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GMA 7's Saang Sulok ng Langit [TAPE Inc.]

Kapalit ng Leya... :naughty:

Good PM everyone! :wave:


  • updated09updated09 Tibok Ng Kapuso PExer
    Saang Sulok Ng Langit

    Pang-story Lover ito!
  • p.h.r.e.a.k.yp.h.r.e.a.k.y w00t w00t! PExer
    Yup...afternoon soap talaga yung dating nito.
  • redmulawinredmulawin Member PExer
    maganda talaga pag kappuso ang mei gawa!
  • jpmarkcarlojpmarkcarlo Coach Chualay Lugay PExer
    iba talaga pag nagsanib pwersa ang GMA-TAPE!!!
  • yariyari Member PExer
    naponood ko xa kanina..... parang interesting ung story tsaka maganda ang casting... like ko both s oyo and maxene sana sila n lang ang permanent pair ng tape-gma....

    c alicia magaling din xa dito bagay silang magina n margaret malaki ang pagkakahawig nila...

    more power....
  • p.h.r.e.a.k.yp.h.r.e.a.k.y w00t w00t! PExer
    *okay* *okay*
  • SaravanaSaravana Member PExer
    maxene-oyo naman :D
  • burnbabyburn04burnbabyburn04 Tyler Durden ✭✭
    makabagbag damdamin.
  • p.h.r.e.a.k.yp.h.r.e.a.k.y w00t w00t! PExer
    :bounce: :bounce:
  • npanood ko ito kanina..nkakatawa ksi mejo mgkamuka ang mgkapatid..cna maxene, dindin at c charlie (charlie b name nun) :lol:
  • p.h.r.e.a.k.yp.h.r.e.a.k.y w00t w00t! PExer
    I heard this is rating pretty good for an afternoon soap. Nakakamiss na rin yung mga light drama sa hapon. I guess patok talaga sa mga housewives. *okay*
  • S[h]3S[h]3 -= bored =- PExer
    maganda ung story!!! *okay*
  • p.h.r.e.a.k.yp.h.r.e.a.k.y w00t w00t! PExer
    :rocker: :rocker:
  • redmulawinredmulawin Member PExer
    gusto ko dito si andrew!!..wahooo!!
  • burnbabyburn04burnbabyburn04 Tyler Durden ✭✭
    My mom always watch the show. Pang nanay yung appeal nya hehehehe..... but the story is good (medyo napapanood ko na rin).
  • veniveni Member PExer
    maganda nga daw story
  • p.h.r.e.a.k.yp.h.r.e.a.k.y w00t w00t! PExer
    Pangnanay talaga ata ang target audience ng soap na 'to. (since afternoon soap siya) *okay*
  • kyupaybkyupayb Objective Threadstarter ✭✭✭

    Vice Ganda admits, "Ang galing naman kasi talaga ng Channel 7 noon."

    by Bam Abellon posted on July 7, 2018



    IMAGE Photo grabbed from Gandang Gabi Vice

    Vice Ganda quips, "Kahit nga GMA di nila naalala na galing ako doon."

    Vice Ganda recently revealed that his first teleserye was aired on GMA-7 in 2005.  

    On July 6, It’s Showtime hosts Vice Ganda and Mariel Rodriguez Padilla discussed—with excitement—a number of teleseryes that they used to watch. The discussion happened during the interview portion with one of the contestants in “Tawag ng Tanghalan,” the singing-competition segment of the ABS-CBN noontime variety show.

    At the start of the conversation, Vice sang the theme song of the teleserye, Anna Luna (1989-1995), where the titular character was played by Margarita Fuentes. Mariel then chimed in, recalling how much she hated the characters of the antagonists Aleli and Eunice, played by Wilma dela Rosa and Joanne Miller, respectively. 

    The comedian continued to mention other teleseryes, including the Cebuano drama, Isabel: Sugo ng Birhen (1991-1992) and Agila (1987-1992), which, as Vice also clearly remembered, replaced Heredero (1984-1987).

    Vice also added, Valiente (1992-1997), Flordeluna (1978-1984), and Anna Liza (1980-1985). Vice also mentioned the movie adaptation of the drama anthology Lovingly Yours, Helen (1980-1996), Lovingly Yours: The Movie (1984). 

