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Recommended collages for U.S. student

I am a 15 year old student in st louis missouri usa, i am considering attending collage in the philippines, i have visited there 4 times, both my parents are filipinos, i am in second year highschool, any suggestions on collages/universities to look into and their websites or information would be greatly appreciated


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    It's hard to answer this question without any bias, but here goes. In the Philippines there are what we call, the big three schools -- Ateneo, La Salle, and UP. Each has its own corresponding strengths and weaknesses, depending on the course you'd like to take. If you have a very strong interest in computers, La Salle might be a good consideration. If you're into business, Ateneo and UP offer excellent training in that field, with Ateneo's strength revolving around the development of the entrepreneur. I'm sorry that I can't quite give you the web pages of these schools right now, but check out two of these Filipino websites -- Yehey.com and Edsa.com.ph -- as they are the most developed search engines in the country. Good luck!!!
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    I'm not sure but before anything else, try to find out what the admission policies are for the schools you are interested in since that in itself might trim down your list and browsing their respective web pages might be helpful and give you a flavor of what each different school has to offer. The search engines suggested are good ones.

    As a springboard, I'd like to point out that Asiaweek magazine ranked the best Universities in Asia (including the best schools in Japan, Korea, India and Australia) and 4 Philippine schools made the list ( I think they ranked 79 institutions):

    UP #32
    Ateneo #71
    De La Salle U #76
    University of Santo Tomas #78

    University of the Philippines, my alma mater also scored #24 on academic reputation and #8 in terms of student selectivity. Ateneo was #76 in academic reputation and #46 in student selectivity. DLSU was #58 in academic reputation and #76 in student selectivity. UST was #67 in terms of academic reputation and #66 in student selectivity.

    Take what you will from this survey but it's a good intro to your quest. Go to www.asiaweek.com and browse through the rankings. They also have contact info and the web page addresses of the respective schools.

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  • Thanks to both of you for shedding some light on the topic and providing very useful information, thanks again
    -george padilla
  • well, if youre asking me where to study. ..well marami but it depends on different factors. first what course do you like. second, you're budget. third, which of the country u want to study. 4th, what's your academic ability 9is ur grades good).i hope you could clarify these things so that recommendation will be suffice your needs.

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  • well, i am thinking about business, or law, or computer science. i dont think budget matters at this point i am just trying to find some schools to look into. I want to study in the philippines, but probably get my degree in the states, so maybe a a year or two or three studying in the philippines.
    My grades are pretty good, i get between A and B in my highschool, it is a very academic and demanding curriculum.
  • are u particular on which city ull study? (eg Cebu, manila, davao, bacolod)
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    (Some info on De La Salle University)
    You might consider this if you're taking up a Business course:

    The Asian Institute of Management and De La Salle University-Manila are the only two Philippine institutions that have consistently made it into the Top 25 List of the Best Business Schools in the Asia-Pacific Region.

    The Commission on Higher Education in the Philippines has given La Salle the following titles:

    Center of Excellence (COE) in:
    Electronics and Communications Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Chemical Engineering

    Center of Development (COD) in:
    Civil Engineering
    Industrial Engineering

    De La Salle's College of Computer Studies(CCS) is the only computer college in the country with the accreditation level of four(4), considered the highest by the Philippine Association of Accrediting Schools, Colleges, and Universities (PAASCU).
    In the recently concluded DOST Information Technology Fair, a group of La Salle STUDENTS won the BEST Software category by just submitting their thesis....from over a pool of a hundred entries, mostly IT professionals!

    Year in, year out, La Salle has always topped CPA and Engineering Licensure examinations.

    From the Asiaweek survey, La Salle is the highest rated private university in the ASEAN Region (Southeast Asia) in terms of Academic Reputation.

    Source: Marketing Coordination Office (DLSU)
    Newsletter, August 1999 and
    DLSU Homepage

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    Moving this back into circulation and shifting forums.
  • As a Fil-American...I think you'd feel more at home at the Ateneo, La Salle or University of Asia-Pacific. College life is one of the most exciting part of your life so choose wisely. Those will be four precious years. It's not just the course.

    Not that I'm discouraging you or making you feel unwelcome here but I strongly suggest you take your college education there in the States. Then, if you want you can work here afterwards... you might even start as a manager. If you ask me, I'd rather that I took my college education there...

    Anyways, the schools I mentioned are prominent business schools in the Philippines so anyone would do.

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