspr8 rugged
    ano tinutikoy mo ? could you tell us?

    wla tyong magagawa kung napapangit n ng isang dub and kagandahan ng anime. ang sa akin kc, maapreciate ko ang isang anime kung ano cia. kung comedy, dapat cyempre funny, tipong khit corny eh mapapangiwi ka pa rin. pag action, every detail at cyempre ang pag-uusap ng 2 magkalaban(i find it very hard to believe in real life). at pag love story, tipong khit anime lang cia eh kikiligin ka rin.
  • Q boneQ bone Operator 7G PExer
    I'd rather learn the lingo. Whats the problem? Subbed its sometimes riddled with erroneous translations. Dubbed, you get the above plus either emotionless dubbers (who sound like they've just had a gun stuck in the region of "now you see it, now you don't" or the ol chinese effect of lips moving with no sound or lastly the tagalized (what the F**k) dubbing which looses its original meaning. Go figure.
  • narasaki04narasaki04 The Spark PExer
    Mga OK sa akin na anime na dub

    Hunter X Hunter (mas gus2 ko boses ni Hisoka sa tagalog)
    Hajime no Ippo (maganda pagkakaboses sa anime na toh)
    Yuyu Hakusho
    Lupin III

    kaya cguro ok sa akin dahil di ko napanood yang mga yan sa Sub except sa Hunter X Hunter.

    Andami lang talaga kagandahan pag fansub lalo na pag may mga joke na kahit i-translate sa english e di maiintidihan tapos ipapaliwanag nila in text, example na nga e yung "School Rumble".
  • h33r0h33r0 Class S PExer
    why is it most of the time nakaka turn-off ang isang anime dahil sa tagalog sub nito?
    gaano b kalaki ang anime community d2 sa philippines kya its treated that way? i am asking this because i love anime more than the koreanovelas or even the local telenovelas.
  • Q boneQ bone Operator 7G PExer
    h33r0 wrote:
    why is it most of the time nakaka turn-off ang isang anime dahil sa tagalog sub nito?
    gaano b kalaki ang anime community d2 sa philippines kya its treated that way? i am asking this because i love anime more than the koreanovelas or even the local telenovelas.
    I get turned off cause they ruin the feel of it by changing jokes to something totally different. I prefer to watch fansubs since they go out of their way to explain things. hence no loss in translation. Ex. Slamdunk great anime. took a 180 degree turn with all the patawa added by the dubbers. :yuck:
  • narasaki04narasaki04 The Spark PExer
    Tawag ni Sakuragi sa Lay-up & Jumpshot "Commoner Shot" :lol: sayang di sumikat to sa tagalog. Ang maganda lang e nakakatawa siya kahit Tinagalog.
    IMHO Ok para sa akin ang Slam Dunk mas masama cguro kung iba pa nag-dub n2.
  • miaka913miaka913 It's been Monday all week PExer
    I mentioned this in another thread so I'm going to post it here as well.

    Someone I know puts it this way:

    Dubbing in anime can fall into the following categories

    * (RARE) The dubbed actor provide a good match up with the original
    * The dubbing doesn't match the character at all
    * The dubbing doesn't match the entire cast at all
    * The dubbing works for MOST of the characters EXCEPT the key character(s)
    * The dubbing works, BUT the voice work is SO annoying no one cares about the character

    Personally, I like watching anime in it's original Japanese audio (with English subtitles). I'd rather have the full on drama of the voices and read subtitles than put up with sub-par dubbing.
  • DKLDKL Texhnolyzed PExer
    It depends, I don't see any real argument unless your being biased

    I have seen A TON of anime in English AND Japanese, and I have to say that both are satisfying

    but of course, it's always better when you have a choice

    like how I prefer TRIGUN or GUNGRAVE in english since it doesn't sound so forced when they say people's name and stuff

    but If I don't like it in English, I can just switch it over...

    in any event, are you telling me that you can honestly fully grasp GHOST IN THE SHELL: STAND ALONE COMPLEX in its original language? If you can, good for you, but not everyone is capable of doing this, me for example, I'm actually dislexic

    PARANOIA AGENT looks like a daunting task in JAPANESE too, there was this one episode where people were leaving messages in a chat room of sorts, I literally had to pause the DVD to read the stuff... I read pretty fast *post college*, but it's still hard work

    not to mention SATOSHI KON'S quick scene shifts...

    I'm just pissed off when people say that dubs in general suck, but then they haven't heard a lot in the first place... I feel that when they let go of those words that they don't know what they are talking about

    and besides, how would you know if the Fan sub translation is accurate or not? A friend of mine who speaks Japanese said that the fansubs for .HACK were bad and that the translation was all messed up

    though, if you speak Japanese, no problem for you... go and watch GITS:SAC or Texhnolyze and tell me if you get it in it's "totality"
  • h33r0h33r0 Class S PExer
    i am not really looking for arguments, i am simply curious on why some people react at some points. i am a bit annoyyd too. i have read in other boards that paople who enjoy dubs are a rarity. they say its subs are on the top when it comes to anime.

    on the other hand i have read that they prefer dubs cuz they understand the flow clearly and appreciate the art of the anime. they say subs are crap beacuse you're sstuck reading than watching which is you are really supposed to be doing.

    that is why i opened up this forum. i am jus curious then(but now i understand more).

    thank you for bringing this up again.

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