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The New Millennium's Most Wanted Occupation and the best University that offers it.

HelmutHelmut PEx Rookie ⭐
Hey People!

It's more than forty days to the next century.

How are we going to earn our bread and butter in the year 2000?

Do the courses we take promise a poverty-proof future? Or are we taking them in the best university that offers it?

Share Your thoughts and Speak Your Mind!


  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    the only occupation that i can think of that would offer u a poverty proof future is being a doctor...as in MD..wala nang tatalo pa doon... kasi everyday...ppl get sick...i think being a doctor is the most stable job in the world..kahit saan may kailangan ng doctor...

    but then again.... u only earn that stability if u can live through the torture of a decade of non-stop studying....
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    oh..forgot to add...

    and the best university that offers it...DEBATABLE!
  • uhmmm...pa-kyut lang...hindi naman ino-offer ng schools ang isang occupation di ba? course oo, pero occupation? :)
  • If I may paraphrase Moose...

  • piwi01piwi01 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I also agree medical doctors are still needed but computer engineering siguro ang most wanted dahil di ba nga computer age na tayo!
    abt the best school thAT offers it ay hindi ko alam
  • The most wanted occupation of the Millennium is... KIDNAPPING... dahil pag babarilin sila ni Ping Lacson... wanted na wanted sila...
  • I saw a survey recently from Asiaweek or one of those kinds of mags that listed the most in-demand jobs at present and INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY topped the list! I don't know about the best place to get training in the field but I would think that places like UP and Ateneo will have courses that will give excellent instruction for those interested.
  • My school may not be the BEST, but the course that it's School of Design and Arts is offering ... Multimedia Arts ... Graphic Design ... IS DA BEST!
    It has become a degree course, and yes, I'm SHIFTING! :)
  • Well, aside from doctors and lawyers... I think one of the most profitable occupations will have something to do with the fashion world. People have always been fashionable and will continue doing so. Especially now, that there's the ongoing quest for the "fashion for the new millenium". And I think that the schools/universities who can produce such artists will come from either UP or UST.

    If not fashion-related, I think occupations that are computer-related will be very much up for grabs. Students from either computer science or computer engineering will do well I think. And the schools that produce really good graduates will be from UP or La Salle.

  • graphic/multimedia arts/advertising. and to be well-equipped, go to either UST or UP.
  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    I think that there will still be a strong emphasis on management graduates, especially those who are equipped with a working knowledge on IT. My impression of IT people is that they run the risk of remaining as grunts unless they supplement their know how with some management expertise.
  • According to industry sources, the trend for the 21st century (for the first few years, at least), is T I M E. Telecommunications, Information, Multimedia and Entertainment. This is the reason why PLDT has bought Home Cable, the Lopez entering Telecoms with Bayantel, Ayala with their Globe and Ayala Systems, and Brother Mike buying into RPN 9 (courtesy of Erap).
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