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What was the first car you ever drove?

As for me? bumpcar! :drive: ...hehe, joke :lol:

Seriously, it was an '82 Ford Laser..4 speed manual pa hehe. That was about 8 years ago I think. :)



  • jason_10
    jason_10 auto enthusiast
    mine was a sentra sgx boxtype back in 92...grade school pa yata ako non. our driver taught me how to drive.
  • AE91 for me :p
  • Ice Burn
    Ice Burn Conflicting Karma
    mercedes benz. I was 15, my tito let me drive it around the village a little. madali lang kasi automatic eh but i was super scared because that was the first time i ever drove a car.
  • i was 14 or 15 when i first drove a car... It was a Lancer "Pizza pie" GLXi. Surprisingly it was like driving in Gran Turismo on playstation.
  • GMC truck (diko lam kung ano model yun). sobrang antok na kase daw kuya ko. di na kaya mag drive. isang mahabang freeway naman eh, tsaka mga 2am (drive from cali to seattle).. kaya oks lang daw na ako kahit walang licensya, siguro mga 30 minutes nya ako niguide tapos tinulugan ako ng ga g u. tsaka automatic naman yung trak eh. oks naman kinalabasan kase buhay pa kami :D
  • pse907
    pse907 外国人
    i dont' know if this counts; the first vehicle i drove was an owner type jeep at the vacant lot where the sm supersale is standing right now. that was my first experience controlling a moving vehicle :)
  • ako my ever dependable corolla. kaya lang gusto ko na syang palitan ngayon
  • GreatBop
    GreatBop Beerhand Gets Big Pots
    umm Tamaraw FX Diesel model..

    sweet vehicle that was.

    "Ang bagong tamaraw FX! Ang wonder vehicle!!!"
  • my ex's red nissan. i think i was 16 at that time. one time lang but that was my first.
  • sweet_angel79
    sweet_angel79 Mommy Ni Maiah
    It was that old Volks....
  • Revealing my age again but anyway...

    It was a 1973 maroon Opel Rekord. Three-speed manual. Yep, there were such things. Wala pang pangalan ng mga kotse noon.
  • talk about revealing one's age ... the first car i ever drove was a holden torana 1900 gt.
  • lakay
    lakay Proverbial pain
    Learn to drive with company truck and forklifts, but my first real car is '68 Pontiac firebird.
  • A dark blue 1978 Opel Rekord 2.0 L. Considerably fast, supple ride and roomy. However, it was such a pain to maintain. Expensive and hard to find spare parts. Drove that for 3 years when I was just starting to drive. In retrospect, one should always drive and old car when you're just learning how to drive.
  • I don't remember, pero it could be a Chevy Malibu '69, a VW Carmanghia '6x or our own Toyota Liftback '83.

    Pero this year, it would be a Mazda3 Hatch 2005 ^_^
  • quarkstorm wrote:
    In retrospect, one should always drive and old car when you're just learning how to drive.
    I'm a believer :) That laser was 14 years old when I first drove it.....t'was a hand-me-down from my dad...now any other car feels like a breeze :naughty:
  • rational wrote:
    Three-speed manual.
    Whoa! I've never seen a car with such :wow:
  • kihtmaine
    kihtmaine Money is my GAME
    Mine is a 79 corona.
  • so_obVIOS wrote:
    Whoa! I've never seen a car with such :wow:

    Common ata yan noon. Primera, segunda, tersera then that was it. The shift stick was on the steering column pa. When the Torana came out with "four-on-the-floor", it was wow!
  • It was that old Volks....

    Might be the best car to learn on. Siguro sa aming batch noon, about 50% learned on a Volks. Waht model was it?
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