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What number do you use?

When playing in intramurals, inter-color, inter-college, intra-college, etc... what number do you use/wear?


  • High School

    12 - John Stockton - but I was playing soccer then. :glee:
    72 - dahil idol ko dati si... yup, the BIG DEAL - Jun Limpot. :D
    82 - wore this in fourth year as a protest for the low grade i got in physics. :rotflmao:


    55 - In honor of the murderer's namesake and the a certain DPOY.

    31 - In honor of Darko Milicic.
  • Most of the time, I've used the #9!

    Lots of reasons: I was born in the 9th of July at exactly 9 am, my given name is composed of 9 letters and it begins with the letter "g" which resembles the #9! hehe... and most of all, dahil idol ko si Samboy Lim!

    I once used the #22 in honor of Clyde "The Glide" Drexler. It was the same year that he played his last NBA season. Just an inter-barangay league and luckily I've won the MVP honors and our team won the championship.
    How sweet it is! :D (Clyde quote)

    benj: love the 82... that's very creative! hehe...

  • AnthonyServinioAnthonyServinio Member In Focus PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    I played a little baseball in college so I chose the jersey number 4 because it was the highest grade in the grading system used.
  • color_s_Kaboinkcolor_s_Kaboink PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    hehehe ganda nga yung 82 benj!

    sa akin

    most of the time #16 kasi idol ko si patrimonio

    #6 and #1 (once ko gamit) kasi idol ko si penny hardaway... yung six kasi number nya sa us dream team dati

    and #17... nung sa varsity ako dati napilitan lang sa 17 kasi naunahan ako sa number 16.... bad trip ako nun...eh yung nagsuot ng number 16 bangko naman k
  • #10 - 2nd year intrams. crush ko kasi dati si Ritchie Ticzon :glee:
    #4 - softball varsity - 3rd and 4th year hs; in honor of my crush who i nicknamed B4. :lol:
    #1 - college PE basketball. kasi feeling ko i'm number 1 (ha! LOL)
  • mc_316mc_316 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Una ko ginamit eh #14 kasi yung 2 kuya ko #16 and 15 eh, so nag 14 ako, and idol ko nun si Benjie Paras eh, hehe.:D

    And then nag #4 naman ako, kasi di ba dati(hanggang ngayon ba?) pag Team Captain ka eh automatic you are given the #4 jersey? Ayun, ako kasi palagi Team Capt dun sa amin eh, hehehe;)

    Now, uhm, for more than 10yrs na actually, #6 na ginagamit ko, in honor of my bestfriend and namesake, best teammate na rin, who died in a car accident more than 10yrs ago!:(... Idol nya kasi nung panahon na buhay pa sya eh si Paul Alvarez who wore the #6 while playing for San Sebastian College.;)

  • for me, i always take the number 9 . . . because it was my number when i was still playing soccer in grade school, i was the primero striker in our school team :teehee: . . . when basketball began ruling my life, i still use my favorite number bcoz it was the number of Michael Jordan in the 1992 Dream Team . . . and it was the number that Boybits Victoria used in college where as a kid, my Bedan uncle would literally drag and bribe me to watch a San Beda game . . .

    but because of some dumb reason i didnt get my fave number i use . . .

    14 : thats Jeff Honacek's number . . . hes a great shooter and i just like great shooters . . . its Charles Barkley number in the 1992 Dream Team . . .
    10 : Tim Hardaways' number, love his cross-over . . . because of him, everybody saw the damage a killer cross-over can do . . .

    FREE TIBET !!!
  • 1 - elementary till 2nd yr.. dahil kay Bal David
    13 - 3rd high school till present.. dahil kay Jayjay
  • #3 playing backyard basketball with my brothers and neighbours, celtics kami dati and I remember sticking a piece of paper on my shirt #3 Johnson, for Dennis Johnson. Alala ko pa #00 si Parish(kuya ko, he was the tallest) , #32 si McHale(uncle), #33 si Bird(neighbor, our best player) and #44 si Ainge(bunso namin).

    Sa Pinoy league namin dito sa New Zealand, #7 ako, for sino pa kundi si Jawo!
  • sa NBA Live 2000 - 2004 = number "98" ang gamit ko

    wala lang trip ko e
  • 6 - (Ato Agustin) 1st time kung sumali sa basketball team nung 4th year HS
    20 - (bday ko kasi oct. 20) 1st year college - CoE Week
    5 - (Jalen Rose when he was in Indiana) liga lang sa baranggay
    7 - (Dondon Hontiveros) 2nd year college - CoE Week
    23 - (of course Michael Jordan) liga ulit sa baranggay
    17 - (Bday ng ex GF ko dati / Olsen Racela) - 3rd year college - CoE Week
    28 - (Bday ng ex GF ko dati) liga sa baranggay
    10 - (Danny Ildefonso) 4th year college - CoE Week
    3 - (Allen Iverson / Jimmy Alapag) 5th year college - CoE Week

    pansin ko lang iba-iba number ko!!!
  • #5 - the fab five got me hooked to college basketball, and jalen rose was the leader of that group. anyway, it stuck.
  • #10, kasi when before i played hoops, i was a soccer fan and an avid fan of Diego Maradona (who wore #10 on his jersey)

    coincidentally, Romel also wears the same jersey number, and he is one of my favorite players
  • 6 - Dr. J
    14 - Hec Calma
    12 - John Stockton
  • number 7 kasi ganito un... b-day ng mama ko sept. 7, then b-day ng papa ko may 27, then kapatid ko march 25, eh 2+5=7, tapos barakada ung isa june 7 tapos ung july 7th of the month. tapos number namin ng mahal ko 7 di.. kaya 7 kasi napapalibutan ako ng 7
  • Elementary : Kahit anong ibigay ng Summer League commitee
    High School - College : 18 - Monthsary with Ex
    Recent : 41 - bat kaya? hmmm

  • air_presto2air_presto2 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    16 - nung bata pa , idol si Alvin Patrimonio
    10 - nung 1st year high school, dpat 16 e, mali ung pagkatahi.
    14 - 2nd to 4th year hiskul, idol si Johnny A ska ritualo noon sa la salle yata 14 sya.
    18 - liga sa barangay, idol si Meneses.
    2 - wla lang di ko alam kung bakit, hanggang ngayon un gamit ko, dun kc ko una ngka-award, mythical five sa inter-baranggay. tpos champion sa intrams at inter-department nung college, MVP sa inter-baranggay. Lucky no. ko cguro.
  • subtle wrote:
    Elementary : Kahit anong ibigay ng Summer League commitee
    High School - College : 18 - Monthsary with Ex
    Recent : 41 - bat kaya? hmmm


    the late Jack Tanuan? :D

    Dati gusto ko rin mag 14 eh, kasi gaya ni tito mike, idol ko rin si Benjie Paras (Shell fan since birth - :glee: ), kaso baka isipin ng iba idol ko si Johnny Abarrientos nakakadiri naman. hehehe. *peace*
  • 13(dati) - parang astig na number eh

    21 - Garnett

    35 na ngayon TDLC!!!!
  • #16 mula pagkabata...syempre pa Alvin "The Captain" Patrimonio.
    March 16 din kase bday ng GF ko and 16 din anniv namin.

    Then medyo suma sideline lang yung #21 for the Big Fundamentals!
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