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Al-hussaini suits up as a red cub in a exhibition match

Al-hussaini suits up as a red cub in an exhibition match against claret in San Beda Gym 4:00pm ET, i think he is trying-out to the team, with the departure of senior red cubs (menor, tecson, taganas, martinez & hermida) he will be a good addition


  • He would be a good addition indeed.

    He is graduating already. So, if he is trying out for the Red Cubs, then maybe he does not intend to graduate. Maybe he wants to stay in high school much longer. Hmmmm.
  • Puede ba mangyari ito?
  • When was this? Are you sure he's trying out for the Red Cubs? Alam ko he'll graduate this year
  • baka red lions?
  • yup baka sa Red Lions... from what i've heard...
  • ndi no. ndi siya nag try out doon. para sa NCR-MEET yoon! pinili lng cya ng SAN BEDA. ndi sya nag ttryout! graduating na yan.
  • vcaimmonen:

    I was just ribbing the thread starter to think a little more and see the absurdity of his post. As blue_or_green said, Al Hussaini is suiting up as a guest player for the Red Cubs. The other Cubs are overaged. Other players of PCU were not invited also because they are overaged.

    Al Hussaini is a legitimate 16 year old. That is what is so amazing about his development. You can just imagine how much further he can go with his height and youth. Yup. He is still growing and, contrary to a post in another thread, he is very disciplined about his basketball development. Just wait and you will see how, with the support of the people who love him and believe in him, he can also be serious about his academics.

    I don't see any putting down this guy. His time will come and it will be sooner than expected.

    Just my two cents worth.
  • cackler, you seem to know too much about rabeh. can i get your e-mail ad?
  • NCR meet n pla... Gud luck sa team Manila... Gud luck sa kanila... Btw, sino-sino nga pla nakuha sa San Beda Red Cubs?!? may age limit kc dun eh... Ask ko lng... tnx!!! Malayo mararating ni Al Hussaini... Keep up the good work...
  • samray wrote:
    cackler, you seem to know too much about rabeh. can i get your e-mail ad?


    Not too much.

    Sent you a PM.
  • Al-Hussaini is indeed going to play as a guest-player for the Red Cubs this summer. This will not be the first time that Ato invited a player from another school to play for the Red Cubs. Some years back Mica Vainio of LSGH donned the red and white in a PBL juniors summer tounament where he paired with Arjun Cordero to form one the most impressive frontline that I have seen in high school basketball. It is not a secret that we are trying to recruite Al-Hussaini for the Red Lions. At this point, the recruitment of this kid is very fluid with some schools being labelled as the "most likely" place he will end up with. With Al-Hussaini playing with the Red Cubs this summer, it will give him an experience of how it is to wear the fabled red and white jersey of San Beda.
  • he and his team beat the red cubs for the national title today
  • Cackler,

    Nice work on the soft sell. Bwahahaha! They should check out your other post here in Pex or other foras for the truth. :lol: I wonder if the supporters of the other school think they recruited the best player out of PCU. Sana, deja vu ulit but easy on the steak diet. Heh heh heh heh ... . Looking forward to the mens team version of the womens 2 headed monsters.

    Congrats and check your PM in the other fora.


    You are absolutely correct. Vainio became a guest player of SBC and actually help the team win the championship. Why? Because Magnum Membrere decided to suit up for AHS and partnered with eventual teammate Larry Fonacier.

    Just because Rabeh is a guest player for the red cubs, it does not mean that he will eventually play for SBC. Vainio was a guest player too but he never considered playing for SBC. Infact, Ateneo almost landed Vainio and Cordero to go with Fonacier and Membrere. The former 2 decided to go elsewhere because Ateneo already had Wesley Gonzales, Rainier Sison and Gec Chia playing the 2 and 3 together with Fonacier and Membrere.

    One would think that Rabeh should be playing for LaSalle of all schools simply because he is the half brother of Sharma. Think again.
  • yung cordero sayang
    kung nag ateneo yun
    baka nasa major league na ngayon
  • ano kinalaman ni cordero sa thread, fortune? talino mo talaga!
  • AltarBoy^_^AltarBoy^_^ PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Kung nag-aral lang sana si Madame Auring sa Quiapo, hindi na sana siya pakalat-kalat sa Recto! :laugh:
  • jancarlojancarlo PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    it's final...rabeh al-hussaini wil play for Ateneo. nakit siya sa isang restaurant kasama ang buong ateneo.
  • It now really looks like Ateneo will try to make a formidable and dangerous frontcourt of Rabeh and Japeth. I just do hope that come UAAP time, these players will deliver their true potential and will not just simply "all-hype-no-bark" type of players.
  • jancarlojancarlo PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    hindi ko pa nakikita game ni al-hussaini, is he good ba?
  • Be a frequent visitor to Moro and you will see Rabeh working out with the coaching staff. Rabeh is scheduled to move to the dorms in Katipunan so he can attend the daily practices. When the FMC tournament starts, you will see him in one of the 2 teams Ateneo is fielding. I hope he gets to team with Aguilar so everybody gets a glimpse of the twin tower line-up of Ateneo.
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