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Diamond Star: Maricel Soriano (Part 2).

Find out why Filipinos are drooling over this rare and precious gem!!

Maricel Soriano........... The Diamond Star...............


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    Just sharing this article I got from Malaya published today.


    John Lloyd was touched when he learned of Bea's reaction to the report that he was hospitalized due to drug overdose.

    Bea allegedly said: "Sa more than three years kong nakatrabaho si John Lloyd, 'di ko napansing nagda-drugs siya. Ang pagkakakilala ko sa kanya, straight person siya."

    Bea, a wide reader at 17, learned how to detect a drug addict or an alcoholic from her readings.

    "Actually, it was John Lloyd who encouraged me to read books," relates Bea. "He gave me the book, 'Tuesdays with Morrie,' and after that, I became hooked. I've grown fond of reading lalo na ng mga inspirational books."

    Bea is looking forward to taping her third teleserye with John Lloyd, which will most likely co-star them with Maricel Soriano. The two are big fans of the Diamond Star.

    Astig talaga ni Inay. Daming humahanga.

    Diamond Star Rules!!
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    Kapit bahay namin si Maria sa Makati nung bata pa kami nung 1970s. Minsan nga lumalabas kami kasama namin siya at si Vicky. People would recognize her as Shirley Puruntong from "John en Marsha" at tatanunging nila ako "Kaibigna mo si Maricel? Okey ah!"
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    Maria Cecilia Dador Soriano in real life, dubbed as the Diamond Star of Philippine Show business, started acting at the tender age of six. She has starred in around 83 films (and counting) beginning with the 1971 flick My Heart Belongs to Daddy until her most recent films I Will Survive (a musical comedy), and Filipinas (family oriented drama), where she earned the 2004 Best Actress trophies from the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), and the Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP), the local counterpart of the Oscars.
    Widely recognized for her versatility, La Soriano received her first acting award as Best Child Actress at the age of nine at the 9th Manila Film Festival for Virgo Film's Alaala mo, Daigdig ko (Your Memory is My World) , in 1974. She also won the same award at the 1974 Ilo-ilo Film Festival for John and Marsha which later became the longest running Philippine Sitcom. Maricel developed her comic skills under the aegis of the country's King of Comedy, Dolphy and the late Nida Blanca, one of the country's top caliber actresses, both of whom she considered as second parents.

    La Soriano, was launched to full stardom in 1981 via Regal Films' Underage where her thespic talent and charisma shone brightest among the lead stars of the movie. From thereon, there was no stopping Maricel Soriano to superstardom. She starred from one film to another with the range of character and depth in acting regarded as the best in her generation. Her versatility allowed La Soriano to do drama, comedy, horror, action, and fantasy movies with relative ease and was amply rewarded with box office hits and a slew of acting awards.

    Aside from successfully conquering the movie scene, La Soriano duplicated her feat on Television with a variety of shows few could match. From the sitcom John and Marsha , she also starred in Kaluskos Musmos, a youth oriented program in the 70's. to Musical Variety Shows (Maria! Maria! and Maricel Live!) , Drama Anthology (Maricel Drama Special) and Comedy Shows (2+2, Kung Kaya ni Mister., Kaya ni Misis ( If the Husband Can do It, the Wife Can), Mary d' Potter and currently, Bida si Mister, Bida si Misis (The Husband and Wife are Lead Characters). She have received two awards from the Asian TV Awards as Best Actress in a Comedy show aside from her awards for the same category from the Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) and awards as Best Actress in a Drama Anthology also coming from the latter.

    Not lacking in other talents, she has tried singing as well and even recorded a few songs including the theme song of her movie Oh My Mama in 1981 and a sold out concert at the Araneta Coliseum titled Hello, Hello Maricel in 1987.

    Considered by most as one of the finest actresses Philippine Cinema has ever produced, Maricel Soriano continues to shine as one of the Queens of the Philippine Entertainment Industry.
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    nakuha ko to dun. visit din kau and post sa thread ni Inay under Kapamilya Stars.

    "Bida" Comes to a Close

    It's almost time to say goodbye to one of our long-running shows in ABS-CBN. Mary, Buboy, Bok and Wayne have been part of our lives for such a long time na Kapamilya na talaga ang turing natin sa kanila.

    As for me, fan na fan ako ng mag-asawang Magtanggol, and I did not miss the chance to see them in their last taping day.

    Naka ilang balik din kami sa studio. Hindi pa raw nagsisimula, tapos backpack daw (shooting on location somewhere else in ABS). We finally got the chance to see our favorite Magtanggols on the set at about 6 p.m.

    The first thing you notice in a television set is how small everything is. The second thing you notice is how small everyONE is. Being a taller-than-average person, I noticed that everyone who seems to be larger than life on screen was actually smaller than me.

    Isa-isa silang dumating sa set. Each just quietly making an entrance and sitting in the sala set of the Magtanggol home. Maricel Soriano arrived last, and commanded the most attention. It almost seemed like the room came alive when she entered.