    Mariel pointed out that she loved Familia Zaragoza (1995-1996). 

    “Meron pang maganda sa Channel 7 dati,” Vice nonchalantly recalled, “’Yong kay Donna Cruz, Villa Quintana [1995-1997].”

    Mariel, upon hearing the title of the series, jumped up and down in excitement when she said, “Alam ko ‘yan! Alam ko ‘yan,” showing that she was a fan of the series as well. 


    While Vice and Mariel were in the middle of exchanging memories, host Amy Perez, who was not on stage, raised a question: “May nagtatanong. Bakit daw puro show doon sa Channel 7 pinapanood n’yo daw?” 

    Mariel replied, “A, gano’n?” 

    Vice paused before he answered, “Hindi, ang galing naman kasi talaga ng Channel 7 noon. At saka, diyan ako nagsimula, e.” 

    Vice went on to explain that he appeared in the GMA-7 TV series, Saang Sulok ng Langit (2005), starring Maxene Magalona. 

    “Di ba walang nakakaalala?” Vice quipped. “Kahit nga GMA di nila naalala na galing ako doon. Hahaha!” 

    Anna Luna, Isabel: Sugo ng Birhen, and Familia Zaragoza aired on ABS-CBN. Agila and Heredero, both produced by TAPE Inc. (Television and Production Exponents)—the same producer of the noontime variety show Eat Bulaga!—originally aired on RPN (Radio Philippines Network, Inc.).

    Valiente, also produced by TAPE Inc., originally aired on ABS-CBN, but transferred to GMA in 1995. 

    Flordeluna also aired on RPN; however, the remake of the TV adaptation was aired on ABS-CBN in 2007. 

    The original Anna Liza TV series, starring Julie Vega, aired on GMA. ABS-CBN made a remake of the series, which premiered in 2013, and starred Andrea Brillantes. The last episode of the series aired in 2014. 

    Lovingly Yours, Helen originally aired on GMA.

  • kyupaybkyupayb Objective Threadstarter ✭✭✭


    • Vice Ganda and Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla recalled the teleseryes they used to watch.
    • Amy Perez asked them why they only used to watch shows on GMA Network.
    • Vice revealed that he started his television career in the said network. 

    It’s Showtime hosts Vice Ganda and Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla discussed teleseryes they used to watch during the interview portion of Tawag ng Tanghalan.

    Vice started to sing the theme song of the 1989 teleserye, Anna Luna. Mariel pointed out how much she hated the antagonists: Aleli and Eunice.

    Past teleseryes

    Vice started to list other teleseryes he used to watch such as: Isabel: Sugo ng Birhen in 1991 and Heredero in 1984 which Agila replaced in 1987. Vice also added: Valiente in 1992, Flordeluna in 1978 and Anna Liza in 1980. He also mentioned the drama anthology in 1980 and ended in 1996, Lovingly Yours, Helen which had its movie adaptation in 1984, Lovingly Yours: The Movie. 

    Mariel mentioned one of her favorites: Familia Zaragoza in 1995 and ended in 1996.

    Vice also recalled one of his favorites which aired in GMA Network. “Meron pang maganda sa Channel 7 dati… Yung kay Donna Cruz, Villa Quintana.”

    The said series started to air in 1995 and ended in 1997. Once Mariel heard the title of the series, she jumped up and down and declared how she was also a fan of the series.

    Vice’s start on TV

    Another It’s Showtime host Amy Perez, who was not on-stage at the time, asked: “May nagtatanong. Bakit daw puro show doon sa Channel 7 pinapanood niyo daw?”

    Vice revealed that he started his television career in GMA Network. He also explained that he used to star in a Kapuso series, Saang Sulok ng Langitwhich aired in 2005. The said series used to star Maxene Magalona, Raymond Bagatsing, Jennifer Sevilla and Oyo Boy Sotto.

    “Hindi, ang galing naman kasi talaga ng Channel 7 noon. At saka, diyan ako nagsimula, eh. Alam niyo ba ‘yung ‘Saang Sulok ng Langit’? Pagkatapos ng ‘Eat Bulaga’? Ang bida diyan si Maxene Magalona. ‘Yan ang unang teleserye ko. Di ba walang nakakaalala? Kahit nga GMA di nila naalala na galing ako doon. Hahaha!”

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