    Well, okay, maybe it was also because they all wanted to greet her a happy birthday. Buboy led the singing and they all chimed in. In a very Magtanggol way, Buboy took Mary in his arms, swayed her about and kissed her a happy birthday. Even if they aren't really a couple, it just seemed so normal for them to do that. After all, their TV marriage has lasted longer than some real marriages!

    After a few minutes, the crew started to run through the scenes they were going to take at that time. Iba-iba kasi ang set, so palipat-lipat sila. As much as possible, kahit hindi sunod-sunod yung scenes, whatever needs to be taken on one set, and with certain props and people, yun dapat ang magkakasamang kukunan.

    It is amazing to see then at work, knowing that they have come prepared. Mas nakakaaliw to see them adlib even while they are just rehearsing.

    This taping's guest was Lani Mercado, and it was a joy to see her at work. Maaga siya sa set, she reviews her script, and is very professional in her attitude.

    Lahat naman sila. Kaya naman, when it was time to take, one take lang ang kinailangan for each scene. Walang nasayang na oras, walang kailangang ulitin.

    For the next scene, wardrobe was ready so that dressing up only took a matter of seconds. Medyo mas complicated yung next scene kasi may idinagdag na table--para sa birthday celebration ni Mary. The setting up of this also took only a matter of seconds.

    May surprise kasi si Mary for this last episode of Bida, and I'm not going to tell. It's an episode that is full of surprises and closure (hint).

    One by one, surprise guests came to greet Ate Mary a Happy Birthday, at talang na-surprise siya. It's a fitting last episode for comedy that made us all happy.

    Of course, we look forward to watching Maria on a new teleserye that's coming real soon on ABS-CBN!
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    raci wrote:
    Merjo, someone who knows how to could probably merge the two threads. Sayang naman yung post mo (nice introduction, btw :) ) dun sa other thread...

    Anyway, can someone still change the title of this thread, please?..medyo mahirap mapansin e dahil maikli...Merjo's title is more noticeable (no offense intended Daphne, you did great job here *okay*)

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  • as a fan super sad ako..it'l be over soon.well that's life..everything is temporary..as the prexy of the Mary-Buboy loveteam..the longest running comedy loveteam..it's really so sad that i will no longer see them together again on tv..the usual thing na ginagawa ng mag asawa..yung kilig at saya na mararmadaman mo twing magkayakap at nagkikiss sila..And of course..hindi na ako makakapunta ulit ng taping ng BIDA to witness the sweetest onscreen couple together..making lambing with eachother...nakakalunkot kasi nasanay na ako na twing tuesday...dali dali akong umuuwi after my classes para makawatch agad ng Bida..yung tipong hihintayin mo tlga,maeexcite ka dahil ul wonder kung ano ung episode..kung sino ang guest..kung maramig kilig scenes si ITAY at INAY..at kung ano ano pang naiisip na pwedeng mangyari..naalala ko pa dati sabi ni Inay nung last visit kona kasi uwi na ako cdo,na visit daw ako ulit..Napamahal na sakin yung show dahil isa akong BIG fan ni Inay..at kasama ko na sa paglaki ng show na ito.Nasa Grade School palang ako nung una akong nanood ng Kaya ni Mister Kaya ni Misis..hanggang nawala ito sa ere..napalitan ng Mary d' potter at naging Bida Si Mister Bida si Misis na..

    nakakalunkot pero sabi nga ni Inay...We have to accept that everything is just temporary..and we must move on... :) that's life...BE HAPPY...kahit malunkot..tanggapin nalang natin...kasi part yung ng buhay!!! :)

    to the Magtanggol couple Fans..sana anjan parin kayo kahit ala na sila sa ere..Okies? Lab you Inay and Itay...We love you!!
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    wow! part2 na pala tayo....

    i've started the "films" page of inay's website....
    very time consuming ang pag gawa ng website, grabe!

    chek it out!


    Hi Cuya Caloy :wave: Good Job. OK lang yan basta take your time. Mabuti na ang ganyan instead of minamadali.

    God Bless ! :verycool:
  • nakakalunkot sa part ko..matatapos nalang ang Bida dikoparin naUpload ang natapos konang Layout ng website ng BSM Fansite..dibale..gagawin ko nalang itong Memorabilya site ng Bida si Mister Bida si Misis...

    hay...i will miss it for sure...it'll never be the same..Sana magkaron ulit ng sitcom si Inay at itay soon...yung kakaiba at yung nakakakilig...
  • it's about time na gumawa na ng movie si Inay at itay together....

    dba kapatids????? .....:D

    :wave: Inay..love you po!!! i will miss the Lovely beautiful and elegant Mary Magtanggol...with Hubby Handsome Bu boy Magtanggol..I will miss the pipol of Bida..

    ill surely miss it....:cry:

    proud to say..wala pa akong namiss kahit isang episode...ahehehe...

    :wave: kapatids!!!
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